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Guy Creates Las Vegas Race for Friends and It’s Amazing

Everyone needs a friend like Gabe Sinna.

Sinna recently celebrated a birthday, and decided to invite some friends to join him in Las Vegas for the festivities.

Lots of people have done that. But Gabe Sinna isn’t everybody.

After months of planning, Sinna created an ingenious game for his friends to play, inspired by the hit travel competition on CBS, “The Amazing Race.” And his game has raised the bar for Las Vegas scavenger hunts forever.

Amazing Gabe

Trust us, the word “amazing” isn’t used lightly here.

See, just about everyone has a friend who’s a planner. But Gabe Sinna is more than that. He’s a savant. He’s a genius. He’s a freak.

And we’re not just saying that because Sinna dove deeply into the recesses of this very Las Vegas blog for nuggets to inform his “Amazing Gabe” race.

Amazing Gabe

Gabe and the better half of the teams competing in the “Amazing Gabe” race.

While Sinna orchestrated an entire Las Vegas trip for his friends, we tagged along on the part that featured downtown. Not only do we work downtown (in marketing at Fremont Street Experience), the area is home to some of our favorite places in Las Vegas.

Sinna did extensive research about downtown before creating his race, then built his “race” using elements of “The Amazing Race,” including “Detours” and “Roadblocks.” He even used artwork inspired by the show. Told you he’s a freak.

Amazing Gabe

This is the photo caption where we don’t mention how much free time Gabe clearly has.

At the beginning of each leg of the race, Sinna distributed clues (“Route Info.”) and his friends, all couples, got to explore downtown in a fun, unique way.

It should be noted Sinna’s friends are also sort of freaks, as they made matching T-shirts with Sinna’s face on them for each team.

Amazing Gabe

Gabe’s friends weren’t messing around. It’s a little thing called “bragging rights.”

The “Amazing Gabe” race included a carefully-curated list of things to do downtown:

  • Take a photo with the gold nugget replica at Golden Nugget
  • Get a pic with a million bucks at Binion’s
  • Try a scorpion shot at Nacho Daddy
  • Visit Banger Brewing
  • Ride the SlotZilla zipline
  • Visit Golden Gate
  • Rub Buddha’s belly at The Cal
  • See the Berlin Wall at Main Street Station
  • Ride the Downtown Loop to the Gold & Silver Pawn shop
  • Take in the Neon Museum
  • Grab a dog at American Coney Island at The D

The downtown race culminated at Pizza Rock, of course. Did we not mention Sinna reads this blog?

Gabe Sinna’s friends are apparently fellow Las Vegas aficionados, because they navigated his clues with relative ease. (It was determined later the Internet may have made some of the clues too easy to solve. Thanks a lot, blogs!)

Amazing Gabe

Everyone got to express their feelings about Communism at the Berlin Wall display inside the restroom at Main Street Station.

Ultimately, the red team won.

Amazing Gabe Las Vegas

Congrats, Joe and Angie. You’re Internet famous. Not redeemable for cash.

As mentioned, the downtown “race” was just part of the fun. Sinna created a nearly 20-page, spiral-bound booklet for his friends.

The booklet included, among other things, his friend’s favorite drinks.

Amazing Gabe

This is what we meant when we said, “Everyone needs a friend like Gabe.”

There were also agendas for other days of their trip, shuttle schedules, maps of The Strip and downtown and a page for his friends to note which Vegas casinos they’d visited.

One of our favorite parts of his booklet was devoted to a photo hunt. Sinna created an extensive list of Las Vegas-themed photo ideas, including images of:

  • Bachelorette with a sash
  • Slot win of more than $50
  • Any celebrity (yes, a photo with this blog qualified)
  • A doppelganger
  • Guy with a mullet
  • Bike cop
  • Tasteful side boob
  • Pink flamingo
  • Vegas sunset
  • Neon sign
  • Party pit dancer
  • In line at White Castle
  • Any Elvis
  • Showgirl with feathers
  • Guy named Don (I.D. required)
  • David statue at Caesars Palace
  • Pay phone
  • Night club line
  • Kissing at the Bellagio fountains

Now, that’s a Las Vegas photo hunt right there.

Amazing Gabe

What happens in Vegas goes into the Cloud.

Sinna’s booklet also included another scavenger hunt list with items like “business card from a pit boss,” “slot ticket worth .01 (exactly),” “show ticket stub,” “deck of casino cards” and “trifecta of porn cards (brunette, blonde and redhead).”

