This Was Easily Our Weirdest Vegas Celebrity Sighting, Ever

We’ve bumped into tons of celebrities in Las Vegas, but this two-fer was a doozy. (Or, for the Millennials, a “humdinger.”)

We were doing lunch at Triple George, downtown, and saw an odd couple enter the restaurant.

The more diminutive of the two caught our eye first, but his companion looked very familiar as well.

The pair of diners were none other than two TV legends: Felix Silla and Gil Gerard, both featured in TV’s “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.”

Gil Gerard Felix Silla

It’s been nearly 40 years since they worked together in “Buck Rogers,” and it’s great to see these two are still pals.

“Buck Rogers in the 25th Century,” a sci-fi TV series that ran from 1979 to 1981. The pilot for the show was released as a feature film as well.

Gerard, now 75, starred as “Buck” Rogers and also appeared in nearly 400 TV commercials.

Depending upon your level of nerd, you may also be impressed to learn Gil Gerard voiced the character of Megatronus in 2015’s “Transformers: Robots in Disguise.”

Felix Silla, 81, co-starred with Gerard in “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century,” as a robot named Twiki.

Twiki Buck Rogers

Twiki and Buck Rogers can attest to the fact everyone points at things in the 25th century.

Silla was even better known for playing the character of Cousin Itt on the original “The Addams Family.”

Silla has at various times played Las Vegas venues with his group, The Original Harmonica Band.

Just in case you haven’t hit your maximum nerd yet, bask in the fact Felix Silla not only did the voice of Mortimer Goth in the videogame “The Sims 2,” he also played an Ewok in “Return of the Jedi.”

Both Gerard and Silla were gracious about having their photo taken, and when we mentioned they seem to have a lot of fans, Silla said, “Yes we do.”

We didn’t get to ask why the men were in Las Vegas, or why they were having lunch at Triple George that day. We just enjoyed our brush with TV history. Only in Vegas!

7 thoughts on “This Was Easily Our Weirdest Vegas Celebrity Sighting, Ever

  1. Boulder Steve

    Great photo and story. Never know who you will bump into while in Vegas. Gil Gerard looks familiar but I would have never recognized Silla. Almost all his roles were in costume that hid his identity. Great that he is still going strong at 81.

    1. Davehat

      I met both of them at the Star Trek convention in August……. not sure why they were in town in October, unless there’s some other scifi con going on.

  2. EnuffBull

    Awesome-sauce. I know there’s always a sci-fi convention or collectors showcase going on somewhere in Vegas, perhaps they were hawking autographs? Kudos to you bumping into them. Both look great for their respected ages, although Gil looks like he’s channeling his inner Darren McGavin. And at the tasty Triple George, too!!!

    1. Funkhouser

      I thought the same thing when I saw his photo. He could deliver the line, Son of B*tches, Bumpuses!
      Maybe he should be doing A Christmas Story on Broadway.


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