Treasure Island to Get Avengers, Transformers Attraction

It’s not the “Sirens of TI,” but it’s something.

Treasure Island is getting a new attraction, an exhibit featuring Marvel’s Avengers and Hasbro’s Transformers.

The exhibit will open in early 2016 and take up residence on the second and third floors of an industrial park-inspired tumor currently housing a CVS drugstore attached to a once-whimsical Treasure Island.

Treasure Island

Not that we have strong feelings about the CVS or anything.

The new Avengers and Transformers exhibit, described as “immersive,” as all new attractions in Las Vegas must be by law, will be created by Victory Hill Exhibitions.

The building’s second floor will focus on the world of The Transformers, and the Avengers exhibit will be on the top floor. The second floor will feature an Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. (Scientific Training Tactical Intelligence Operative Network). Read more.

Here’s a peek at the Avengers portion of the new exhibit, formerly in display at Discovery Times Square. See more pics.

Treasure Island Avengers exhibit

We’re way ahead of you in our pining for Star Trek: The Experience.

The Transformers exhibit is still in the works and will be a Las Vegas exclusive. The “Chief Creative Officer” of Victory Hill says the Transformers exhibit will include a three-story tall Optimus Prime. Inside one story of a three-story building. Look, Las Vegas attractions aren’t about “facts” or “accuracy,” they’re about spectacle and hyperbole! Just play along.

Treasure Island Avengers

Las Vegas connection: Tony Stark was based upon Howard Hughes. Hughes’ purchase of the Desert Inn casino began the process of ridding Las Vegas of organized crime.

Victory Hill has been given an exceedingly optimistic 10-year lease at Treasure Island.

Victory Hill Exhibitions was “recently acquired by Star Media Group’s subsidiary, Singapore-listed Cityneon Holdings Ltd.,” and is “a 100% subsidiary of a main-board company with the Singapore Stock Exchange,” whatever that might actually mean.

Victory Hill Exhibitions

Eh, grand openings are boring, anyway.

All we know is the new Avengers and Transformers attraction has got to be more interesting than two more floors of pharmacy, so we’re all for it.

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  • Rooster


    “Whores on a boat”, or whatever it was called, was much more interesting.

  • Misslaydj

    hubs may enjoy. im all for new things to the strip.

  • Troy Swezey

    Oh do people actually like things like Transformers or whatever this is you are talking about? Or is this something to attract the carpet munchers? If I wanted to hang around snotty nosers (or Raiders fans for that matter) I would go to Circus Circus.
    Good bye Treasure Island. Nice knowing you…

    • Alex

      The Transformers franchise of 5 films grossed $1.3 billion. The two Avengers films grossed just over $1 billion. So, yes, people actually like this sort of thing.

      • Good point! We’ll see how it’s received. Expect Groupon discounts. “)

    • I think they were looking for anything of potential interest for that location (that didn’t cost them anything).

  • Bouldersteve

    At least its not more retail. Enough of that on the Strip