While we love Las Vegas a lot, we bow before the love Gabe Sinna clearly has for this town. Seriously. His name even has “sin” in it.

Thanks to Gabe for letting us tag along on several legs of the “Amazing Gabe” race! We were truly impressed with his knowledge of Vegas, as well as his organizational ability, as it’s well-known we are personally bereft of the planning gene.

Amazing Gabe

We are not a heights person, but for some, winning prevails over woozy.

If you’ve done anything even remotely as creative as Gabe for a Las Vegas visit, we’d love to hear about it. We won’t hold our breath.

Amazing Gabe

[img src=]1570
[img src=]2230
[img src=]1750
[img src=]1490
[img src=]1480
[img src=]1310
[img src=]1360
[img src=]1610
[img src=]1280
[img src=]1550
[img src=]1350
[img src=]1300
[img src=]1280
[img src=]1800
[img src=]1270
[img src=]1040
[img src=]1000
[img src=]1070
[img src=]950
[img src=]1000
[img src=]970
[img src=]980
[img src=]860
[img src=]1460
[img src=]1250
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MSG Sphere Arena Details Revealed and It’s Wonderfully Weird

There’s a new, 18,000-seat entertainment venue in the works near the Las Vegas Strip, the MSG Sphere arena, and it’s pretty weird.

The new venue is a partnership between Madison Square Garden Co. and Las Vegas Sands Corp., the company that owns Venetian and Palazzo.

MSG Sphere Arena

Besides concerts, the MSG Sphere will host Carousel. Oh, just watch “Logan’s Run” again.

The arena project was announced back in May 2016, but is only now picking up steam.

According to a story in USA Today, the MSG Sphere will boast some impressive audio technology developed by a German company, Holoplot. The technology is called “beamforming audio,” which sends sound via witchcraft rather than through speakers.

Here’s another look at Sphere.

MSG Sphere Arena Las Vegas

Get used to your mouth being agape, it’s Las Vegas.

The Sphere’s exterior is a dome with 190,000 feet of LED lighting, which translates into about 36 miles of lights.

Inside the dome, guests will enjoy what amounts to a 360-degree IMAX experience, with about 180,000-square-feet (four acres) of high resolution video across the dome’s roof.

Translation: Holy crap.

MSG Sphere Las Vegas arena

Finally, a Las Vegas venue that can legitimately use the word “immersive.”

One of the best things about the MSG Sphere is its developers promise little to no sports will be hosted in the venue. Although, fights are a possibility. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

The unfortunately-named MSG Sphere arena (some people are intolerant, you know) will be located on Sands Ave., between Manhattan St. and Koval Lane.

You have no idea where that is, so here’s a photo we took. Let’s just say we used a very tall monopod and leave it at that.

Sands music venue

The future home of some awesome.

The MSG Sphere breaks ground in 2018 and the new arena is expected to open in 2020.

We can’t wait.

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Bellagio Conservatory Goes Doggy Style for Chinese New Year

It’s the Year of the Dog, and the Bellagio Conservatory has not only unveiled another wonderful seasonal display, but it’s also provided an opportunity for this blog to make a gratuitous sexual joke in our headline, so what’s not to love?

Bellagio Chinese New Year

Behold, the Moon Gate. The slooping roof symbolizes the half moon of Chinese summers. Which would make an excellent porn name, all due respect.

Each year, Bellagio pulls out all the stops for Chinese New Year, mainly as a way to kiss up to
all the Asian gamblers who frequent the resort.

For the rest of us, Bellagio’s Chinese New Year display provides a sample the work of some of the most prolific and talented horticulturists in the world.

Bellagio Chinese New Years

People born during the Year of the Dog are said to be honest, friendly, smart and likely to chew your favorite shoes.

As mentioned, this year’s display features 18 dogs, one of our favorite forms of life on Earth.

The star of the show is an 18-foot-tall Husky.

Bellagio Chinese New Year

We aren’t entirely sure whether this is a Siberian or Alaskan Husky. We are a blog, not a dog whisperer.

Huskies are beautiful dogs, but are bred to run, so can’t be trusted off a leash and don’t particularly make good pets. They also like to chase small animals. They also aren’t obedient.
They also shed a lot. But, again, they sure are beautiful!

The Chinese New Year display at Bellagio has lots of other enchanting features, including 13
Chinese lanterns.

