Talk of the Town Strip Club Marketing Strategy Might Be the Most Las Vegas Thing, Ever

Las Vegas is known for its innovative, often provocative, marketing. Now, one Las Vegas strip club, Talk of the Town, is using a unique strategy to market its products and services: Swingers.

That’s right. Outside of downtown’s Talk of the Town, dancers take turns swinging, literally, to attract customers.

Talk of the Town

What, you thought we were making this up?

Technically, Talk of the Town isn’t just a strip club. It’s also an adult video and toy store. But the young women swinging outside are definitely hawking the strip club aspect of the business, and the traffic-stopping technique seems to work.

The day we stopped by (you know, for blog research purposes), a dancer by the name of Skyler was kind enough to show us the ropes. Sorry, chains.

Talk of the Town

Skyler has a heart of gold, so be nice.

Skyler said when she swings, she makes $10 an hour. If she swings a couple of hours, it nearly covers the fee performers pay to dance at the club ($25).

Yes, it’s standard practice for dancers to pay a “stage fee” (also called a “house fee”) to the club, just as a hairdresser might lease space at a salon.

Skyler said she typically swings if business is slow, and she’ll sometimes make tips when passersby request a photo with her on the swing.

Talk of the Town is a fairly nondescript building, and easy to miss, but not when Skyler or her colleagues are outside working the swing shift. (We’ll be here all week.)

Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town is located a couple of blocks north of the Stratosphere on Las Vegas Boulevard. Bring hand sanitizer.

Talk of the Town is fairly value-oriented compared to many Las Vegas strip clubs. There’s a $10 cover, with $10 lap dances.

Talk of the Town is fully nude, so there’s no alcohol served.

Yes, during our visit we experienced some pangs of concern about the objectification of women, but the dancers we’ve talked to seem comfortable with their life decisions. It’s Vegas, after all, and bills aren’t going to pay themselves.

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4 thoughts on “Talk of the Town Strip Club Marketing Strategy Might Be the Most Las Vegas Thing, Ever

  1. Troy Swezey

    I wonder if the quality of the ladies is comparable to those at say, Glitter Gultch…from what I have heard…

  2. Three Slice Toaster

    Reminds me of a family restaurant that used to operate in Houston called Old San Francisco Steakhouse. It had scantily-clad young ladies on a really long (like 15-20 feet) swing suspended from the ceiling above the diners. They’d swing while you ate and some would perform minor acrobatics. But every hour the swinger would work herself into a frenzy accompanied by a piano player where she would have to swing high enough to repeatedly kick a pair of cow bells attached to the ceiling. Only then was she allowed to leave the swing.


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