Stewart + Ogden Closes at Downtown Grand, Freedom Beat Already in the Works

As first predicted by our seemingly clairvoyant Twitter account, Downtown Grand has closed the doors to its Stewart + Ogden restaurant.

The hotel’s 24-hour cafe closed July 5, 2016.

Stewart + Ogden closed

Downtown Grand was formerly the Lady Luck. Stewart + Ogden now also falls into the “former” category.

Construction of a new restaurant, Freedom Beat, is already underway.

The new offering will expand the restaurant’s footprint to include another closed restaurant at Downtown Grand, Red Mansion.

Stewart + Odgen

With construction walls, all things are possible.

Word has it Stewart + Ogden has already been gutted, a good sign the restaurant will get a significant overhaul rather than a superficial revamp.

Staffers at the hotel say the renderings for Freedom Beat are impressive.

The menu at Freedom Beat will be American, although details haven’t been released yet.

It bodes well for the menu that “Hell’s Kitchen” winner Scott Commings is helping to build the new restaurant’s menu. Commings won season 12 of the popular cooking competition show, and took the reins as Executive Chef at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace.

Guests seeking sustenance at Downtown Grand aren’t without options. A temporary restaurant has been set up inside the hotel’s Art Bar, near the registration desk.

Art Bar is replete with the former restaurant’s chairs, mainly because we think “replete” makes things sound fancier.

Freedom Beat

We’re always up for a better experience, especially if there’s liquor involved.

The Stewart + Ogden menu has been slimmed down slightly, but there’s still a solid selection of breakfast dishes, salads, burgers and sandwiches.

Most dishes run in the $10-12 range. Take a look.

Stewart + Ogden closed

There’s still a functioning bar at Art Bar. Don’t freak out.

Much as the rebrand of its pool complex to Citrus has livened things up at Downtown Grand, a change-out of its hotel restaurant could be a welcome addition. We hear there will be an entertainment component to the new restaurant, an intriguing prospect. (Please, no dueling pianos! That did not go well at the closed Mob Bar.)

Across the street, Pizza Rock and Triple George are doing brisk business, but The Commissary continues to struggle with its challenging location. It’s expected that restaurant will close soon as well. There’s been no word on where the Commissary’s collection of 100 tequila varieties will end up, but we have some suggestions.

Staffers say Freedom Beat is being fast-tracked, and should be open for business in a mere month or two. The new restaurant hasn’t even been officially announced, but that’s never stopped us before.

We’re always up for something new, so we can’t wait to try the new restaurant at Downtown Grand!

10 thoughts on “Stewart + Ogden Closes at Downtown Grand, Freedom Beat Already in the Works

  1. Wally Marshall

    This does not surprise me at all. They don’t seem to be able to make good decisions at the DG. They are so all over the place with everything they do and from what i have heard, they can’t keep good employees around very long and are just churning our directors and managers. When you think of DG, what enters your mind? Mine is no parking, super loud music and that is about it. That is my opinion and sharing what i have heard.

  2. Bouldersteve

    They keep trying different things. Hopefully one day they will find something that works. Its a nice property surprised its taken so long to find the right formula.

  3. Jefe

    I used to love this property but since they’ve completely stop offering me any comps or worthwhile offers, they’ve let me no choice to but to stay elsewhere Downtown. I hope they can turn it around, in all departments, as I don’t like to see any property struggle, especially Downtown.

  4. Bill B

    We were real happy when it was announced the the old Lady Luck was to be refirbished & reopened. WE foolishly felt our downtown stays would be made better.
    On our first trip after the DG opened we tried the slots, VP & BJ. All had poor returns. Each vacation we tried again, the place was clean, drinks arrived quickly but sadly that’s all that was good.On our last trip, we even took the time to sign up for the players club. The lady on duty was brusque & unfriendly & incredibly there were no freebies, not even a pack of cards or a drink coupon NOTHING.not even a thank you email.
    This is simply a classic example of their terrible attitude towards customers & has resulted in a revolving door of managers & eating places.

    1. Bouldersteve

      When they first opened the players club had some decent comps/benefits. Nothing great but at least I got some free play and a Tee shirt. I guess the bean counters are watching every nickel now since they have been losing money since it opened.

  5. JeffinOKC

    Since Beat is in the name, I wonder if Michael and Jennifer Cornthwaite (who had The Beat coffeehouse) are involved?

  6. Lita

    When DG first opened for us, there were many comps, free rooms and free parking, now it seems that they have really tightened up with comps and pay-outs. We liked the fact that we could at least get a good prime rib meal at S&O for under 10.00, now they have removed that as well. I’m afraid we will have to join the rest of those who have commented here and give our business to other locations downtown. We have found that Bconnected club associated with the Boyd casinos gives us the best comps and comes through with the free rooms consistently. There are many Boyd properties downtown, so that’s where we are headed.


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