Twin Peaks Goes Bust, Closes Permanently on Las Vegas Strip

Color us devastated. One of our favorite Las Vegas “breastaurants” on the Las Vegas Strip, Twin Peaks, has closed permanently.

Twin Peaks was best known for its ice-cold beer, rock climbing wall and chicken strips.

Just kidding.

Twin Peaks Vegas closed

We also liked the chicken strips a lot. Seriously.

The parent company of Twin Peaks wasted no time erasing the Las Vegas location from its Web site.

Twin Peaks closed


Word is the other Twin Peaks location in Las Vegas (Henderson, technically), at 9510 S. Eastern Ave., will be back. So, there’s that.

To see more about what restaurant we’re even talking about, fondle our girthy archives.

Twin Peaks, a thinly-disguised Hooters knock-off, was one the fastest-growing restaurant chain in America, circa 2014.

Beyond challenges related to the COVID-19 crisis, Twin Peaks may have suffered from being in a city where scantily-clad women aren’t exactly scarce.

During our visits, the Harmon Corner location did good but not great business.

Twin Peaks will truly be missed on The Strip, and our hearts go out to all the toothsome young women who will now have to seek other employment. It’s Vegas, so we get the feeling they’ll be just fine.

8 thoughts on “Twin Peaks Goes Bust, Closes Permanently on Las Vegas Strip

    1. Jamrobino

      Not everyone was a fan of Twin Peaks. I think it’s fair to say it had quite a few knockers. Nevertheless it’s always sad to see a business go tits up.


    It’s kinda like the “I only read Playboy for the articles” shtick but I really did go in there primarily for the chicken strips. Guess Yard House is the best chicken strip game on strip now.

  2. True Faques

    Sorry to deflate the egos at Five Hundy, but the VV blog isn’t proclaiming this as a scoop.

    Those pricks were really hoping for it, because bitching about what somebody else is doing makes them feel better about their own little elitist club. True fact.

    1. Not Five Hundy

      I literally laughed out lout when I read this. This is the exact reason I stopped listening to Five Hundy. I just wish I had seen the light sooner.

  3. jimmypop

    this was 100% failure of mangers…the girls they hired used to be HOT. i ate there 3 times on every trip. and i went to vegas 12 times a year. without question the BEST views in town.

    but in the last couple years, yikes…. and in vegas on LVB? you should have a lineup of smoking HOT girls with ease in the town. instead they had overweight, inked up (beyond reason), old girls…. that were not even good at their jobs. how they fell so far, so fast is pathetic….makes me sad.


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