Stratosphere to Get $140 Million in Renovations, Will Call Itself “The Strat” Like the Rest of Us

The new owners of Stratosphere, Golden Entertainment, plan to invest $140 million in upgrades to the Las Vegas resort over the next three years.

In the process, Stratosphere will start calling itself by the name most of us do, The Strat.


You sort of can’t miss it.

Golden Entertainment purchased Stratosphere and several other casinos (including two Arizona Charlie’s locations in Vegas) in Oct. 2017.

As part of the Strat renovation, nearly half its rooms (1,100 or so) will be refreshed, the casino floor will be upgraded and a new loyalty program will be rolled out.

Plans are for additional restaurants to come online, too, and the Top of the World restaurant will also be revamped.


This is easily one of the best views in Las Vegas, which is saying something because we’ve been to strip clubs.

The resort will also get a new gastro-brewery near its sports book, as well as a new steakhouse and a bar “appealing to a younger demographic.”

The Strat will also embrace youth culture with a new casino space called Adrenaline.

There are also plans for a noodle bar (in Las Vegas, it’s the law) and Starbucks (again, the law) and food hall concept.

Renovations and additions will be done in phases to help avoid disruption. In the casino world, of course, “disruption” is a code word for “interruption in revenue generation.”

Included in the first phase of the renovations will be dramatic changes to the Stratosphere’s signage. Plans submitted to the City of Las Vegas show about 20 new additions to Stratosphere’s exterior.

Strat signage

It’s going to be a good year for Yesco.

In renderings, all the signage shows the use of “The Strat,” rather than the full name of the resort.

Here’s a look at the observation tower’s main marquee.

Stratosphere signage

In all the renderings, we could find no use of “Stratosphere” on the exterior of the building. Clean break.

Fun fact: That same marquee got a facelift in Feb. 2016.

The Strat marquee

We have officially taken a photo of everything.

Stratosphere reps haven’t confirmed whether the signage is indicative of a complete rebrand, per se, but we’d wager yep.

The Strat signage

Like a number of attractions in Las Vegas, the thrill rides at Stratosphere are suffering a bit at the moment. Get your act together, Millennials.

Here’s a look at additional upgrades coming to The Strat’s hotel tower.

See? “The Strat” just flows better, don’t you think?

The Strat signage

The “stratos” in “Stratosphere” comes from the Latin “stratus,” meaning “a spreading out.” Seems like a buffet relaunch opportunity right there.

Plans are also in the works for LED strip lighting to raise the visibility of the Strat’s hotel.

Strat signage renovation

We like our Vegas glowy.

The plans for upgraded lighting and signage are pretty slick, although we can never fully get onboard with plans to replace neon with LEDs. We’re sentimental like that.

Of course, there are always a few dissenting opinions when anything new is proposed, but expect the signage upgrades to happen in the next few months.

We quite enjoy our visits to the Stratosphere, especially the happy hour at its 107 SkyLounge, formerly Level 107 Lounge.

The substantial investment by Golden Entertainment shows they are optimistic about activity on the north end of The Strip, including the sale of SLS, the purchase of Fontainebleau, slow but steady work at Resort World and expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Strat logo

Finally, a casino rebrand that will take zero getting used to.

We love new things, so we look forward to seeing what The Strat has in store in addition to its impressive erection.

Oh, like you didn’t see that coming.

Or that.

Do you know this blog at all?

Update (2/1/19): The official new name of Stratosphere is The Strat Hotel, Casino and Skypod. We are not kidding. Get details.

36 thoughts on “Stratosphere to Get $140 Million in Renovations, Will Call Itself “The Strat” Like the Rest of Us

  1. Joe Rollerfan

    I’m irrationally exuberant about the new name. It’s a cool breath of fresh air for a stale property. Just imagine the marketing possibilities:

    Rides: “The Strat is Fear”
    Brewery: “The Strat is Beer”
    Steakhouse: “The Strat is Steer”
    Grand Opening: “The Strat is HERE”

  2. Kerr

    The proposed improvements sound good. I visit there every trip and more dining options are sorely needed.

    Stratosphere already has a Starbucks. Are they adding another one or moving the current one?

  3. Kevin Rackley

    Golden Entertainment is no relation to Golden Casino Group, the owner of the Pahrump casinos. Right?

