Todd English is Out at Aria’s Todd English P.U.B.

What is Todd English P.U.B. without Todd English? We’re about to find out.

Rumors are celebrity chef Todd English is on his way out at Todd English P.U.B., although the venue will continue as a brew pub.

P.U.B. stands for “Public Urban Bar,” which is likely to remain the case even after Todd English’s name has been removed from the place.

Todd English P.U.B.

Ironically, the Todd English P.U.B. logo contains an hour glass, a way of measuring time running out.

From what we hear, the management team of Beerhaus could take over operation of whatever Todd English P.U.B. becomes, which is disappointing (if true) as Beerhaus is easily the weakest offering in The Park’s restaurant row.

Todd English is probably best known for his cooking show, “Food Trip with Todd English,” on PBS. His original restaurant was Olives in Boston.

It’s unknown if Todd English’s ouster from the establishment bearing his name at Aria has anything to do with recent sexual harassment allegations against him. A lawsuit was filed against the chef and members of his New York-based Todd English Food Hall restaurant staff, and six others have filed suits alleging “repeated instances of sexual harassment.” It’s possible Aria and MGM Resorts executives got wind of the New York lawsuits and decided to cut ties with English to steer clear of any controversy (or legal liability).

It’s worth noting Todd English’s Olives at Bellagio is set to close this winter. That venue will be replaced by Spago which will relocate from the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. There will be a quiz.

Celebrity chefs, of course, have little to do with the day-to-day operation of Las Vegas restaurants with their name on them.

The chefs are contractually obligated to make appearances at the restaurant for publicity purposes, then receive about five percent of the restaurant’s gross sales. (See also chef Gordon Ramsay.)

People seem to have a fondness for Todd English P.U.B., but business is business.

Casinos have been re-evaluating their partners to determine if it’s more profitable to manage venues in-house. That’s one of the reasons Flamingo’s Sin City Brewing isn’t called that anymore (it’s now Patio Bar, because naming things is hard), ditto Fat Tuesday at Linq (it was replaced with Purple Zebra).

If more news surfaces, you’ll hear it when we do!

9 thoughts on “Todd English is Out at Aria’s Todd English P.U.B.


    Wouldn’t be surprised to see more of this happening going forward to some of the lesser known “celebrity” chefs. I’m a casual foodie at best but know a little about the scene and had never heard of English; nor would I imagine most of the patrons of the place have.

    What P.U.B. is, is a good sized pub in a great location connected to a resort that doesn’t have much else in terms of casual dining. A lot of people aren’t comfortable going into Jean George and spending $85 for a steak, they’d rather go into a pub with a great beer selection and drop $20 on a burger.

    Can’t imagine having English’s name attached is a factor at all in its success. Why pay him the 5% if you don’t have to?

  2. Manybar Goatfish

    Todd English or not, the Public Urban Bar doesn’t discriminate like the London Soho joint that turned some New Orleans Saints players away earlier this year for being “too urban.” It’d be my luck for P.U.B. to turn me away for not being urban enough. That would sting.

    1. JeffinOKC

      All this sex business makes me yearn for the olden days, when lying about your education on your resume was the worst thing a CEO or coach could do.

  3. Photoncounter

    The P.U.B. also has a great raw bar. Ate oysters there many times. Last time the bartender warned me about the horseradish, said it was the hottest they had ever served. Considering I grow and grind my own, bring it on!

    Cleaned my nasal passages out, didn’t get a cold for two years!

    This is one restaurant I really enjoy, hope they don’t change it much as Beerworks is just awful.

  4. George Dixon

    interesting news I wasn’t aware of – eaten/drank there many times since it’s opening. Business seems to have declined over the years (just based on my visits). And IMO CPK is the “weakest” link on the Park. The beer hall place is what it is… and had a draft cocktail and some beers there last visit that got the job done


    Yeah I’m aware of that angle too. The operations manager at my company has a grab-assy story about TE. She thinks he’s a bit of a pig.

    Could be a factor in the re-branding.


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