Please Stop Waiting in Line for a Photo at the Las Vegas Sign

Taking a photo at the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is a must-do ritual for Las Vegas visitors.

Standing in a long line to take a photo at the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is one of the most peculiar. Rituals. In case that wasn’t clear. Please keep up.

Las Vegas sign

Yes, it took us 45 minutes to remove all the power lines with Photoshop. Totally worth it.

Seriously, thousands of people visit the Las Vegas sign each day and many, many of them inexplicably stand in line for their turn to snap a pic.

On a recent visit, people were standing in line for 20-30 minutes for the iconic photo op.

Las Vegas sign

Self-regulating courtesy. Our faith in humanity is restored.

But here’s the thing. The Las Vegas sign isn’t a line thing.

The civility it appreciated, but you’re in Las Vegas. Why are you standing in line for something where a line isn’t accomplishing anything?

Just step to one side of the line or the other and have at it, already!

Las Vegas sign photos

Are you a fan of In-N-Out? That should be your strategy at the Las Vegas sign!

Why are people standing in line? We suspect many foreign travelers see a line and are just being polite. Which is awesome. Many experts believe politeness became extinct in 1998,
but that’s clearly not the case.

It’s also possible people are standing in line because everyone else is. That herd mentality, though, is stealing precious time that could be better spent gambling and drinking, especially that second thing.

There’s also a chance people are waiting so they can stand directly beneath the sign for their photo. That position is actually one of the worst to get a photo, by the way.

Matters may be complicated by the fact scam artists often pose as “official photographers” at the sign (a designation that doesn’t exist) and, in an attempt to earn more tips, direct guests to stand in line as it makes the fleecing process more efficient.

The bottom line is you have better things to do. So, skip the line. Taking a photo at the Las Vegas sign is a five minute thing, not a 30 minute thing. Which is also something you can tell your lover. You read it online, so it must be true. You’re welcome.

8 thoughts on “Please Stop Waiting in Line for a Photo at the Las Vegas Sign

  1. Bouldersteve

    Never got the Las Vegas sign picture ritual. I have many pictures of myself in Las Vegas..none at the sign. There are many more interesting landmarks to have your picture taken at in Vegas in my opinion.

  2. Vegasbymonday

    I can appreciate a polite line but if it’s more than 4 minutes, I’m headed to the front for my pic. People waiting for trams at Disneyland do the same thing and are pissed when I walk up and get in. Sorry Charlie, where I’m from it’s called “you snooze you lose”

  3. John M Patton

    I’ve been going to Vegas twice a year for the past 21 years. Only my last trip in December 2020 had I ever visited the sign. The line was huge. I just walked up to the side and took a picture of the sign itself and kept walking. Glad I did it, but no one wants to see a picture of me in front of a sign. Get over yourselves. The pic I took of the sign by itself hangs in my media room now. I’m just sorry I waited so long to visit.


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