Bellagio Chinese New Year

There are three main types of Chinese lanterns: Hanging, flying and floating. Which, coincidentally, are the three ways mobsters would be disposed of in the early days of Vegas.

It’s interesting to note that while 13 is considered in Western cultures, it’s actually good luck to the Chinese.

Also good luck in Chinese culture are Koi fish. They symbolize perseverance and abundance. And possibly sushi to some people. Let’s not dwell upon it.

Bellagio Chinese New Year

Koi fish are also known as “swimming flowers.” These horticulturalists are smart AF.

The display has ding pots, too. We don’t know what they are, but we sort of like saying “ding pot.”

Bellagio Conservatory  ding pot

Ding pot. Ding pot. Ding pot.

The Chinese New Year display at Bellagio Conservatory will be open until Mar. 3, 2018. Next up is the spring exhibit, Mar. 10 to Jun. 2, 2018.

Bellagio Conservatory

This is what happens when you have one more photo than photo captions.

The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens remains one of the best free things to do in Las Vegas, so make sure to stop by and rub some bellies. Which is probably frowned upon, and
you’re likely to be wrestled to the ground and tossed out by security, but the stories you’ll tell when you get back home will make it all worthwhile.

Bellagio Chinese New Year 2018

[img src=]2000
[img src=]1560
[img src=]1310
[img src=]1230
[img src=]1130
[img src=]1160
[img src=]1150
[img src=]1040
[img src=]1020
[img src=]1020
[img src=]1010
[img src=]1130
[img src=]940
[img src=]880
[img src=]890
[img src=]900
[img src=]1310
[img src=]1220
[img src=]1190
[img src=]1050
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The Killers Light Show Debuts at Fremont Street Experience

The free light shows at Fremont Street Experience are a big draw for Las Vegas visitors, and a new show from The Killers has been added to the rotation at the downtown pedestrian mall.

The new Viva Vision show showcases three songs by The Killers: “Mr. Brightside,” “When You Were Young” and “The Man.”

The Killers light show Fremont Street

Fremont’s light shows are one of the best free things to do in Las Vegas, along with the Bellagio fountains, the Mirage volcano and rejecting the sexual overtures of bloggers.

This blog is a big fan of “The Man,” mostly because the video for the song was shot in Las

The Plaza casino is featured prominently in the video, and former Mayor Oscar Goodman even has a cameo (he’s the one with the martini at the roulette table).

The Killers got their start in Las Vegas when the band formed in 2001.

The unfortunately-named band’s members include Brandon Flowers, Dave Keuning, Mark Stoermer and Ronnie Vannucci, Jr.

Their new light show was designed by a Canadian firm, Moment Factory.

Here’s a look. It’s better in person.

Other recent additions to the Viva Vision line-up include shows devoted to Imagine Dragons (another Las Vegas band), Green Day, Linkin Park and Tiesto.

The Viva Vision screen at Fremont Street Experience (where we work in digital marketing as our day job) is about to undergo a major upgrade at a cost of $33 million.

The project will be paid for by Fremont Street Experience, the City of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Installation of the upgrade is expected to begin mid-2018 and is expected to take a little more than a year to complete. The Viva Vision canopy will continue to operate during the improvement process.

The upgrade project will vastly improve the resolution of the screen, making it visible even during daylight hours, and will create a “floor-to-ceiling, interactive” experience.

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Las Vegas Strip Club to Feature Robotic Strippers

A popular Las Vegas strip club, Sapphire, claims it will have the first robot strippers in the world during CES 2018.

CES is the Consumer Electronics Show, a convention that draws more than 170,000 attendees to Las Vegas. The event runs Jan. 9-13, 2018.

Robot strippers

Insert viscosity joke here.

Sapphire says, “The fully animated electronic twins, #R2DoubleD and #TripleCPU have traveled all the way from London and are excited to make their Vegas debut at the ‘World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club’ during CES 2018.”

As marketing gimmicks go, we’re a fan of this one!

Here’s a look at the robot exotic dancers in action.

Sapphire guests will have an opportunity to take photos with the robot strippers. They’ll also have the chance to be rejected by them, just as they’d be rebuffed by human strippers. Some things are universal.

And, yes, the robot strippers will accept gratuities. It’s Las Vegas, after all.

Stripper chart

Friendly reminder.

These aren’t the first robots in Las Vegas, of course. Two robotic bartenders recently made news at Miracle Mile Shops, and there’s also a robot performing concierge functions at Mandarin Oriental.

