Tropicana Opens Swanky New Trago Lounge

Tropicana has opened its new Trago Lounge, and we had to swing by for cocktails, video poker, a live DJ and mostly that first thing.

“Trago,” of course, is the first person singular present indicative of “trazer” in Spanish. As if that weren’t obvious.

Trago Lounge Tropicana

Make sure to roll the “r” when you say Trago. It will make you seem worldly.

“Trago” means sip or swig. In Portugese, it means “to quaff.” And if that made you giggle, please grow up. It means “drink with enthusiasm.”

Nailed it on the name.

Trago will be open 24 hours a day, the way Mother Nature intended.

The new bar sits just off the casino floor, in the footprint of the former Tropicana Lounge (which closed Sep. 10, 2018), and the space has gotten quite the overhaul.

Trago Tropicana lounge

Trago’s exterior design is composed of 1,114 interlocking squares. Related: Admit it, you believed us for a minute. Um, hello, it’s a photo caption. On the Internet.

It’s a relatively small space by Las Vegas lounge standards, about 3,500-square-feet, and can accommodate 120 guests, which ups the intimacy factor.

Trago Lounge at Tropicana hits a lot of the right notes.

The vibe has a little touch of glamour, but without being pretentious.

The music level is refreshingly perfect. The night we visited, a Vegas fixture, Lydia Ansel, was doing DJ duty. Ansel is a classically trained violinist, and accompanies the music she’s playing. The violin is unobtrusive, and most guests weren’t even aware Ansel was playing live.

Trago Lydia Ansel violinist DJ

Some random anonymous dude just sent Lydia all those roses. Hint: It’s the violin.

We should probably get into the beverage aspect of the Trago Lounge before your head explodes.

The menu is fairly limited, but the drinks we tried were excellent. All are in the $16-18 range, which is the new normal for Strip casino lounges, so don’t freak out.

Trago Lounge Tropicana

The more you drink, the more interesting you become. To you, mainly.

A favorite was the Purple G&T (gin and tonic). We are not a gin or tonic person, but it was delicious.

It had Express gin, Italicus liqueur, fresh lime and Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic. Which is, apparently, a thing.

Trago Lounge

Young flowers should respect their elderflowers.

The Tropical Margarita was also top-notch, and should appeal to tourists looking for a drink that matches the hotel’s beachy theme.

The Tropical Margarita had Don Julio Blanco tequila, Contreau orange-flavoured triple sec liqueur, fresh lime, passion fruit and Red Bull Tropical Edition. Now, you know why we take photos of cocktail menus.

Trago Lounge cocktail

Party in a glass.

The drink menu also has “Bourbon and Whiskey” and “Scotch and Cognac” sections, as well as draft beer, craft bottle beer and wine.

Trago Lounge also offers bottle service for $250 a pop. It’ll be interesting to see how that goes.

Video poker fans will be happy to see the Trago bar lined with 22 machines, although we trust seasoned players will wince when they see the pay tables (6/5 Bonus Poker). Then again, seasoned video poker players wince at just about everything.

While Trago won’t comp signature drinks for video poker players, they do comp bottled beer and well drinks.

The pours are watched closely, so no free pours here.

We hear Trago will be getting an automated drink monitoring system, but at the moment, you can get a pretty steady supply of drinks if you’re playing at a reasonable pace.

A definite selling point: The servers, hostesses and bartenders are all very attractive, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Trago Lounge waitresses

Thanks for playing along, you two.

And while we’re on selling points: Tropicana still has free parking. Hang in there, Tropicana!

Plus, that glorious stained glass above the casino.

Tropicana stained glass


Trago Lounge is a refreshing addition to the offerings at Tropicana, and aims to appeal to a younger customer than has been typical at the Tropicana Lounge and resort overall.

It’s great to see Tropicana making moves, investing in new venues and making an effort to keep pace with other casinos in the neighborhood, while taking care not to rankle longtime customers, many of whom still regularly use the word “rankle.”

If you pop into Trago, let us know what you think.

Trago Lounge at Tropicana

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12 thoughts on “Tropicana Opens Swanky New Trago Lounge

  1. jackie

    I LOVE this hotel. Stayed here twice a few years ago. The smell is amazing and super dope its open 24 hrs. Love the drink pics. Will be on the list for August

  2. Frank Oviedo

    Boy, you nailed the review. I went on Sat., night, loved everything about it. I couldn’t get comped what I normally drink but I enjoy a Newcastle every now and then. Love scotch. but I think I’d have to hit a royal before I’d spring for the $295 25yr since malt.

  3. Candy F Wright

    Glad to see that the stained glass ceiling remains over the tables, assuming it is the original. Rumor had it up for removal at one time. I had dropped in later and it was still there, though looked like decades of smoke had smudged it a bit .

    1. Jeff in OKC

      The stained glass is unchanged. When the Tropicana changed hands about 10 years ago, the new owners brought in former MGM executive Alex Yemenidjian as president. He oversaw a remodel with a more tropical theme, which was very heavy on white and orange. They put orange lighting, backdrop, or some combination of both, IIRC, on the stained glass, and that is why it looks different.

    2. William Wingo

      The canopy was one of the more memorable things about the old Trop. I could be wrong, but I think I remember them having acrobats or trapeze artists up there long ago.
      Last time we went to the Trop was to see Rich Little at the comedy club–and that was a long time ago. Before that was to catch the Folies show in its last month before closing.

  4. Mitesh Damania

    They had really good music acts. I used to go chill in the evening for an hour or two. Then the current owner (or two owners ago?) bought the place and discontinued the live musicians. They had a projector screen which would play music videos. Fun times.

    And the drinks were priced CHEAP for the strip during happy hour.

  5. Ryan

    I love Tropicana’s new vibe. It’s one of my favorite things about Vegas that has sort of… cropped up in the last 5-years or so. I know that they just opened a new area by the T-Mobile arena… I forget what it’s called. It has sort of an artisan food market up front and then a Casino/Hotel in the back…. Any ideas?


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