The Very Latest on the Riviera Demolition

The shuttered Riviera hotel continues to be taken apart, piece by piece.

Riviera demolition

Several buildings at the Riviera site have been demoted to rubble.

We’ve got the latest from the demolition site, from a perspective that reveals Riviera from a whole new perspective.

The wrecking crews are currently demolishing a number of low-rise buildings to the east of Riviera’s main hotel towers.

Implosion of Riviera’s two main hotel towers is slated for June and August 2016.

Riviera demolition

Crews are prepping the hotel towers for implosion by tossing giant chunks of the building out gaping holes. Hey, we’re a blog, not a structural engineer.

Here’s a peek into a little courtyard that can only be seen via drone.

Riviera demolition

You might call it demolition porn, but we call it demolition porn.

Riviera is being flattened to make way for an expansion of the Las Vegas Convention center.

Here’s one more look at the disintegrating Riviera Las Vegas, once a gleaming example of a Las Vegas casino that didn’t actually gleam there toward the end.

Riviera demolition

Riviera’s hotel tower is now see-through.

Workers are making quick work of the Riviera, so swing on by to bid the old girl a fond farewell.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the progress as Riviera’s implosion dates near. It’s a great excuse to indulge in our drone obsession. Sorry, Las Vegas history obsession. Thankfully, those aren’t mutually exclusive.

4 thoughts on “The Very Latest on the Riviera Demolition

  1. Troy Swezey

    Andy Walmsley has been publishing video from his balcony of the workers tearing down the ballroom.
    I just subscribed to your YouTube channel.

  2. Sharon Koehler

    Good F***ING Riddance to bad rubbish!!!!

    Buncha lying, conniving, back stabbing two-faced thieves got what they had coming to them!!

    I hope the whole organization goes bankrupt!!


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