The New Concert Venue MGM Resorts Isn’t Talking About Would Be a Perfect Fit for a Duran Duran Residency

Recently, the chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts, Jim Murren, did an extensive interview about the company’s plans for the Las Vegas Strip.

Murren talked about all the new restaurants, retail outlets and the $375 million MGM-AEG sports arena (update photos, below) in the works, but chose not to mention a major project nobody at MGM Resorts has talked about publicly. Yet.

AEG-MGM arena

We have a bunch of arena update photos, and we’re sure-as-hell sharing them, so buckle up.

Word has it the company will follow up the splash of hits massive new sports arena with a 5,300-seat theater that could go head-to-head with the Colosseum at Caesars Palace and Axis at Planet Hollywood.

By comparison, The Colosseum at Caesars Palace seats about 4,300. Axis at Planet Hollywood has a capacity of 7,000.

MGM-AEG arena

The MGM-AEG arena will seat 20,000 and is likely to house the first pro sports team in Las Vegas, an NHL franchise.

The as-yet-unannounced venue is expected to open up to a year after the arena does, but it’s Las Vegas and things can move surprisingly quickly.

Details like the cost and exact location of the new venue are elusive at this point, but some have suggested the theater could expand upon the existing Monte Carlo theater where Blue Man Group performs, which currently seats about 1,200.

Update (June 26, 2015): Since our initial report, paperwork has been filed stating the Blue Man Group theater will, in fact, be demolished to make way for the new concert hall. Our friends at Eater Vegas got their hands on the goods, and at the moment the new venue is being called the MCR Concert Hall. Since that appears to stand for “Monte Carlo Resort,” that name is bound to change once the name of the hotel does.

We’ve heard Blue Man Group won’t be at Monte Carlo once the hotel’s rebranding (which we first reported back in February and all but confirmed by Mr. Murren) happens (including a new name), so that could add credence to the theory the Monte Carlo’s theater could play a part in the new concert venue. Update: Following our story about the new theater venue, it’s being confirmed Blue Man Group will move to Luxor in August 2015, displacing Jabbawockeez, who will move to Beacher’s Madhouse at MGM Grand.

Park sculpture

Connecting Las Vegas Boulevard and the stadium will be The Park, a retail and dining district. This new art is part of that.

Which brings us to Duran Duran or as we like to call it, “The Greatest Band in the World.”

The Park at New York-New York

Here’s a better look at The Park, including a new building in the foreground that sprang up virtually overnight.

Duran Duran is playing an upcoming music festival, Life is Beautiful. As part of the promotion of the band’s appearance, bassist John Taylor said the following in an interview.

“I love these residencies, like the show that Elton [John] does. Rod [Stewart] has done it, and one day I really hope we get to do that. The trick is to have them build the room around you. I love the idea of settling down into a venue for an extended stay, where you can really experiment with the performance. We’ll see.”

Duran Duran

A Duran Duran residency in Las Vegas could mean our worlds are colliding in the best way possible.

Here’s the thing. MGM Resorts is going to need a killer act to be its first residency at its new concert venue. Duran Duran is looking for a residency, but would like somebody a build a room around them, a la Celine’s humidity-controlled theater at Caesars.

Making this an even better (and potentially profitable) fit, unlike the Celines and Britneys and Mariahs, Duran Duran is still cranking out great, relevant music. They also put on amazing live shows, as opposed to the lip-syncing used so extensively by the aforementioned “divas.”

The Park New York-New York

This new building is part of The Park between New York-New York and Monte Carlo.

We’d like to formally offer our services in the form of making an introduction between Duran Duran and MGM Resorts to facilitate a long-term residency by the aforementioned Duran Duran in MGM Resorts’ as-yet-unnamed new concert venue.

Because if such a residency happened, this Las Vegas blog would have lived a life worth living.

Since the new theater is some time off, we’ll occupy our time looking at photos of the new arena and Park set to transform this whole area on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Park at Monte Carlo

There’s still a lot to be done, but things can move quite quickly in Las Vegas, the city that invented the phrase “Time is money.” Probably.

It’s an exciting time for Las Vegas, especially if you’re into newness, sports, bars and restaurants or, we hope, Duran Duran.

MGM-AEG arena Vegas

Just one last photo of the arena. You’ll live.

We can’t wait to see (and hear) what’s next!

8 thoughts on “The New Concert Venue MGM Resorts Isn’t Talking About Would Be a Perfect Fit for a Duran Duran Residency


    I stay at NYNY a lot, and wonder what the impact of the arena’s going to have on the resort. NY is already one of the consistently busiest spots on a weekend night in my experience, I wonder what the influx of all those people on game or event nights will have on the place.

    It’s already tough to get a seat at NFI or the Bar at Times Square on a w/e night as it is. Sure the “Park” will absorb some of that rush with the new places that will open up out there, but man, on a Friday night with a (potential) sold out hockey game? Woof.

    Both MC and NYNY are fairly “compact” in terms of casino space. Could end up being a zoo in the spring. Hopefully will still be a fun zoo. Wouldn’t be surprised to see room rates go WAY up, either.

    I’m staying at NYNY next month and it’s always my traditional Xmas resort. Guess I better enjoy it while it’s (not so) hot.

    1. Scott Roeben

      Thanks for your thoughts and I think you’re right to ask those questions. That’s a lot of people in a relatively small space, with relatively few ways in and out. When that area is gridlocked (as it was during EDC), it can take hours for things to loosen up. This is not going to play well with locals, at all. Maybe they’re figuring on most of the business coming from walk-ins from MGM, NY-NY and Monte Carlo, but 20k people is a lot of people! Guess we’ll see!

  2. Steven Brown

    With your tweet about Jabbawockeez moving to Beacher’s Madhouse at MGM Grand, this may tie into the new concert venue. I’m guessing that means Blue Man Group moves back over to Luxor in the venue currently used by Jabbawockeez so their venue at Monte Carlo can be turned into the new concert venue.

    1. Scott Roeben

      Yep, it appears so. Thanks for keeping track of all this stuff because we’re clearly too drunk to. It’s likely you’re the only one who knows the order in which these stories have been reported, which is probably only important to us, but hey, we all have our hobbies.

  3. Rebecca Kennedy

    Scott, do you know how much they are tearing up the Monte Carlo? We are planning an October stay. My husband likes to stay there, but we don’t want to be caught in a mess of construction, inside and out! The rooms are in desperate need of renovation. Please……make it easier for us to plug in and charge all our devices!


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