Triple Zero Roulette Debuts at Planet Hollywood and New York-New York and Everything Is Ruined

Triple zero roulette has been introduced at two casinos in Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood and New York-New York.

Venetian got the first triple zero roulette table (two, actually) on The Strip back in Oct. 2016, and it seemed inevitable the much-reviled game would proliferate.

That it has.

Here’s a look at the triple zero roulette table at Planet Hollywood.

Triple zero roulette

On the bright side, one of the “fun facts” about roulette stays the same: The numbers on a roulette table add up to 666.

“What is triple zero roulette?” you ask.

Well, a typical roulette table in U.S. casinos has two zeros.

On a table with two zeros, the house edge is 5.26%. That’s one of the highest house advantages in the casino.

On a triple zero roulette table, the house edge jumps up to 7.69%.

See, that’s what makes a much-reviled game so reviled.

Given the odds are worse on a triple zero table, why would people play it? You ask great questions!

Typically, the minimum bet on a triple zero roulette table is lower than on a double zero table.

Yes, there are some single zero tables in Las Vegas casinos, but they tend to be reserved for big spenders. An exception is the single zero table at Cromwell. There’s a premium to be paid for the better odds, of course. The minimum bet at Cromwell is $25.

Cromwell single zero roulette

The house edge in a single zero roulette game is 2.7%. You go, Cromwell.

How did we know more triple zero games would make their way to Las Vegas casinos? Another excellent question!

We knew because players at Venetian’s triple zero roulette table (see below) didn’t care at all about the less favorable odds.

Venetian roulette

Triple zero roulette tables are often packed when double zero tables are empty.

It was the same at Planet Hollywood during our visit.

Planet Hollywood has eight roulette tables. Seven have a $15 minimum, one has a $10 minimum. The lower table minimum is more than enough to entice recreational gamblers, and casinos couldn’t be happier about it.

Before you start calling triple zero roulette players stupid, consider this: They’re not gambling to make money. They’re playing to have fun.

And here’s a confession: We had fun playing triple zero roulette at Planet Hollywood, too. And we won money to boot.

We even made money on one of the bets you’ll only find at a triple zero roulette table. It’s a bet on any of the zeros, and it pays 11-to-1.

Triple zero roulette

Big thanks to Planet Hollywood for not asking security to Taser us for taking photos.

Oh, and while we’re at it, here’s another counter-intuitive fact about triple zero roulette: It can actually make your money last longer.

It’s true!

Despite disadvantageous odds, the lower table minimum at triple zero roulette means a typical player (assuming they make the minimum bet) will lose less over time than someone betting more at a double zero roulette table.

That’ll teach you to be less judgy.

So, no, not everything is ruined. But that doesn’t mean we have to like triple zero roulette.

Triple zero roulette is a symbol of an evolution taking place in Las Vegas casinos. As gambling revenue declines, casinos have to find new and clever ways of bolstering their bottom lines.

If guests play games with a higher house edge, casinos will continue to find ways to raise them even higher.

Angry showgirl

Just about sums it up.

The irony, of course, is gambling revenue is declining because the perceived value of gambling has declined. Casinos tighten their slots, so players play slots less. Casinos change 3-to-2 blackjack games to 6-to-5, so fewer play the game. It’s a vicious cycle.

Our strategy is to play the games where we have the most fun. That way, we can spend our time being entertained rather than doing math.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you care about the number of zeros on your roulette table?

Thanks to our friends at the You Can Bet on That podcast for alerting us to the triple zero roulette table at Planet Hollywood.

Updated (4/26/18): Park MGM has also introduced triple zero roulette.

Updated (4/13/19): Since this story, a number of Las Vegas casinos have introduced triple zero roulette. Las Vegas casinos with triple zero roulette:

  • Venetian and Palazzo
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Circus Circus
  • Golden Nugget
  • Park MGM
  • New York-New York
  • Harrah’s Las Vegas
  • Luxor
  • Wynn Las Vegas
  • Linq
  • Binion’s
  • Four Queens
  • Aria Las Vegas
  • Caesars Palace
  • Green Valley Ranch
  • Palms


16 thoughts on “Triple Zero Roulette Debuts at Planet Hollywood and New York-New York and Everything Is Ruined

  1. Tommy Vercetti

    My idea of playing roulette was a 50 cents minimum table in a rotten,bottom of the barrel scary shit casino on Boulder Highway, that’s what I call having fun playing roulette. Everyone else playing roulette with a minimum of 25 dollar per hand with a single,double or triple zero table is just throwing money away. I mean,at least my dirtbag casino on BH provided some colorul gambling companions..

      1. EnuffBull

        Smooth Jimmy Apollo: “When you’re right 52% of the time, you’re wrong 48% of the time!”

        Homer Simpson: “Now you tell me!”

  2. William Wingo

    So someone betting $25 per spin at Cromwell isn’t a “big spender?” I guess it depends on your point of view.
    Triple-zero roulette is in the same league with 6-5 Blackjack. If people are willing to play these terrible games, the better games will slowly disappear. I know several people who play 6-5 BJ because it’s often offered in single-deck and with lower minimums. I’ve explained it all to them, and they still play it. So once again, the gaming public must share some of the blame.
    And I’m not immune myself, I have been known to play various Deuces Wild Video Poker games that pay in the 98.9% range when played perfectly–and I wouldn’t claim that I play perfectly, either. OTOH, I keep getting comp offers.
    But the last time I played any roulette game was at the old Lady Luck, with a coupon that paid $250 for a winning $5 bet on the double zero. I’ll leave the math as an exercise–but even with three zeros, that would be a good bet.

  3. Charles Higgins

    Just don’t like any game that hikes the house edge. This is in line with the CET most recent investor’s call where they discussed increasing “controllable hold”..which is nothing but increased house edge factors; worse playing conditions for players. This action epitomizes mega-suck…

  4. Brian Mcneill

    Juat got here to Vegas and saw a 000. So I assumed there would be some changgin the payout. Nope just a straight up disadvantage. Odd the video roulette was still 00 amd was paying better odds. Game is faster but $3minimum bet is perfect to have fun.
    Can’t believe they are ruining the game.

  5. Michael Silva

    As odds go, any increase to the house edge is not good for the player. That said, roulette isn’t a game of odds. It’s a game of cyclic activity and behavior or frequencies. Odds only tell you what can happen without any indication of when something will happen. Frequencies tell you how often an event will happen. From this perspective, an additional 000 label has only a nominal affect on the outcome of said frequencies. Once you know what kinds of things happen on the wheel spin after spin after spin, you can focus on when they are going to occur.

    #66666roulette, #66666randomnumbers, #theroulettewhisperer, @thewakingman

  6. abdy

    they are not concerned about odds because they are playing with free money as people who heavily gamble in control of money presses. nor playing with hard worked income


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