Hell-Ton of Table Games Replaced With Machines at Caesars Entertainment Casinos

Caesars Entertainment is in the process of removing entire swaths of table games at its Las Vegas casinos.

The table games are being replaced with electronic table games and slot machines.

At Flamingo, for example, a large table games pit outside Charlos’n Charlie’s is now populated by slots.

Flamingo casino

Simply put, slots don’t need breaks or vacation or health benefits.

The move from table games to machines has flown largely under the radar, but that’s why there’s an us.

We visited several Caesars Entertainment casinos on The Strip and the changes are dramatic.

At each of the casinos we visited, large portions of the casino floor have either already been transformed, or changes are currently being made.

Here’s what’s up at Harrah’s.

Harrah's changes

Harrah’s is currently home to fewer table games and Toby Keiths.

This process is a cost-cutting measure, as machines are much less labor-intensive than table games. While the transition from live table games to electronic slot machines was underway prior to the pandemic, it’s now happening in a concerted way across all Caesars Entertainment casinos.

The accelerated move from table games to machines follows on the heels of the acquisition of Caesars Entertainment by Eldorado Resorts.

Eldorado leaders have made it clear they’re looking to save millions with “synergies.” Reducing table games dealer ranks is one of them.

Loyalty club desks are out, kiosks are in.

Those “synergies” also include closing VIP Laurel Lounges, closing most of the buffets at Caesars resorts and closing a number of entertainment venues.

Cuts have even extended to the liquor realm. Caesars recently reduced its standard liquor pour size from 1.25 ouces to .75 ounces at a number of venues. That one hurt.

At Cromwell, a popular table games area is closed, with machines being moved in.

It doesn’t take a detective to see where changes are happening. Black curtains are the new big, red arrows.

Oh, like we’re just going to show a photo of curtains. Do you know this blog at all?

Cromwell table games

Here’s a peek behind the curtain at Cromwel. Those are slot machine base thingies.

Caesars Entertainment has been up front about focusing on its core business, gambling.

The CEO of Caesars, Tom Reeg, even said the company isn’t reopening its buffets because it’s not the company’s responsibility to feed guests. His quote was, “God forbid they stop at McDonald’s on the way home.”

A visible symbol of the evolution of Las Vegas casinos is the roll-out (pun intended) of Roll to Win Craps. This new game is a fun twist on classic craps, will an illuminated table and terminals giving players full control of their action.

The awkward side of this new game is it only requires one dealer, as opposed to three on the traditional game (four if you include the boxman).

Across town, Roll to Win Craps tables are packed, presumbly because players like the visuals, but actually it’s because table minimums are lower. These new machines aren’t bad, they’re just, well, different.

Roll to Win Craps tables (at left) are now at all Caesars casinos in Las Vegas, right next to old-timey tables (at right).

The use of “stadium style” slot machines has exploded in recent years. These games make it possible for dozens of players to take part, with either one dealer or, if the casino chooses, no

Saving money on labor is the name of the game in Las Vegas, and this has been the case for several years now.

The replacement of so many table games with machines, all at once, is a very visible sign of the direction of Las Vegas casinos.

Machines are definitely making moves in Las Vegas casinos.

Electronic games not only save casinos money on labor costs, they are also touted as being more appealing to a younger casino customer. Gambling revenue has declined in recent years, and younger players are a coveted demographic, mostly unfazed by “skill-based” games floated so far.

On the bright side, there are still a lot of tables games available.

At each of the Caesars Entertainment casinos we visited, there were still a huge selection of tables. Essentially, casinos aren’t entirely replacing tables, they’ve just determined there are too many, so send in the robots.

Here’s a quick walk-through of the table games area at Flamingo.

Fair warning: Guests who haven’t visited recently may have some sticker shock at the table minimums, but that’s a reflection of demand, and demand is very strong at the moment.

As there’s unlikely to be a new wave of demand for table games, expect this to be the new normal in Las Vegas casinos.

While we love electronic table games and slots, removing table games can change the vibe of a casino.

