Three PizzaRev Restaurants in Las Vegas Close Permanently

The fallout of the COVID-19 shutdown continues with word three PizzaRev restaurants have closed permanently in Las Vegas.


It’s all fun and games until the pizza places close. Because pizza.

PizzaRev acknowledged the closures on Instagram, saying, “Unfortunately due to the impact of COVID-19, some of our locations have permanently closed. Thanks for understanding.”

We called all the numbers for the restaurants, all were disconnected.

“Impact” is one word for it.

The Las Vegas PizzaRev locations were on S. Rancho Drive and S. Rainbow Ave. An additional store closed on W. Sunset Rd. in Henderson.

PizzaRev (the “Rev” stands for “revolution”) has 30-plus locations and got its start in Los Angeles.

The first Las Vegas PizzaRev restaurant opened in February 2016.

The chain is known for giving customers the option to customize their pies, as well as the use of 900-degree stone-bed ovens.

PizzaRev joins a growing list of Las Vegas restaurants that won’t back, even after the shutdown ends.

6 thoughts on “Three PizzaRev Restaurants in Las Vegas Close Permanently

  1. Vegas Insight

    A billion years ago a place called Pizza Studio, also originating in California, as I recall, opened at Mall of America in Minnesota. The “Subway” for personal pizza model was the next big wave, I was told.

    Pizza Studio had great pizza. I liked it, despite it not being baked in a wood-fed oven. Pizza Studio didn’t make it at MOA. A Pizza Rev not too far from my house has also closed in the past couple of years.

    I suspect that the demand for “fast casual” pizza, or whatever it is called, isn’t as great as restaurateurs thought years ago. It’s not going extinct, but the Pizza Studios and Revs of the world didn’t quite proliferate like Subway did.

    I wouldn’t dismiss COVID-mania as a reason your Pizza Revs closed, Scott, but I suspect the three that closed weren’t making much money before St. Patrick’s Day, and couldn’t afford to lose a lot since then before throwing in the towel.

    The longer restaurants are forced to tap dance and accommodate fewer people with added cleaning and sanitation measures, the more we’ll see fall.

    I assume the early outs are restaurants that were on the brink before COVID-mania. The last Fuddruckers in Minnesota closed for good on March 21, less than a week after the state shut down their dining rooms. No chance it was a victim of COVID, it was simply hanging on by a thread.

    I have to think circumstances are similar for those that shut it down within three months of St. Patrick’s Day.

    Let’s all Vegas again, soon. Please!

    1. Concerned Citizen

      If you’re relying on Pizza Rev for your livelihood, and you weren’t a manager working FT with benefits…ouch.

      And we’ll all concerned for employees who are not earning their usual income. I would have guessed that goes without saying.

      1. alex

        Wow. Your disdain for the working class shows our lack of class.

        Everyone who isn’t independently wealthy relies on their job to survive. That statement is true whether they work as a salaried management position or an hourly food service job.

  2. Boulder Steve

    It is the Subway of Pizza restaurants. Decent pizza but nothing to rave about.. The crowded field of pizza joints just got less crowded. Expect more to follow


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