“The Legitimate Wise Guy” to Tell Story of Vegas Gangster Tony Spilotro

A new movie is in the works, “The Legitimate Wise Guy,” and it will tell the story of a notorious mobster long associated with Las Vegas, Anthony Spilotro.

The film goes into production in spring 2021, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The mob drama stars Harvey Keitel, Emile Hirsch and Ruby Rose, at least one of whom we recognize.

The film is based upon a screenplay by Nicholas Celozzi (who also wrote “Momo: The Sam Giancana Story,” and Jim McGrath.

The movie’s directed by “Bad Boys” writer George Gallo. And, as you know, “Bad Boys” was known for the excellence of its script.

All due respect.

Legitimate Wiseguy

This blog used to work at the Writers Guild of America, west, so we can confirm the “A Film By” credit is utter horseshit.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the movie goes something like this: “Spilotro ran the outfit’s casino skimming operations in Las Vegas, where he would meet a young man dreaming of becoming a Hollywood actor. Seeing an opportunity to expand his operation, he begins to mentor and lure the aspiring actor in his criminal web.”

Tony Spilotro, also known as “Tony the Ant” (a nickname he absolutely loved) was one of the most feared mob goons in the history of Las Vegas.

Spilotro was part of the Chicago Outfit who was given the task of protecting the “skim,” where casinos “stole” from themselves to avoid paying taxes on gambling profits.

Joe Pesci portayed Tony Spilotro in the movie “Casino.” Yep, Spilotro actually used a vice to pop a guy’s eye out. Good times.

We were dismayed to see the Facebook page for “Legitimate Wiseguy” says, “Looking for local crew and actors in Biloxi, MS. Shooting in April/May 2021.” Let’s just say Las Vegas has a few more locations relevant to Tony Spilotro’s life than Mississippi.

That said, if “The Legitimate Wise Guy” is even a fraction as good as “Casino” (good luck with that), we’re all over it.

Let the whacking begin!

8 thoughts on ““The Legitimate Wise Guy” to Tell Story of Vegas Gangster Tony Spilotro

    1. Neonglowy

      I know mob movie fans will hate me, but I never understood the attraction. Mob movies are about actual human evil. How is that entertaining? It’s like cheering on cowboys and cavalry killing “Indians” or being a fan of famous serial killers. I just introduced my mother to Las Vegas Vacation, which she enjoyed, because I like anything to do with Las Vegas…almost anything.

      1. Scott Roeben Post author

        Agree, glamorizing violence is a pitfall of mob movies. Most show the gangsters getting their just rewards. In the case of Spilotro, it didn’t end well.

      2. Arty

        Agree. Agree big time. People seem to prefer to admire killers and thugs than the good guys. These are the things that should be “canceled”

  1. LA WB

    Ruby Rose was the bodyguard for the bad guy in John Wick: 2. I echo above comment, most anything with Keitel turns out well. An underrated role: his lead in the movie Smoke.

  2. Jackson Montgomery

    I’m sure they’re filming in Mississippi because they are getting money and/or tax credits from the state. Lots of states subsidize TV and film shoots because it (usually) has a big return on the investment.

    Most of the time, no one knows the difference. I worked on a TV show (Graceland) set in Los Angeles that was filmed in Florida. Another show (Dexter) was set in Florida, but filmed in Los Angeles.

  3. rich salvatore

    since the film takes place in th 80’s , todays’s vegas no longer looks anything close to the 80’s so we have to shoot it where we can get the time period right


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