Ultimately, the sales pitch continues to be, “There’s something for everyone, and that includes budget.” Table games require bigger bankrolls, so lower cost options are welcomed by value-seeking players.

We’d ask Caesars Entertainment what percentage of its offerings have gone from live to mechanical, but asking Caesars anything is like whistling in a wind tunnel while jamming sporks in your eyes. Yes, sporks.

Cromwell, formerly home to 100x craps odds and low limit single zero roulette. Now, not so much.

You know we’ll report further on this trend as the evolution of Las Vegas casinos continues.

Investors don’t hate Caesars Entertainment’s direction. The stock is up 167% over the past year and 524% over the past five years.

The big picture concern is the Las Vegas experience isn’t all that different from other casino experiences across the country. It’s called “commoditization.” Increased competition, due to the legalization of gambling across the U.S., was a problem prior to the pandemic, and it will be again once the recovery bump subsides.

Remove table games and casinos run the risk of making Las Vegas casinos more like the local places in everyone’s hometown.

There’s a chance Las Vegas is stepping over a dollar to pick up quarters. We’d have said “dimes,” but Vegas doesn’t do dimes. Long story.

Udpate (7/27/21): John Mehaffey, casino enthusiast and owner of VegasAdvantage.com, saw our story and compiled a list of table reductions at Caesars Entertainment casinos. The biggest reductions were at Cromwell (41%), Harrah’s (32%) and Paris (22%). Overall, the number of table games has been reduced by 17% since late 2020.

59 thoughts on “Hell-Ton of Table Games Replaced With Machines at Caesars Entertainment Casinos

  1. Carl LaFong

    Some of the areas now with tables at the end of the video were previously filled with slot machines. A lot of it looks like just a trade of real estate.

  2. Lois

    My husband and I have talked of revisiting soon. If this is the direction they are heading we will likely stay more local or look for more authentic casinos we have visited many years. I like interacting with dealers and the groups at the tables! Have tried the “video blackjack” and did not enjoy it at all.

  3. Billy bob

    I was at harrahs atlantic city once and somebody pooped stunk so bad they had to rip out the whole wing of the bldg.
    When you went in there everybody looked at you like who done it.

  4. WEWRG

    Is there any point in going to a casino anymore? Once legitimate, secure online casinos are available there will be no reason to go ta real one.

  5. Harry M Stevens

    “Fair warning: Guests who haven’t visited recently may have some sticker shock at the table minimums, but that’s a reflection of demand, and demand is very strong at the moment”

    demand is up? I think you mean that supply is down.

    “Across town, Roll to Win Craps tables are packed, presumbly because players like the visuals, but actually it’s because table minimums are lower.”

    What are the minimums? When I was at Harrah’s in March the minimums look to be the same as the real version.

    1. Max

      Most are between $3-$5 at Caesar’s properties, but I found a $1 stadium game at Treasure Island in early June. Most real tables seemed to be $15.

  6. Jim

    The wife and I have been Diamond and then Diamond + members for years. With the recent changes in food options and loss of Laurel Lounges we will be visiting less or maybe not at all. There are plenty of local options. The changes described in the article take away personal contact. It may save money, however many people enjoy the human interaction. The Laurel Lounges were a place to relax, visit and enjoy visiting with others. If corp. Only wants people to gamble and go home then that is going to be a poor business model. On a recent visit we stayed at Paris and found the La Cafe had been replaced by overpriced tacos at what is now the Cafe Americano. Let’s see Paris theme and tacos. Not a great decision.

    1. Doug

      I agree. I’m Diamond Plus at Caesars and Platinum at MLife. I just returned from a trip to Vegas where I stayed at MGM Grand. A very pleasant experience – the Buffet is open, plenty of table games and more variety of newest slots. The decision of Caesar’s management to cater to the lowest common denominator is going to bite them in the end. They’ve been selling the real estate from under their casinos for years so they can earn their bonuses to show positive cash and they will leave before the leases expire and have nothing left. They’ve been selling their seed corn for years. MGM is doing this too. Closing the Laurel Lounges permanently and eliminating decent restaurants means I’ll be spending more time at MLife properties.

