Today in Mixed Feelings: Excalibur Buffet Reopens July 1

Excalibur announced its buffet reopens July 1, 2021 at 8:00 a.m.

First, who in the hell wakes up at 8:00 a.m. What, are people milking cows?

There is no excuse to get up that early unless you hooked up with a stranger at a Las Vegas nightclub and need to sneak out of their room without waking them up.

Excalibur Buffet is a solid 2.5 out of five stars on Yelp, which sort of explains the “mixed feelings” thing.

It might also explain why MGM Resorts, owner of Excalibur, announced this news on the same day Resorts World opens. You know, hoping nobody would notice.

Well, we noticed, because you deserve all the Las Vegas buffet news you can stuff into your face!

Excalibur Buffet

We totally forgot we took photos of the Excalibur buffet after its $6 million renovation in 2015.

The Excalibur Buffet got a $6.2 million renovation in 2015. Which you’d already know if you read photo captions.

Excalibur Buffet will have limited hours, which is probably best for everyone.

We kid because we love!

Selections will include made-to-order omelets, rotisserie chicken, iced shellfish, smoked brisket, sushi, beef birria and a dessert station with bread pudding, crepes, donuts, cakes, frozen custard and more.

There are few words that strike more fear into the hearts of sushi fans than “Excalibur Buffet sushi.”

Yes, we woke up on the wrong side of the snark today. Whatever, you’re still reading.

The Excalibur Buffet will be open Thursday through Monday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We may tease about the meh reviews, but there’s no denying the Excalibur Buffet is a great value.

Monday through Thursday, it’s $24.99, children (6-11) cost $14.99. Fat kids cost $18.99. On Saturday and Sunday, it’s $29.99; children cost $15.99, and fat kids cost $19.99. Kids five and younger eat free. Yes, even the fat kids.

Because the world is such a humorless place, we have to mention we made up the “fat kids” pricing to make sure you were paying attention. We do not endorse fat shaming. We are, however, supportive of stupid shaming. Stupid kids pay extra. Better?

Please address all letters of complaint about this blog post to the Excalibur Buffet. Don’t shoot the messenger. You’re the one who let your kid get fat. For starters, stop taking them to buffets. They’re going to find out they don’t just have “big bones” someday. Save them some time!

Excalibur Buffet

All due respect, but it may be time to update Excalibur Buffet’s “It’s just O.K.” tagline.

Even with its limited hours, it’s great to see the Excalibur buffet reopen!

Other buffets back in Las Vegas include: Bacchanal at Caesars, Wicked Spoon at Cosmo, MGM Grand Buffet, Circus Buffet at Circus Circus and the Wynn buffet reopens July 1.

If you have the cash, we’d recommend the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace. It’s badass, and a value at $65 (weekdays).

We love Excalibur, as it now has Mac King (formerly at Harrah’s), the Australian Bee Gees and Thunder From Down Under. The “Tournament of Kings” show is coming back July 14, too.

We also love Excalibur because we’re pretty sure it’s the only Las Vegas casino featuring codpieces.

Vegas needs more codpieces!

Sure, they’ve got them at the Renaissance Festival, but that’s an annual thing. We need a steady supply of codpieces.

You might say Las Vegas could use a buffet of codpieces. You knew we’d bring it back around. You’re welcome.

20 thoughts on “Today in Mixed Feelings: Excalibur Buffet Reopens July 1


    I am a little confused at the prices. Monday through Thursday $24.99 adult, but according to your hours, buffet is open Thursday to Monday. Should it read Monday AND Thursday $24.99? Also, what is the price on Friday? I am going in mid September and am glad more buffets are opening! Any word on Boyd properties reopening some of theirs?

  2. Neonglowy

    I know Circus Circus is supposed to be the worst, so I planned to drive from Downtown to South Point for buffet. BUT, is Excalibur’s buffet worth Strip crowds and parking hassle? I hatehatehate not having Main St Station’s buffet; they actually had tamales and menudo, etc.

  3. Michael Acosta

    I’d love to meet you and have a buffet meeting. I’m open anytime you want. Let’s discuss how you want to feel better about talking bad about people. We can do it live or however you feel you need to degrade people. I’m overweight and is from a medical condition and actually like going to a buffet to enjoy the atmosphere and the company of friends which you seem to be short on. Hit me back and let’s talk.

  4. Mark A Erichson

    I haven’t been to Excalibur in years. I did visit twice.
    They made it easy to get into, but nearly impossible to get out of.
    In the meantime, I was stuck in some red-and-purple horrible nightmare.

