Sticky Chicken Is Out at Linq, Linq Sandwich Co. Is In

An indoor food truck, Sticky Chicken, has closed at Linq casino.

The truck is being overhauled for a new concept, Linq Sandwich Co.

Our eagle-eyed man about town, James, captured the truck being rebranded.

Sticky Chicken closed

Sticky Chicken has flown the coop.

Sticky Chicken was billed as the first-ever food truck inside a Las Vegas casino, but it wasn’t really a truck, rather just a shell of truck. No engine, not drivable, more of a prop than a truck.

The restaurant wasn’t particularly well-reviewed, with one disgruntled guest saying, “Nothing is good here.”

Sticky Chicken peddled wings, sandwiches, tenders and burger melts.

Our buddy James gave us a first peek at the new menu for Linq Sandwich Co. and here’s hoping it’s a bigger hit with guests.

Linq Sandwich Co. menu

When will restaurants learn everything is better infused with Captain Morgan?

Linq Sandwich Co. will feature cheesesteak sandwiches, a meatball sub, as well as hot beef and fried chicken sandwiches.

If you’re into the “truck inside a casino” experience, you can also check out Project BBQ at Circa. The food stand is technically on Fremont Street, but it abuts Circa, so it counts.

It’s been a bumpy ride for many Las Vegas restaurants over the past year, so it’s best not to get emotionally attached to anything.

You know we’ll keep you in the loop about what’s in, what’s out and what’s sticky.

6 thoughts on “Sticky Chicken Is Out at Linq, Linq Sandwich Co. Is In

  1. Mike Alexakis

    I do not know if Icky Chicken was good or bad, but I do know Yelp sucks icky butt… I trust your opinion on food, even though you never specifically say anything is bad, your hype of brisket fried rice with chicken skewers sounds delicious, and I like chicken parm, Cheesecake Factory makes a great chicken parm that can feed your entire family. Yelp is where you go if you get thrown off of Trip Advisor for being too grumpy…

  2. Tenesmus

    I tried it when it was new. The same trip I also tried Hattie B’s when it was new. Since then, I’ve gone to Hattie B’s every time I am in town, but never made it back to Sticky Chicken. I literally walk from Mirage, right past Sticky Chicken, and all the way to Cosmopolitan to get me some Hattie B’s chicken tenders.


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