      1. JP

        Completely agree with you. I was Diamond Plus going into this year with Caesars and decided to make the switch to MLife, will be Platinum easily by years end. After one visit staying at an MLife property my offers are infinitely better than those I received through Caesars for the years I was loyal to them. I have little to no desire to ever set foot in a Caesar’s property if I have an option of other places to go.

        1. David Kelley

          Agreed with all above. I have been Diamond Elite the last two years. The “perks” are now almost nonexistent. The lounges not reopening are the last insult to loyal players. Why would I even go back at this point. It appears they want to show their workers the same type of loyalty. The vibe of the casino is all about the human interaction between players and dealers, etc. They are making short sighted decisions to service debt that will only cost them more in the long run.

    1. InsureThat14

      That McDinald’s comment reveals that they’re now treating good paying customers the way they once treated advantage players. Casinos used to feed ya good so you would come back, even after a losing session.

      Where once it was about protecting a casino bankroll while also allowing average customers to win once in a while, it’s now about GREED. Nothing more and nothing less. GREED.

      Closing poker rooms, laying off table games dealers…

      The Mob did capitalism better than the corporations that are about nothing other than GREED.

  7. Jack

    Kind of funny. The casinos treat employees like shit. They are always looking for ways to cut them. Then they cry about a workforce shortage and think the government is the problem because of giving the common person a stimulus. They claim the stimulus is the reason people are not working , and it is ruining the economy, is because people won’t return to work because of the free money they are getting. Funny thing is the companies are the first people with their hands out asking for stimulus money when the economy sours. Tom Regg is an idiot. Why can’t customer’s just get McDonald’s on the way home? Why bother coming to your property then? I may as well stay and play at my local casinos. Caesars plan is to treat their customer’s just like their employees – like shit. Eventually they will run into financial problems, not be able to make good on all that debt, and Carl Ichan will sweep in again and get the company sold to the next person willing to try their hand at running it.

    1. BruceV

      That McDonalds comment is a hanging offense – either fire his butt or send the corp into the crapper.

      1. Rebelthatruns

        Caesars is still after the .25 players. I have hope that this will change but doubt it. Most of their hotels are filthy and get constant Health Department citations. I wouldn’t stay at any of the properties, if you want to see a complete shit hole go to the Rio.

        1. Rebelthatruns

          I’ll add that I only stay at Wynn or Bellagio now since Harrahs bought everything that they could. I know a lot of people don’t care that much about cleanliness or quality because they want to save money but you get what you pay for ultimately.

  8. Kim Elsenbrook

    Blackjack Table game payouts have also been changed at Harrahs. Watch your payouts!! Asked Pitboss about it and he shrugged his shoulders and said it’s the Eldorado way. I’ve been a Diamond member for 20 plus years and will now do my gambling at Golden Nugget or MGM. The Laurel Lounges will cost them in the long run.

  9. Ignoramos

    I have a hunch Karma is about to bite this company. Casinos, especially in Vegas, are about hoopla. Show’s, food, mingling. I think whoever is running the place is a fool. I will be staying close to home where I have casinos that care about their employees, and customers. Where I have comp rooms and great food on site.

  10. Michael Alexakis

    Gee… I wonder why table game action is down… Could it possibly be usurious minimums and diminishing value? I get it, slot machines rule, a growing segment of the population does not want to have to learn to be and play smart, but the table games could use some spiffing up of the marketing, some cagey outfit (hello San Manuel) will hopefully decide to try and buck this degenerate trend. My sister is an addicted Slots Queen, a super loyal Caesars brown noser, these changes to the gaming areas excite her, and the diminishing returns only get a mild grumble. As long as legions of people like my sister exist we can’t have very many nice things anymore…

    1. William Wingo

      Same with my cousin, who plays single-deck-six-to-five Blackjack because of the low minimums. I explained it to him several times and finally gave up. At least he sets stop-losses, and frequently hits them.
      “When you tolerate mediocrity, you get more of it.”

    2. Jaxx

      What’s the difference, the way things are going with Delta and the unvaccinated, they’ll be bringing back the plexiglass and other restrictions very soon. We can’t have nice things anymore.

