Towering Las Vegas Arena Materializes Virtually Overnight

It seems like only yesterday MGM and AEG broke ground on their new Las Vegas arena, but the impressive structure has quickly become a stunning addition to The Strip.

Here’s a look at the most recent progress on the $350 million, 20,000-seat Las Vegas arena located just behind the New York-New York casino.


Officials say the arena will open in April of 2016, but with the building exterior already going up, we think that’s a conservative estimate.

A closer look at the arena shows the scale and complexity of the structure and also serves to illustrate what awesome photos this blog takes. But mostly the scale and complexity thing.

Las Vegas arena

Populous, a sports architectural firm, designed the arena. It was estimated construction would take 22 months, but the company’s Pepsi Center in Denver took just 19 months.

The new arena is expected to host not only big-time concerts but also a professional hockey team.

A top secret meeting recently took place at the Mandarin hotel with the ownership team of Bill Foley and the Maloof brothers (who formerly owned the Sacramento Kings) and NHL officials. As if we all needed further confirmation that plans for a National Hockey League team in Las Vegas are coming to fruition.

If all goes well, the new Las Vegas NHL team will begin play in October of 2016.

For now, we’ll just watch as a modern marvel of engineering appears before our eyes.

MGM AEG arena Las Vegas

Here’s the view from the Monte Carlo. An outdoor district called The Park will connect the arena to The Strip.

The official Las Vegas arena site says the new venue will “redefine and reshape how the monolithic events of our time are experienced and remembered.” It appears the new arena will be equipped with a state-of-the-art hyperbole machine. We’re excited to see it happen, anyway.

5 thoughts on “Towering Las Vegas Arena Materializes Virtually Overnight

  1. Excessive celebration

    This will be a great venue for the Pac-12 tournament which has outgrown the MGM Grand Garden Arena

  2. Troy Swezey

    I will go on record this 4/5/15 saying “Failure”. It has been said that they don’t need parking and traffic will not be impacted because everyone will walk to this arena or taking existing public transportation. Uh, ok. What about locals? They are trying to drum up season ticket holders for this alleged much desired hockey team. And who is supposed to buy those tickets? Locals? And how are they supposed to get to the games? Yeah right.

    1. Scott Roeben

      Pain in the ass, maybe, but it won’t be a failure! While the demand for an NHL team is sort of a question mark, it’s going to be a popular space for concerts. You’re right about it being an interesting prospect for locals, though.

  3. JWalt

    Has the Light Group taken over rights to run it as a nightclub on off nights? Some massive EDM shows and top dollars for suites as bottle service.


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