Triple Zero Roulette is Pretty Much Everyflippingwhere in Las Vegas

It started innocently enough. An additional space showed up on a roulette table.

It looked innocuous, just one additional space on one table at Venetian back in 2016, no big deal.

Triple Zero Sands Roulette

The logo that started it all.

Then triple zero roulette popped up at Planet Hollywood and New York-New York. No big deal, right?

Well, it depends upon who you ask. Or possibly whom. Have you always been this obsessed with grammar? Lighten up, you’re reading a Las Vegas blog.

Math wizards were quick to point out each additional space on a roulette makes the game worse for players.

Longtime roulette players sometimes joke about triple zero roulette, “More ways to win!”

Um, no.

On a table with two zeros, the house edge is 5.26%. Not great, but a table with three zeros bumps the house edge up to 7.69%, or as we call it, the gambler discomfort zone.

Triple zero Harrah's

Don’t try to hide that extra spot, Harrah’s.

Prior to the pandemic, the proliferation of triple zero roulette raised lots of hackles. We should know, we were one of the main hackle-raisers.

Mid-pandemic, lots of things we used to get riled up about seem relatively trivial. Still.

There’s a reason you don’t hear much about triple zero roulette anymore. It’s pretty much everywhere in Las Vegas now.

We’ve visited a number of casinos in the weeks since casinos reopened in June, and we’re hard-pressed to remember a casino where there wasn’t triple zero roulette.

Triple zero Flamingo

Pretty sure Ben Siegel would’ve bugged out about this, Flamingo.

We’ve seen triple zero at Harrah’s, Flamingo, Four Queens, MGM Grand, Linq and others.

We used to keep a list of casinos with triple zero roulette, but that list seems almost quaint now.

We naively hoped lower demand would inspire casinos to dump triple zero roulette, but no such luck. So far.

Triple zero MGM Grand

Logos have more of a “Nothing to see here!” vibe than zeroes. Good going, MGM Grand.

So, why do people play triple zero roulette when there’s often a double zero roulette table nearby?

There are two answers: One, lower table limits. Two, they just don’t care.

Lower table limits make triple zero roulette tables tempting despite the greater house edge.

As for the “they just don’t care” aspect, we find ourselves in that camp lately.

We are a recreational gambler. We aren’t playing any game for hours on end. That’s true of most Las Vegas visitors, too. You’re lucky or you aren’t. It’s more about fun than math.

Triple zero Four Queens

We knew we were fighting a losing battle when we saw triple zero at Four Queens and its sister casino, Binion’s. Bonus points for the blue felt, though.

Ultimately, gambling is gambling. The odds are always on the side of the house.

If you’re gambling to make money, while possible, you may want to find other pursuits.

One of the worst things that can happen is to let frustration about odds or rules or pay tables overtake your enjoyment of the gambling experience.

Unless it has to do with paper straws being used in your drinks. Those ruin everything.

Triple zero roulette Linq

Is now really the time to risk irking players, Linq?

While it’s not fun having to report triple zero roulette tables are everywhere in Las Vegas, there are bright spots!

For example, downtown’s Plaza hotel has a single zero roulette table on its casino floor.

Plaza single zero roulette

Behold the unicorn of roulette tables, single zero at Plaza.

Cromwell has a single zero table, too. We miss you, Cromwell.

A few other Las Vegas casinos have single zero as well, but they’re typically tucked away in high limit salons where table minimums can be sky high.

Our advice is to find a roulette table with solid drink service and friendly dealers, and just play for fun.

Lucky Luck will either smile upon you or plant her boot firmly in your posterior.

Gamble for the memories, not the return on investment.

And also avoid keno, because the odds absolutely suck.

But mostly gamble for the fun! Life already has plenty of math.

15 thoughts on “Triple Zero Roulette is Pretty Much Everyflippingwhere in Las Vegas

  1. Linda

    I miss Vegas so much. Iโ€™m a 4x a year visitor from Canada. And I havenโ€™t been since last December ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž.
    And yes I know this has nothing to do with roulette (which I played once and won) !
    But I love your blog. Itโ€™s both informative and entertaining. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  2. Vegas Todd

    Slowly but surely the Vegas of old is slipping away….
    But hey, they got clubs and cabanas and scooters to make up for what we lost.

  3. Mitch

    I was on a cruise. I noted a kid playing roulette by himself. His strategy was to bet every single individual number, placing anywhere between 1-5 chips on each leaving none of them uncovered. I felt I had a moral obligation to suggest a better alternative to him…..deduct one chip from each bet. Where you want to bet 1 chip, bet 0. Where you want to bet 2, bet 1 and so on. Regardless of outcome you will have 38 more chips from avoided bets vs. the 35+1 additional he would win under his current strategy. His response was that he didn’t want to risk not ‘winning’ on a given spin. I tried a bit more to get him to understand (with the dealer watching on)…but then I had to give up. Are we still surprised people are willing to play triple zero’s?

    1. Jamie

      There actually can be an advantage play to his play style. Not in the game itself, but rather in the comps offsetting the loss. The idea here is that the average bet x house advantage equals the house edge per roll. Multiply that times the expected number of rolls hour, and you get theoretical loss. Good places will comp the higher of 30% of this number, or 10% of the actual loss. The strategy here is to slow the game down to a crawl while getting a very high rating. Be nice to the floor person, and then have a conversation during the color up where you ask them your average, and then convince them your average is at least 50% more than that the greater of the number they give you or your actual average. A good trick here is to buy in and bet several times your average on the final 4 to 5 rolls first, and use those bets to justify your request for a higher average. If your lucky, this works. You get your cruise paid for at 30 to 50 cents on the dollar, your meals covered, and a nice upgrade. All in all, not a bad play…
      I will say though, the thought of a triple zero made me throw up a little in my own mouth.