  11. David M.

    Count me among those who goes to Vegas for all the “hoopla,” as another commenter put it. I hate slots, but love sitting down a table game and getting to know other players and dealers. Table games add a lot to the glamour and excitement and hoopla of a Vegas casino experience. Take away too many of them and you’ll lose people like me, and change the vibe of a casino.

  12. Johnny Oh

    You can eat $hit El Dorado. Your business model is trash and the McDonald’s comment was disrespectful. Closing the diamond lounges aka Laurel lounges just show how fing cheap you are, not to mention limiting the table games. I’ve been a diamond member for more years than I can count but likely going to join another loyalty program with a different casino. You’re a complete joke…

  13. Carol

    My husband and I are Diamond Plus Reward members for several years and as commented by other patrons we travel to Vegas for the “hoopla”. We meet with our friends from different parts of the country to enjoy the “Vegas” experience. We play some slots but most of our time is spent at the tables interacting with the dealers and other patrons. The remark about McDonald’s displays a callous regard for customers. We have been loyal patrons of Caesars but with the information coming out about the company direction we will be looking to redirect our loyalties elsewhere.

    1. BP

      Without Diamond Lounges and other perks for tier status what is the point of playing? Caesars/Total Rewards already got rid of spendable Bonus Reward Credits, Bonus Tier Credits are worthless when Tier Status brings basically nothing worthwhile.

  14. bigplayer

    Remember when Harrah’s dumped the Table Games at Claridge in Atlantic City. It wound up tanking the whole casino, slots included. Caesars better be careful, they’re playing with fire and when they lose table players they won’t get them back right away (if at all).

  15. Johnny Rocker

    Being a Diamond + member, it is very disappointing that the perks that we used to get are no longer available. I mean, at the end of the day, when all your getting is a free room, and maybe some other minor things, why even go? For me, the loss of the Laurel Lounges(I really, really hate that name)……Was a huge blow. I mean, I gamble many hours, but it was always nice to take a break, go to the Diamond Lounge(The name it should of stayed), have a few drinks and just relax and wind down. Met so many wonderful people in the lounges……With Wynn and MGM properties offering tier credit matching, it might be time to see what the rest of Vegas has to offer.

    1. JP

      Switch to MGM properties. I was Diamond for a few years at Caesars before the pandemic and was Diamond Plus last year. I made the switch to MLife starting in 2021 cause I saw the direction that Caesar’s was moving. My comp offers that I am receiving for Caesars is $20 freeplay and a free room. After one stay at MLife I am getting a max of $450 free play and $450 resort credit plus free room with no resort fees (including some suites). The free play ranges by property but I can get the max at New York New York and Park which are two of my favorites anyhow. I will caution that for the first stay I did have to pay a bit for the room and resort fees until they were able to rate me properly. If you stay, eat, and gamble at MLife properties they will take care of you much better than Caesars. I have heard the same about other properties like Wynn and Cosmo.

  16. Rich

    from the article -“The CEO of Caesars, Tom Reeg, even said the company isn’t reopening its buffets because it’s not the company’s responsibility to feed guests” – Whoever wrote this article needs to explain this comment. I listen to the earnings call and Reeg did not say this. He was speaking about the amount of money being lost at Regional F&B operations. Here is Reeg’s comment – “I’m old enough to remember when casinos were only in Nevada and New Jersey, and yet in those other 48 states, everybody figured out how to eat dinner. And once the casino has opened, it became how do we feed them dinner, and let’s just give it away for free, because God forbid they go, stop at McDonald’s on the way home. We — I can’t speak for what others will do. We’re going to be smarter about where we’re in and how we’re in the food and beverage business and just make sure we’re not bleeding 3 million in every buffet in the country. We’re going to figure out how to do it in a way that meets customer demand and maximizes our profitability. —————————————————————————

      1. Rich

        Scott, ask a few of your contacts how much the hotel charges the casino for a comped room. Back in the day, every department on the property was a loss leader who’s job was to attract people to the property and ultimately the casino floor. Those days are gone. Now, every dept is expected to show a profit. The casino, nowadays, is paying more for their comped rooms than probably 80% of the other people staying in the hotel who bought their rooms on the internet. When the casino holds a function, they are required to pay full price to Banquets and F&B for their services even though those services could be acquired through a third party vendor at a much reduced price. My point is that the property has evolved from a cohesive operation with a centralized objective to a group of individualized departments who are expected to maximize their individual profit margins.

