The Verbena Cocktail at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas May Implode Your Face

It’s a Las Vegas cocktail like no other. It’s the Verbena at The Cosmopolitan.

The drink itself, served at the hotel’s Chandelier bar, has sort of a lemonade vibe, but the star of the show is something called the “Szechuan Button.”

Innocent-looking little bugger, isn't it?

Innocent-looking little bugger, isn’t it?

The “Szechuan Button” goes by many names, including “buzz button,” paracress, “toothache plant” and its botanical name, Acmella oleracea.

When you chew it, the sensation is like having a sparkler in your mouth, but without the second degree burns. It numbs. It tingles. It’s an explosion of sensation, and you haven’t even gotten to the liquid part of the cocktail yet.

Apparently, there’s a compound called spilanthol at play. It sets off a reaction along the trigeminal nerve pathway, whatever that might actually be. Fancy explanations aside, this is a not-to-be-missed Las Vegas experience.

How do you pronounce Verbena, you wonder? Yes, there’s a YouTube video for everything.

Give this memorable cocktail a try and let us know what you think!

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