How To Tell If Your Casino Is Awesome

Here’s today’s lesson in the Las Vegas casino business: You can tell your casino is awesome if it’s so successful, you can afford to turn half of it into a gift shop.

Downtown’s Las Vegas Club has done just that.

Las Vegas Club

Hey, TI and Tropicana are adding shopping, too!

Oh, just throw in the towel and sell the place already. There’s a potential buyer just a few feet away. We’re just saying.

3 thoughts on “How To Tell If Your Casino Is Awesome

  1. DenverGambler

    This reminds me how sad it is that the Pioneer, which has Vegas Vic (arguably the most iconic Vegas sign), is a gift shop and ABC store.

    1. Steven Brown

      The ABC Store is also where the original location of Las Vegas Club was and the space was also once owned by Benny Binion, who operated it as the Westerner.

  2. 60gregma .

    What’s sad is that this is probably the tackiest gift shop in all of downtown. Being both the newest and worst gift shop downtown is quite an accomplishment.


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