        1. Michael Alexakis

          That is an inexorable tilt, because the house/casino holds a gigantic edge in the gambling games they offer, they used to temper that advantage by offering perks to customers like comped and sanely priced food and lodging. Once you demand that every single department turn a profit, you are literally asking the players to play slanted games without any kind of added value. This is shortsighted “thinking” at it’s very worst, there is no future in screwing people over frontwards then backwards. Analogy: A group of golfers meeting every week to play for money, if the worst player in the group loses every single time, they will quit and move on. Another analogy: A group of poker players meet every week to play, if the very best player wins every week, eventually the game dies, people get sick of losing. For decades Las Vegas has balanced out it’s universe by offering good value on most items and sticking to it’s built-in casino ownership advantages. This turn towards corporate chartered greed will leave a mark on a lot of people, already it has me, a Las Vegas cult-level worshiper, questioning my loyalties. Part of being a good gambler is realizing you are being exploited, if there is no upside to going, the desire to go will fade quickly… El Dorado has a dearth of humanity on it’s corporate board, I suggest that they place some real folks on that board to balance out the bean counters that will poison their well before it’s too late…

      2. BP

        Comps, by the very definition, are loss leaders. You give back to get. If not by the buffet, perhaps some other way but in the end it’s the casino footing the bill. If the casino can’t find a way to feed the mass of players cheaply via the buffet perhaps they’ll do it some other way. Maybe the buffets got too fancy with the food offerings to meet the original purpose. If that’s the case write basic players a $10 coffee shop comp and let them order their $23 Hamburger and pay the $13 difference.

  17. Flow

    The mob would remember your fav drink whatever you like to keep you there. Now they expect you to give them money without offering food on the premises lmao this is joke 2021 . They’re taking away table games with stick men Because these new generations are scary kids . They don’t like to talk to people . So these new games design for younger crowds

  18. Dick Harder

    It’s the same as the grocery store, etc. They are thinking ahead knowing they won’t be able to fill every position. Gamblers take it personal but it’s just business. And they are making business decisions and Wall Street seems to like it. It’s a changing work force out there and the smart companies are investing in how they see it playing out.

  19. Forrest

    As a multi year diamond member I was taken aback about the apparent dismissive attitude of ceasers management in regards to the laurel rooms, buffets and table games. My wife(also a diamond plus) travel across the country 2 to 3 times a year, alternating between ceasers palace and Paris. We have made a point to keep our status active,but apparently all for naught. If ceasers ceo is targeting the McDonald’s demographic I can easily walk over to bellagio and start anew
    The other couples we usually meet out there have been made aware of this situation, and intend on contacting our concierge to verify these allegations

  20. Larry from Florida

    We have been playing in Vegas since 93 and been coming out once a month. 90% at Caesars properties only because of the players club benefits Loveman set up years ago. It was a great program and has kept us in the Harrah’s (later Caesars) kingdom all over the country. Vegas, Tahoe, Florida, North Carolina, New Orleans etc….. When I first heard El Dorado was interested in Caesars I warned all my fellow player friends that El Dorado was noted for being cheap and the Caesars Kingdom was about to end. Fast forward to today. The new slogan is “El Dorado’s Caesars, churn em and burn em!” Loyalty that took decades to build and run…. a trustworthy players club, the new owners took a year to destroy. This pent up demand they are experiencing will soon fade, the decades long player dealer relationships are being destroyed, the groups from around the country meeting at player incentive programs is disappearing etc… The players loyalty to Caesars is disappearing as we speak. Most of the earlier posts describe why. Does this family really think they can keep giving players club points and think people won’t realize they have earned something of no value? Yes I’m pissed and can play locally without the plane ride.

