Today’s Random Las Vegas WTF

Just no.

gambling dog

We trust the pup’s name is Rascal.

11 thoughts on “Today’s Random Las Vegas WTF

  1. Dean_Winchester

    Sick. Dogs and cats are three times more likely to develop cancer from second hand smoke than humans are. That dog’s health and happiness is being sacrificed just so that lard a$$ can sit at a slot machine.

  2. VitalVegasFan

    Kinda jumping to conclusion here. Maybe the dog is an emotional support animal, maybe the dog is a rescue who has anxiety issues or health problems that warrant that it can’t be left alone. I find it no worse then the aholes who drag their kids to Las Vegas on vacation.

    1. ElectricGypsy

      I am a big anti-fan of people who drag their kid by the hand walking down the Vegas strip at 1 a.m., or the young woman carrying her baby through the Orleans food court at 2 a.m.

      For the sake of my rant I’m assuming that the dog in this picture is a therapy dog and not a service dog.

      I’m not going to say that therapy animals have no place in society, but five years ago the only dogs I’d see at the library or county courthouse were service dogs, dogs helping blind and physically disabled people get around. I’m not sure when we decided people should be able to walk around Target, the mall or a casino with a therapy dog, but it’s time to put a stop to it. If you need to drag a dog with you in order to cope with whatever it is you’re trying to cope with while you’re at a casino, you shouldn’t be going to a casino.

      You’re going to see a lot more dogs, cats, pigs and monkeys in your stores, churches and schools if we start letting every person who claims to have a mental disorder walk around with a pet anywhere they want to.

      1. VitalVegasFan

        I get your point. In fact I know a lot of people who should not have dogs, or be on do not adopt listings. I just think this particular post was in poor taste. If your going to single out some goof ball who brings his dog into a casino, how is he any worse than the people with the strollers bringing the ankle bitters to Vegas.

  3. JK Grence

    The only thing keeping me from believing that it isn’t a legitimate service dog is that I don’t see any sort of leash or harness on him, but it may well be obscured by the chair. Service dogs are trained to be blasé and as discreet as possible when their services are not required, while pets brought places as therapy dogs are much more alert to their surroundings.

  4. Mike

    I personally don’t see anything wrong in the picture. Dude is doing what he enjoys, while his best buddy has a nice siesta.


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