Today’s Fairly Disturbing Las Vegas Thing: Kids Quest

There’s a lot to love about Las Vegas, but we’re not entirely sure how to feel about Kids Quest.

Kids Quest is a service that provides hourly childcare in “family-friendly casinos.” So, basically, Kids Quest makes it easy for parents to drop off their kids in order to gamble.

Relax, that queasy feeling in your stomach is completely normal.

Kids Quest is available at a number of Las Vegas casinos, typically at casinos catering to locals. If you’re the kid-dropper-offer type, you can find Kids Quest centers at Boulder Station, Santa Fe Station, Red Rock Casino, Sunset Station, Texas Station and Green Valley Ranch. Here’s the official site.

Kids Quest

Pesky parental responsibilities keeping you from your favorite casino table game? We’ve got this!

While we’ve always had mixed feelings about Kids Quest, we only recently learned these childcare facilities accept infants as young as six weeks old. Which is sort of our personal tipping point between “mixed feelings” and “WTF?”

If you’re dropping off a six-week-old baby in a casino so you can get in a few hours of quality Wheel of Fortune time, you may want to take a good, long look at your life choices.

Kids Quest centers are open seven days a week, 365 days a year to ensure you’ll be able to neglect your children whenever the urge may strike.

Once they get older, of course, casinos also have arcades to keep the kids busy and program them to be problem gamblers just like mommy and daddy. Not that we’re judging.

Wheel of Fortune arcade game

We are not making this up.

What do you think about Kids Quest? We’d love to hear your thoughts, especially if you agree with us.

10 thoughts on “Today’s Fairly Disturbing Las Vegas Thing: Kids Quest

  1. Quina Aparicio

    There are children care services in malls, restaurants, hospitals, holidays resorts, workplaces…

    Is it objectionable to leave the children in these places?

    Or is it just reprehensible when the nursery is in a casino?

    I think that this article starts from the premise that gambling is bad. And of course, any conclusion from this premise will also be negative.

    Let adult people can enjoy like they want without make feel them guilty.

    It is my opinion, thanks for asking 🙂

  2. Jokersmile

    It’s what makes LV a rough place to raise a family. The influence from the industry goes much deeper than babysitting services in casinos. Gambling is the nucleus of the culture sadly and it’s past down from generations of gamblers and the influx of gamblers that move to the valley to strike it rich. Beside’s, who needs a college education when you can park cars for a living and make OK money doing it.

  3. jbkayaker12

    Are you sure these parents are gambling, how about watching a movie? Whatever choices they make, it’s theirs and their responsibility.

  4. Jonathan M Bell

    Do casinos offer childcare options for employees? Do they subsidize fees for employees at Kids Quest locations located in the casinos where they work? If they do, being able to accommodate children as young as six months makes a lot of sense.

  5. T Diddy Vegas

    Cruise ships offer child care. Resorts you travel to offer child care. Are those parents bad! Parents want some me time want to be have there kids left safely are good parents. A lot of people do not have a family networks to here to help out. Heartless thoughts by the author.

  6. Troy Swezey

    I have always thought this idea odd but I would rather have them there than in the movie theater or the buffet or whatever.
    The thing I do not like about it is they will not allow me inside. It looks fun in there…but so do other places like Hyde or 1OAK or the high limit room at Cosmo that I am not welcome at. Ugh!


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