Today’s Reason We Love Wynn Las Vegas: No Strollers

It’s such a simple thing, but it makes us love Wynn Las Vegas even more. No strollers, baby!

Wynn no strollers

That first item, although we like the second rule, too. Keep it classy, people.

Screw “safety,” kids are sticky, make strange noises and don’t belong in casinos.

9 thoughts on “Today’s Reason We Love Wynn Las Vegas: No Strollers

      1. Johnny Van

        Strollers are safety product for baby transport that have been used across different cultures for centuries. The banning of strollers is the banning of a safety device. On its face the sign is nonsensical. Since there are likely legal issues with discriminating against people from retail space based age, they discourage the targeted class by banning safety devices in the name of safety.

  1. JerseyPatriot

    Sadly, this is not really enforced. I am at the Wynn a bunch and still see strollers. Folks, do not take your infant child to Vegas if you can avoid it. You are not going for them, you are going for you. I remember years ago when no one under 21 was allowed near the gaming area, now you can see kids galore.


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