Learn more about the stripper robots in the Sapphire blog. Yes, they have a blog. Because blogs are sexy as hell. Obviously.

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“Twilight Zone” Mini Golf Opens at Bally’s Las Vegas

There’s a fun new diversion on the Las Vegas Strip: “The Twilight Zone” mini golf has opened at Bally’s Las Vegas.

Twilight Zone mini golf

You remember “The Invaders,” right? Neither do we, but let’s not get bogged down in details.

The “Twilight Zone”-themed, family-friendly attraction comes from the folks at Monster Mini Golf, the company that created Kiss Monster Mini Golf at Rio Las Vegas.

This time, guests are treated to an indoor, glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course inspired by the classic TV show (wait for it), “The Twilight Zone.”

Twilight Zone mini golf

Mini golf is a throwback to a time when people talked to each other once in awhile.

While the vast majority of customers at “Twilight Zone” Mini Golf weren’t alive when the show aired, 1959 to 1964, it doesn’t require a knowledge of the show to enjoy the charming decor.

Those who do know the show will immediately recognize more than a dozen direct references to “Twilight Zone” episodes. Here’s a list of many of the episodes, because we occasionally visit attraction sober and manage to take notes, shocking as that may be.

  • “Talking Tina”
  • “Eye of the Beholder”
  • “The Hitch-Hiker”
  • “You Drive”
  • “Five Characters in Search of an Exit”
  • “The Invaders”
  • “Twenty Two”
  • “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”
  • “The Lonely”
  • “Nick of Time”
  • “Nightmare at 22,000 Feet”
  • “To Serve Man”
  • “And When the Sky was Opened”

Classics, all!

Twilight Zone mini golf

It’s creepy. It’s cool. It’s a damned good time on the cheap. Sort of like your sister.

The “Twilight Zone” Mini Golf venue takes up a whopping 10,000-square-feet of space and
is located next to the Real Bodies exhibit on the shopping concourse at Bally’s. It’s
between the food court and the casino. You’ll find it. Look for all the people on first

Twilight Zone mini golf

You can’t miss it, unless you’re tanked. In which case, the mini golf will be even more fun.

The attraction has to be one of the best values on The Strip, with 18 holes for just

Also in the venue are several lanes of miniature bowling. Again, great value. Five frames of bowling costs $3, 10 frames are just $5.

Twilight Zone mini golf

Approximately $300 less per hour than time spent at a blackjack table.

There’s also a small arcade, and most of the games are just a buck to play.

Also in the works are a gift shop, a special events room and a science fiction-themed wedding chapel.

We chatted with the founder of Monster Mini Golf, Christina Vitagliano, on our podcast, so take a listen.

Twilight Zone mini golf

This one’s from the “Nick of Time” episode which featured an embryonic William Shatner.

No, really. William Shatner.

Vitagliano claims Kiss Mini Golf at Rio is doing well despite a challenging location, so “Twilight Zone” Mini Golf is likely perform strongly. (Kiss Mini Golf relocated from Clearly, a lot of time and expense goes into these custom miniature golf courses, and the blacklight element makes them all the more enjoyable and offbeat.

There are photo ops galore during the course of play, all suitable for sharing in social media. Translation: Marketing gold.

Twilight Zone mini golf

Despite social media causing everything bad that happens in the world, it’s a great way to let people know how much fun you’re having in Vegas.

It’s the only bowling in the neighborhood, and mini golf is a timeless way to spend
some quality time with friends at a reasonable price.

The attraction is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to midnight.

Twilight Zone mini golf

Black (UV) lights reveal phosphors and have many uses, including detecting counterfeits. So, be real.

So, wash your balls (it’s the venue that’s family-friendly, not this blog), spit-shine
your putter (if you get our drift) and take a journey into another dimension, a
dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind (we totally made that up), at “The
Twilight Zone” by Monster Mini Golf at Bally’s resort.

Twilight Zone Mini Golf

[img src=]1000
[img src=]1020
[img src=]810
[img src=]700
[img src=]670
[img src=]770
[img src=]690
[img src=]650
[img src=]640
[img src=]640
[img src=]690
[img src=]690
[img src=]660
[img src=]690
[img src=]710
[img src=]760
[img src=]640
[img src=]580
[img src=]590
[img src=]670
[img src=]780
[img src=]790
[img src=]660
[img src=]760
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