  5. Anitamandalay

    In a world that most in the media and politics have successfully tricked people into being offended by virtually everything, let’s everyone here and now vow to never be offended by anything ever again! Time is too short to waste it being miserable because of what someone said. Words do have meaning, but they have absolutely no power over you. I catch up on Vital Vegas Twitter’s multiple times per day because Scott is one of only a few in communications who adds value, motivation, entertainment and satisfaction to life itself. Buffets and escorts must first be enjoyed so that each person may decide for themselves whether it is best to continue that lifestyle. Whether dead or alive everyone is being judged whether you like it or not. So why not just decide to like it?

    1. Mark A Erichson

      @Anitamandalay So, basically, you’re saying that nobody is entitled to an opinion or point of view?

  6. Jeff

    I’m happy that MGM is at least bring back some buffets. They are my favorite for breakfast. I’m staying at the Bellagio in the latter half of July and hoping maybe Cravings would open at the Mirage, which we can walk to. Haven’t heard anything regarding “The Buffet” at Bellagio, but would love to see it open as well.

  7. BST

    Scott is great , snarkiness and all ๐Ÿ™‚ I may not always agree with his views or comments but such is life. Not everyone has to agree all the time .
    And after all no one forces anyone to return here if it is so offending to them .

  8. Annster

    Okay, this is great news, and nobody asked me for a marginally related trip report, and I really don’t know if you read your own replies here, Scott, but I’ll bite anyway.

    I just stayed at Ex June 6-9, and even though that was a weekday stay, the buffet would have been helpful as would Mac King and the Tournament. The place was absolutely overrun with bajillions of the peeps who could have been filling up said venues. It felt just like a visit back in The Before.

    I was on a 3-night comp with two 15 year-olds on their first visit to Sin and it was a good resort for them to experience. Being the cheapo of MGM, it was the most crowded (and with the lowest-end clientele, as per usual and as expected) as proven when I did my walkabout south and then north, finding the proportion of kiddos, mass-market attire, and people in general to keep dropping as price points increased.

    Luxor was slightly more peaceful and Mandalay much more so. In the other direction, NYNY was busy enough but not quite like Ex, and then Park and Aria were more subdued. Bellagio public spaces were pretty full of folks taking advantage of the free gander at the conservatory but there were more collared shirts and better colognes as opposed to the Dollar General attire and cigarette aroma of Ex. Not that I care, as I don’t, and I knew what we were getting, but the factz is the factz.

    Across the street I did a quick run through of my old Caesars friends, Harrah’s, Linq, O’Shea’s, Flamingo, Bally’s, Paris, then back to the Roman empire itself. This was a hot Tuesday around noonish and unmasked crowds were in force everywhere, at all of these properties.

    Back at Excalibur, I would have taken the kids to the buffet if it had been open. They don’t eat enough to appreciate Bacchanal or Wicked Spoon, but I decided they should experience some of the ancient history of LV and thus I spent close to $100 on dinner at Circus Circus. for the 3 of us. I was furious about all the people heaping piles of food on plates only to leave them abandoned. But whaddya gonna do?

    I like that Phil Ruffin is keeping the place at an affordable, family-friendly price point and wanted to support the business a little (Is the buffet still a loss leader at $30 pp with tax and tip?) as well as compare it to the overall atmosphere at Ex, which as I kinda knew but never scrutinized myself, is a much nicer version of a similar marketing strategy. Ex feels about 50 years newer than CC rather than the 21 years it actually is, drastically cleaner, brighter, more inviting, better maintained, cuter theme, less worn-out. Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to have stayed at Circus a few nights as well.

    I know you’re not a proponent of LV as a family destination, but I think that’s a miss. There are in fact plenty of things for kids to do, and chillin’s can be largely avoided by choosing certain (obviously better) resorts. Importantly for the future of the city, they are the visitors of tomorrow, getting a glimpse of wedding chapels and bachelor/ette parties and Area 15 and megaresorts and other reasons to return once they finally fly out of our nests.

    We also stayed 2 nights downtown at the Plaza so I could drag them repeatedly out to watch FSE as well as view various buskers in various states of bodily exposure. We enjoyed Pop Up Pizza onsite and Aloha Specialties nearby, a bucket lister for me. At 15 they both appear physically full-grown and behaved as well as any actual adult out there. They are gay AF and it was pride month and they enjoyed the sense that they could engage in a little PDA without attracting any obvious disapproval in what to them seemed an anything-goes atmosphere.

    Downtown I also won back the conservative daily gambling budget that I had consistently lost during my 3 nights on the Strip. Thank you Four Queens and Fremont. But I digress. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So anyway, this return of the Excalibur buffet is a very very good thing. The city needs it. The hoards of minor-encumbered parents need it. The minors need to be indoctrinated into the culture of Vegas, which has included mediocre buffets since time immemorial. MGM needs more ways to get more spend out of the guests in those steeply discounted hotel rooms. And people on vacation need the satisfaction of occasional unlimited and indiscriminate gorgery.


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