Stratosphere Executives Claim “We Were Robbed!”

High-ranking executives of Stratosphere Las Vegas have shocked industry insiders by demanding a recount in the recent “Best of Las Vegas” awards.

The Stratosphere executives have raised questions about “suspicious results” and have even gone so far as to suggest the awards are “rigged,” presumably preventing the hotel-casino from receiving innumerable awards it rightfully should have won.

The annual “Best of Las Vegas Awards” are hosted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and are based upon voting by the public. And possibly employees, bigtime.


Apparently, Stratosphere takes its “Best of Las Vegas Awards” very seriously.

A Stratosphere spokesperson stated, “We’re obviously grateful to have been named ‘Best Strip Hotel,’ beating out wannabes Wynn Las Vegas, Cosmopolitan and Aria. But our meager 29 additional awards are a disappointment to our company, our executives, team members and guests, and we’re looking to the Las Vegas Review-Journal to rectify this travesty.”

Among Stratosphere’s unprecedented 30 “Best of Las Vegas Awards” were “Best Romantic Spot,” “Best Wedding Chapel,” “Best Shrimp Cocktail,” “Best Burger” and dozens of other accolades.


This view from the Stratosphere is undeniably worthy of an award.

While the Stratosphere’s awards were expansive, one executive was quick to note “glaring omissions and oversights.”

“While many awards are subjective,” the executive said, “Stratosphere should clearly have won ‘Best Pet Groomer,’ ‘Best Tax Professional,’ ‘Best Waxing,’ ‘Best Senior Community’ and ‘Best Breast Augmentation.’ That’s just common sense.”

The exec continued, “And this doesn’t even begin to address the issue of award categories that should exist but, suspiciously, don’t. Where’s ‘Best Casino That’s Also a Phallic Symbol’ or ‘Best Hotel in a Crack House Neighborhood’?”

Best of Las Vegas legit

You can never have too many awards. Hey, just check our sidebar.

We inquired about the Stratosphere’s controversial allegations with the Review-Journal, but no official response was forthcoming.

An anonymous source at the Las Vegas Review-Journal did confide, “Our track record of integrity is impeccable and beyond reproach. So, slide me $50 and you’ll be ‘Best Las Vegas Blog’ in 2018. Done deal.”

Here’s a full list of all 30 “Best of Las Vegas Awards” won by Stratosphere Las Vegas, and congratulations to them for the three awards they actually deserved.*

  • Best Fine Dining (Top of the World Restaurant)
  • Best View (Top of the World Restaurant)*
  • Best Power Lunch (Top of the World Restaurant)
  • Best Romantic Spot (Top of the World Restaurant)
  • Best Date Night Spot (Top of the World Restaurant)
  • Best Attraction (Stratosphere Tower Experience)
  • Best Cocktail Bar (107 SkyLounge)
  • Best Happy Hour (107 SkyLounge)*
  • Best Martini (107 SkyLounge)
  • Best Specialty Cocktails (107 SkyLounge)
  • Best Late Night Eats (107 SkyLounge)
  • Best Hotel View
  • Best Strip Hotel
  • Best Staycation
  • Best Sports Book
  • Best Strip Slots
  • Best Strip Table Games
  • Best Valet
  • Best Shrimp Cocktail
  • Best Extreme Adventure (SkyJump)*
  • Best Amusement Ride
  • Best Player’s/Loyalty Club
  • Best Breakfast (Roxy’s Diner)
  • Best Burger (Roxy’s Diner)
  • Best Coffee Shop & Diner (Roxy’s Diner)
  • Best Wedding Chapel (Chapel in the Clouds)
  • Best Paying Slots (Silver Winner)
  • Best Steakhouse (Silver Winner)
  • Best Casual Restaurant (Silver Winner, McCall’s Heartland Grill)
  • Best Video Poker (Bronze Winner)

24 thoughts on “Stratosphere Executives Claim “We Were Robbed!”

  1. Benjamin Brown

    I love taking vegas newbies around the neighborhood behind the stratosphere so they can see places featured on COPS.

  2. JeffinOKC

    So, the newish boss is the Venetian owner, but, the R-J allows the box to be loaded for the competition? Somebody needs to be fired just on general principle.


    Well it’s certainly good to see ballot-stuffing and/or outright payola works for more things than just the current White House.


  4. Manybar Goatfish

    When you say “high-ranking executives,” do you mean high-ranking as in senior management or high-ranking as in recreational marijuana?

  5. Coop

    Where’s ‘Best Casino That’s Also a Phallic Symbol’ or ‘Best Hotel in a Crack House Neighborhood’?”
    :)- to much!!

  6. Photoncounter

    Best View of Naked City from a Decaying Property is missing from the list. Surely the Strat Execs should be bitching about not winning that one!

  7. Mike L

    “Best Strip Hotel”… wow, I love that gem. Unless the only other competition was Circus Circus, Excalibur, Flamingo, or the Riviera (in it’s current state as a parking lot), someone has some ‘splaining to do on that one.

  8. PalateA

    What a hoax..this place is a dump in a horrible unsafe location unless your looking for a fix or tranni hooker. The billboard on the 15 went up minutes after they won all these “awards”….hmmmm…next!

  9. henrik

    I love the Strat, just back after a nice stay. They always deliver and if you don’t won’t to be robbed by MGM it is a great pick. Free parking and no hassel. The area is ok never been disturbed like the panhandlers on the Strip around PH.

    Go Stratosphere you don´t need the price you are priceless anyway 🙂


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