Ten Confusing Things About Las Vegas, Unconfused

It’s been awhile since we took some time to unconfuse some confusing Las Vegas things, so this would be a feeble attempt at doing just that.

We’ll call this installment, “What’s in a name?”

See, naming things is hard, so often different venues in Vegas have bafflingly similar names. In other cases, a name might just be misleading. You’ll see what we mean.

1. Grand Bazaar vs. Bazaar Meat

Bazaar Meat is a steakhouse at SLS Las Vegas. The Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s are sort of an outdoor flea market. You can’t miss Grand Bazaar Shops, as they appear to have been decorated by someone who accidentally dropped a Pantone color guide into a blender.

Grand Bazaar Shops

No, they actually intended it to look that way.

2. Parlor Lounge vs. Parlour Bar

If you’re looking for Parlor Lounge, head to Mirage. If it’s Parlour Bar you seek, make your way downtown to El Cortez.

El Cortez Las Vegas

No, we don’t have a photo of the lounge. Do we look like we’ve visited every lounge in Las Vegas? Don’t answer that.

3. Guy vs. Guy

Confusing names aren’t just limited to places. There are two well-known Guys in Las Vegas: Guy Savoy and Guy Fieri. It’s easy to tell them apart, of course. Guy Savoy pronounces his name “ghee,” while the other once said, “I wanna be the ambassador to Chimichanga Flavor Town.” ‘Nuff said.

Guy Fieri

We could either show you a photo of Guy Fieri or hostesses at his restaurant. Thought so.

4. Mr. Chow vs. Chow

Mr. Chow is a restaurant at Caesars Palace. Chow was also a downtown restaurant. That Chow closed in Sep. 2017 to daily customers, focusing on catering instead.


“Chow” is derived from the term “chow chow,” making this possibly the most useless photo caption, ever.

5. Nobu vs. Nobu vs. Nobu

There’s a Nobu restaurant at Caesars Palace, and it’s on the ground level of Nobu Hotel. Nobu Hotel is inside Caesars Palace (they call such arrangements boutique hotels, just as Four Seasons is part of Mandalay Bay). But those aren’t the only Nobus in Las Vegas. There’s another Nobu at Hard Rock casino. Hard Rock will soon be a Virgin Hotel, which will definitely not be confusing to anyone.

Nobu Matsuhisa

The Nobu in question, Nobu Matsuhisa.

6. Trevi vs. Trevi

Inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, there’s a restaurant called Trevi. It’s near a beautiful fountain. Which isn’t a replica of the Trevi fountain, although many people think it is. Nope. The Trevi fountain replica is outside the Forum Shops. Just to keep guests on their toes.

Trevi fountain Las Vegas

The Trevi fountain is nowhere near Trevi restaurant. There will be a quiz.

7. Le Cirque vs. Cirque

There’s a successful restaurant at Bellagio called Le Cirque. It has no affiliation to Cirque du Soleil, which has a variety of productions in Las Vegas.

Le Reve Wynn Las Vegas

You totally thought “Le Reve” was a Cirque show, admit it.

8. Plaza Bar vs. Plaza

If a friend said they’d meet you at the Plaza Bar, you’d of course make a beeline to the Plaza casino downtown. Well, you’d be screwed. That’s because the Plaza Bar isn’t at the Plaza. It’s at Westgate. Formerly LVH, formerly Las Vegas Hilton, formerly the International. Phew. We need to sit down for a minute.

Westgate Las Vegas

Westgate, the timeshare salesperson of Las Vegas hotels.

9. Royal Rewards vs. Royal Players Club

Yep, two casinos have loyalty clubs named “Royal.” There’s Royal Rewards at the Plaza and Royal Players Club at Four Queens.

Plaza loyalty club

Try to use your Plaza players card at Four Queens and you’re royally screwed.

10. Palazzo vs. Palazzo Suites

You’ve probably heard of the Palazzo hotel. It’s the counterpart to Venetian. What you may not know is Rio has suites of the same name, Palazzo Villa suites. Why on Earth would that ever confuse anyone?


It’s important not to mistakes suites at Palazzo with the Palazzo suites at Rio.

We hope this has helped you remove some of the plex from Sin City’s sometimes perplexing names. We’d love to hear it if other bemusing befuddlements befall you.

And, yes, we use alliteration as a crutch when we can’t think of a clever way to wrap things up. Like you read this far, anyway.

19 thoughts on “Ten Confusing Things About Las Vegas, Unconfused

  1. Darrell V.

    “We’d love to hear it if other bemusing befuddlements befall you.”

    I know a lot of people get confused by the fact The Strip isn’t actually located in Las Vegas when they first hear that little nugget.

  2. Coop

    “Goin to Vegas” … “The strip or Downtown?” … “whats the difference?” LOL Newbies be dumb. And in for a shock one way or the other.

      1. Coop

        Obviously. Thank you for further explaining my point. Clearly confusing for a newbie.

        In my opinion Vital Vegas is critical to downtown advertising and acceptance. Revenue free.? Incredible. Thanks Scott.

    1. Kenyatta J.

      Why choose? They each have different interesting things to offer. What’s the difference? Downtown is more laid back. All casinos a hop skip and a jump from each other. The people watching is something to see. Free live bands on 4 stages. Just an all together different vibe. On the strip there is s more to see and experience that is completely different from downtown however the casinos are farther away. I share my visits by staying at each on every visit to Vegas.

    1. CTheWorld

      I was also surprised this wasn’t on the list as this one always seemed like it was asking for trouble.
      I’d like to hear all the conversations that ensue when someone gets in a cab and says “Take me to MGM.” and the driver replies “Which one?”

      1. Kenyatta J.

        I can’t imagine anyone staying at Park MGM not inform the driver to take them to Park MGM. If you stay there you will say the name of your hotel.

  3. JW

    Theres no bar at Westgate called Plaza Bar… There’s the Sports Bar… The Tempo Bar… And The International Bar aka I Bar…

    Your link also goes to Westgate San Diego which is not affiliated…

  4. Henderson Steve

    For a while there will continue to be two Hard Rocks, the hotel off the strip and the club on the strip. I wonder if that confuses anyone.

  5. DuLac55

    The Palm (restaurant at Caesars) vs Palms (hotel)
    Rio vs Rock in Rio (I am half kidding…)

    These aren’t confusing names but are certainly confusing buildings:
    Wynn/Encore vs Resorts World
    Cosmopolitan vs City Center (I still hear people say Cosmo is part of City Center)

  6. Bob Clift

    In the way back machine, Primm used to be known as State Line. And yes, more than one group showed up in Lake Tahoe looking for Whiskey Petes.


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