Swarovski Shop Closes at Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops and It’s Awkward

One of the most highly-touted shops in Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s Las Vegas, the Swarovski boutique store, has closed.

Venues close all the time at Grand Bazaar Shops, but this one’s particularly awkward because its namesake “Swarovski Crystal Starburst” has been a centerpiece of the marketing for the
outdoor mall since it opened in early 2015.

Swarovski Grand Bazaar Shops

Without its Swarovski signs, this structure looks like a mutant offspring of the Lou Ruvo Center.

Grand Bazaar Shops has said the Swarovski “starburst light spectacular” will continue despite the closure of the Swarovski retail store.

The light “show” features a 14-foot diameter ball made of 924 “custom cut Swarovski crystal spheres” and 1,800 multi-colored LEDs.

It sounds much, much better than it actually is. Take a look if you don’t particularly value your time.

Grand Bazaar Shops has actually called that a “light and sound extravaganza,” and we’re almost certain they weren’t being ironic.

The light show has been dubbed one of the biggest disappointments in Las Vegas, in fact, it’s even more disappointing than sex with this blog, and that’s really saying something.

By all accounts, except those of Grand Bazaar Shops, Grand Bazaar Shops has struggled since it opened. The mall was developed by Larry Siegel’s Juno Property Group. The project was the result of Siegel’s friendship with former Caesars Entertainment CEO Gary Loveman.

Siegel has a long and colorful history of WTF, virtually all of which has gone unreported by Las Vegas media, because, well, Las Vegas media.

Let’s just say Siegel “ran one of the most successful mall empires in America before a series of operational and accounting blunders cost his investors billions of dollars.”

Swarovski Grand Bazaar Shops

While the Swarovski store at Grand Bazaar Shops may be closed, the light show is likely to underwhelm unsuspecting visitors for some time to come.

Grand Bazaar Shops cost dozens of dollars to build, and Caesars Entertainment was promised high-profile tenants, including Apple, would fill the Bally’s forecourt. Those tenants never materialized.

The Swarovski boutique joins venues like Redneck Riviera and Giordano’s as failed efforts at the floundering outdoor mall that, arguably, has one of the best locations in Las Vegas.

It should be noted Giordano’s is still open, but it’s just a fail.

It’s unknown what will replace the Swarovski boutique, but expect it to be an extravaganza.

11 thoughts on “Swarovski Shop Closes at Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops and It’s Awkward

  1. Steve Covington

    Honestly, that entire area is one big mess that makes me miss the broken down walkway and the outdated landscaping. Better use of the space would be relocating most of Ballys casino right to the street with food, beverage and retail surrounding it. Repurpose the existing casino into an expansion of the Paris shops and you’re good to go

  2. Vegas Insight

    You had me going for a minute. I wondered how I could have missed the closing of the Girodano’s there. How could I have missed all the fanfare?

    You had me hook, line and sinker. Job well done.

  3. Overload in CO

    It’s a design mess. Trying to emulate claustrophobic bazaars misses their appeal, the warmth and coziness. Caesars needs to rethink the area. It needs more trees and less concrete. It needs to be BETTER than the Hawaiian Marketplace. Maybe get away from all the stalls and just have 6-10 large food venues. Add a shaded place with seating in the middle, for people waiting for their reservation. If they need to monetize it, add a bar to the central area. Make it a destination rather than a place to pass through.

  4. Diablo

    Gee, nobody wants to go shopping in an outdoor trailer park in 110 degree weather? im shocked. whos the rocket scientist that green lit that debacle?

    raze the whole thing and build a modern hotel, nobody wants to go into a 30 year old ballys.

    1. GB123

      I agree , family stayed at Bally’s and major plumbing problems 🙁 changed rooms and still problems .
      always wondered how the rooms were , now I know.

  5. Coop

    Steve and Allen are right. It is a terrible entrance to a casino. My thought is an awesome pool area visible from the Cromwell walkway, Bellagio fountains, and the strip. Imagine the attention it would draw. It is a very busy corner but everyone wants out of that area due to the concrete furnace and panhandlers. Who doesn’t love the “Jesus Loves you guy”. Give us want we want. Liquor, gambling, fun and naked people. No more shops!! And for god sake no more pizza casserole in 113 degree heat.

  6. EnuffBull

    Long live Girodano’s Pizza!!! (Nice try, buddy, but Chicago deep dish stays, and it should be served upon a slice of NY style to act as its plate!)

    1. Coop

      Ahh. The long standing pizza debate. Detroit style is the deep dish champion. Giordano’s is way way to heavy with cheese, grease and whatever else is in the middle (like a casserole). Can hardly walk after. And in the Vegas heat…outside…No way!! But to each his own. Pizza Rock Cracker is may be my new fav. Light and delicious. No pizza coma ending my day.

      1. EnuffBull

        I’m with you regarding Detroit Style! I was confused for decades thinking deep dish was only Chicago style, but for some reason never matched my favorite (at the time) Noble Roman’s Deep Dish Sicilian pizza (Detroit style). However, I will never call C-style “casserole!!!”


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