    1. BruceV

      With the proliferation of local and regional casinos Vegas is going to have to offer something more to make the trip worthwhile to a lot of recreational gamblers.

    1. Mark

      I miss those too! And the Go Bananas machines. I miss the old school reel slots. There seems to be less and less of them. If I wanted something electronic I would look at my phone or play Nintendo!

  21. Gary

    Likely Board Room Conversation: Tom: “I have an idea. We have the best rewards program according to annual surveys. It looks like our best customers keep coming back to our properties since we give them too much. Let’s cut back on the rewards and perks we give them. By closing the Laurel Lounges and buffets we will save money in that profit center and the customers can go to McDonald’s for a happy meal instead.” Other Board Member: “Great idea, Tom, but don’t you think our best customers will go to another casino for their buffet and start spending their gaming money there instead? Gosh, maybe our loyalty program without perks will result in a loss of patronage.” Tom: “So what. Let them eat burgers and fries. It’s not my job to feed them.” Other Board Members: Silence…..

  22. Kurt

    I used to only stay and play at Caesars properties in Vegas, Reno, and Tahoe. Now I avoid their properties completely. The experience has gone down the toilet in the last few years. MLife properties still take care of you so I stay there when in Vegas. Grand Sierra in Reno is another place that has taken my business away from Caesars as they still give great comps and offers. The whole point of visiting these places instead of staying local was the great comps and offers you got as well as the entertainment (why the hell would you kill the entertainment????). Now its just more convenient to stay local. Dont they know that? Penny rich and pound poor.

  23. B9

    If the executive-level managers at Caesars Entertainment were true to themselves, they would replace themselves with AI.

  24. jlsmarts

    It’s all about RTP (Return To Player). If RTP continue to trend lower at Caesars properties in LV and beyond, then this move will exasperate players to leave and visit their competitors.

  25. The Vegas Tourist

    The new owners of Caesars has been a complete disappointment. Amatuers trying to look like they know what they are doing.

    Chasing after the generation who eat tide pods for excitement is not a smart choice….

  26. Vice

    In Vegas last week and CET has decimated Video Poker. Many of the machines are gone and many replaced with multiple line games. Harrah’s was the only location where I didn’t see any change and Planet Hollywood and Caesars were the worst. Planet Hollywood had even reduced pay tables for most of their single line VP machines to 7/5 for DDB.

    Now don’t think the grass is greener on the other side. At the.25 or .50 cent level, I didn’t find 1 single pay-table at any MGM property to be over 7/5 for DDB and many of the bars were 6/5. I also noticed the amount of machines have been reduced significantly.

    Thankfully, Red Rock and Green Valley Ranch had very good pay-tables and the Four Queens even had 10/6 DDB at the bars at the .50 cent level.

    For my next rant….As Diamond Plus, I have doubled my coin in over the last year and my offers and room selection continue to diminish by the day. Gone are the Augustus tower rooms and the small suites comped any day of the week. I put over 50k coin in last week only to get availability in the Forum Tower for February.

    It may be time to move on from the strip.

  27. Vickster

    I agree with all I’ve read so far. I’ve been Seven Stars for the past 15 years and 2021 is the LAST one. The debt El Dorado has incurred has blinded them – cut employees, cut perks, cut EVERYTHING. I can tell you that a lot of Texas gamblers have given up (starting a few years back). I see many of my fellow Caesars players / friends are now at Winstar (world’s largest casino) and Choctaw (several casinos in Oklahoma). The Choctaw in Durant, OK just added ANOTHER 1,000 room hotel. That’s 3 hotels for this one location. They don’t have locations all over the US but their perks (comps, rooms, food, free play, CONCERTS) are just as good if not better then El Dorado. I’m guessing the casinos in Shreveport/ Bossier City La are dying a slow death too. El Dorado will probably cut loose a few more casinos to retire some debt, but loosing pissed off players can’t be helped by selling properties. In Vegas, my play has gone primarily to the Venetian / Palazzo. RIP EL DIABLO!!


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