  4. JeffinOKC

    Forgive me for hijacking-off the thread, but…are Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta gonna make a run at Wynn? Strat owner Blake Sartini is married to the Fertitta’s sister, so that makes me wonder if they might use their billion dollar UFC payout on the suddenly available Wynn stock.

  5. VegasSlushy

    We may call it the Strat, but it seems silly to officially call it that. “Thank you for calling the Strat, how may I direct your call?”

    Yeah, I’m the only one.

    Am I the only one who thinks the refreshing of the lounge at 107 is going to spell the end of that happy hour special people love so much?

    Nicer is better, but that comes at a price, and the Sphere isn’t going to suddenly double its foot traffic because of new lighting or millennial marketing. New comp program, you say? I’ll be interested if players find it to be better or worse.

    I like the property, it just sucks that it’s such an outpost that people don’t flock to it. It doesn’t help that little is done to entice repeat visitors who aren’t crashing in its hotel. Will it reverse that fortune with $140M in upgrades? It won’t be worse off, I assume, but I’m skeptical. Perhaps they have bigger surprises in store for us.

    1. TheSameLames

      I agree with you. I call it “the Strat” as well, but it seems like their name should remain “the Stratosphere.” Not that anyone cares about my opinion 😉

  6. ToolPusher

    What’s with the trend of using stupid nicknames now. The “D” (formally Fitzgerald’s), the “Drew” (previous concept name Fontainebleau, which is also stupid, but, they went in the wrong direction with the re-name), and now “the Strat.” Come on, can they come up with something original or at least go back to an original like the El Rancho.

    1. Vegas Todd

      Don’t forget the Quad…er Linq, the Cosmo, the Aria (whatever that means), SLS, T.I., and now the ”Park”.

    2. Manybar Goatfish

      I know. How does it go from goofy themes to stupid nicknames and still make a profit? It must be the sheeple. Am I right?

  7. Michael Gomez

    Something smells very Cosmo about this….blue LED lighting…hmm….hipsterish atmosphere….hmm….noodle bar…food hall…so predictable. Next thing you know they will be charging for parking and offer some Cirque du Stupak (that will bring them in)
    I’ve seen this property evolve and its been interesting because it can’t seem to find a niche. World’s Fair heavily themed….casinos named “Pavillon of Fun” etc….long walks up thru retail space winding around to get to the tower that offered name brand shops that eventually transitioned to magnets and stripper shoes….finally they put an escalator literally coming out the floor of the theater entrance. Unfinished hotel tower with tiny pool remaining from Vegas World…..finally finished added much improved pool deck, removed the World’s Fair and went with generic theming….then focused on “value”….leading us to several ownership changes, and now a name change.
    Am I the only one who wishes they would just bring Vegas World back in all its glory? With the chicken’s playing tic-tac-toe?

      1. Dave in Seattle

        I remember when they had 10-7 full pay JOB on the casino floor.
        The casino back then allowed photos at the black jack tables too!

  8. Manybar Goatfish

    “Or that.” Can you make it more apparent the debase crowd you are playing to here? It doesn’t get that wrong even in a factory setting. LOL

    1. William Wingo

      Agreed–and somebody got paid to come up with these ideas. Obviously I picked the wrong career track.

  9. Adam

    Not thrilled about the name. But I’m alway hopeful this place can find a niche. I would love for that part of town to get some action. And maybe dare me to make the walk from the Stratosphere to Dino’s.


    That’s cool. I still won’t stay there again. Did so once years ago. Too far north, sketchy neighborhood, no energy in the place at all.

    Seems like they’re trying to position themselves as a “true” strip property, which may not go over so well with the locals, if they tighten slots and raise prices to make back the investment.

  11. Misslaydj

    LOVE!!! Welcome all of this. The Strat was a fitting name. Only been here twice just to take vegas virgins to the top to see the rides.

  12. Diskobolus

    Stratosphere used to be cool when their fun books had all these match plays in it. They also had some interesting games, like Double Exposure BJ, and a single green 0 roulette wheel.

  13. RC

    What is the update on these plans? Did they begin?? I love the LED plan for the hotel tower. That place needs some bling!

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Yep, it’s under way. May just have to do an update now that you mention it. They’re sort of using Stratosphere and The Strat at the moment, but lots of new bling.

      1. RC

        Thanks! Yes, an update would be great! I can’t wait to see how the new LED lights add more life and brightness to the hotel and also the tower. Hopefully the Strat helps to build momentum leading up to 2020-21 and the new resorts on that end of the strip.


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