    2. William Wingo

      I had a similar experience with my cousin, who plays 6-5 Blackjack because it’s single-deck/low limit. I explained it all to him several times and finally gave up. At least he sets stop-losses–and frequently hits them.
      But it’s interesting that there are still single-zero games in town. I wonder if they play it European-style, where when the zero hits the even-money bets are “imprisoned” until the next spin. That takes the odds down to approximately the level of the pass line at Craps.
      Years ago, I remember some place in Vegas (maybe Paris right after it opened?) had single-zero and double-zero roulette tables side-by-side, and most players were hardly aware of the difference.
      They can go to four zeros and it won’t make any difference to me. I’ve never played roulette of any kind, except occasionally with a coupon.

      1. The Savage Squirrel

        If you’re going to play roulette anyway and the only choice is the table, then it then can be perfectly rational to choose the triple zero table under certain circumstances – (accepting of course that playing roulette or being in the casino at all are not financially rational decisions to start with ๐Ÿ˜€ ). If you’re only going to bet at the table minimum and there is a different minimum-bet limit (say double the limit on double zero vs on the triple zero) then overall you will on average lose money more slowly at the triple zero table for any given betting pattern at table minimum stakes.

  4. JP

    Just another way that Vegas is nickel and diming their clientele to death. I play roulette occasionally but I will never play on a triple 0 table. If that becomes Vegas standard then I will just never play it. It isn’t about the odds but the principle, stop trying to screw over the players or you will lose them. I have the same thought process behind other Vegas rip-offs like concession fees, if I see a restaurant has a concession fee I leave and don’t order, I don’t care if it is the best restaurant in town. I am diamond at Caesar’s so I don’t have to pay resort fees, MGM keeps sending me offers to get me to stay for “free” but there is no way to get the resort fee waived so I will never stay there. These casinos need to be taught the hard way that people will not stand for the constant nickel and dime attitude any longer. The bean counters wonder why revenue slips and less people visit the city, they blame it on millennials. The reality is people are fed up with the fees for everything and the more fees they add and house advantages they raise the less people that come.

    1. Carnak

      What he said.

      Bean counters destroyed video poker, now they’re eating away at roulette, the “classic” table game? You might hope that Las Vegas casino owners, slammed with a historic shut down, would experience a nanosecond of clarity about their best clientele, roll the greed & stupid fees back some to restore a skosh of happiness in the old-school feel good of casino gambling in this town. Instead they use the shutdown to replace roulette table layouts with another Zero?

      I remember when the dollar slot player was the bread & butter of Las Vegas casino owners. Then they threw them under the bus and built amusement parks.

      Greed is destroying America, so I guess it’s no surprise that it’s busy destroying Las Vegas, too.

    2. CW

      Yup. It’s the whole ‘profit analytics’ driving everything. You can measure profits, but you can’t measure customer value so just squeeze as much profit out as fast as you can. Then when visitations drop because visitors aren’t enjoying blowing $$$ every trip, just up the house edge to compensate. Rinse and repeat. At the end of the quarter take your compensation bonus (see how much ‘new’ profit the CEO generated?’ and run.

  5. Mike Alexakis

    People can certainly play the games they want to play, play the games that you have a good time playing, play the games in your comfort zone… But its best to always remember that every single thing a casino does is done on purpose, with purpose. Most strip dice tables have 3/4/5/ odds behind the pass line, why do the four and ten have 3 times odds limits? Because the money behind the four and ten that gets paid at two to one is the most true in the entire casino, yes its hard to hit those numbers, but if you do hit them you get paid out in direct correlation. The game of roulette is a house tilted game in any form, with three zeros its borderline robbery, players beware, the casino does this because it can. and until the regulatory agencies wake up to this theft it will spread around like a virus. I gamble because I love the competition, and I treat it like a competition, I’m Tom Brady out there, reading the defense, taking risks but calculated ones, for reasons… The very best thing you can ever do in a casino is accept your winnings when you get ahead, get to know the folks working at the cash out windows, if you dont see familiar faces there, you aint doing too hot…

    1. Wayne

      Pretty sure the regulatory agencies have to approve things before a game can be started or changed, so they’re aware of the “theft” you speak of before the game has even made an appearance.

  6. greg n

    Why Las Vegas has lost its charm, and will get it back!
    People say, “I liked it when the mob ran things” (at least they were people). Corporations are not people (sorry Mitt). The mandate of crunching numbers for stock holders is beastly (like insurance companies or government programs).
    Human eyes on the floor need to make gut reactions like free meal/rooms/perks w/out players card, or 86’ing tattoo’s on faces or drugged up persons (yes, including excessive drinkers)!
    Essentially, no political correctness or corporate bean counters…….throw in new owners as a result of economic collapse and Vegas will return <~~~~guaranteed!

  7. mike

    As long as the dumb as rocks SoCal snowflakes come into town every Friday and toss money into clubs, 000 roulette, 6-5 BJ, 88% penny slots, etc. let them pile on the zeros. Can’t wait to see a 00000 roulette game and yes the suckers will keep playing.
    When people stop coming the casinos will panic and things will change QUICK.

    1. CW Tham

      And you think the high-school diploma’d Mid-west couple coming into golly-gee fancy Las Vegas know better than to play 3-zero roulette or 6-5 blackjack? That’s EXACTLY their demographics for such shenanigan.

      SoCal gamblers are pretty sophisticated. They’ve been Vegasing since it was a mob town. Also lots of Indian places they can go to.


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