Steve Wynn’s So Serious About His Waterpark, He Rode SlotZilla (Twice)

Props to Steve Wynn for going the extra mile for his proposed Wynn Paradise Park.

The 74-year-old casino mogul took a field trip to learn more about zip lines, which he’s expected to have at his new waterpark, and rode on downtown’s SlotZilla zipline. Twice.

Steve Wynn SlotZilla

That time you thought you’d seen everything in Las Vegas, then you saw a billionaire riding a zipline.

Wynn first rode SlotZilla’s upper Zoomline (riders fly prone, superhero-style), then returned to try the lower Zipline (seated).

He was accompanied by his wife, Andrea, DeRuyter Butler (in the blue shirt), Executive Vice President of Architecture, Wynn Design & Development (who Wynn described as his “lead designer”) and a lone bodyguard (at right, below).

Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn was born Stephen Alan Weinberg. Now, we just refer to him as “Badass.”

While Steve Wynn’s vision is severely impaired—he suffers from an eye disease, retinitis pigmentosa—he was fearless as he flew over Fremont Street. He was gracious to everyone he encountered, too.

Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn and friends take the express route down Fremont Street.

Recently, Steve Wynn announced an ambitious new project, the $1.6 billion Wynn Paradise Park.

During his visit to SlotZilla (this blog works at Fremont Street Experience, by the way, which includes SlotZilla), Wynn was overheard saying he believes Wynn Paradise Park will be the “most visually stunning project” of his career. Which is saying a lot. It’s flipping Steve Wynn.

Here’s a video from the folks at Crystal Lagoons, responsible for making the new lagoon’s water blue and sparkly.

The project will feature a lake and mile-long boardwalk. Yes, a mile long. There will also be a white sand beach, as well as water skiing, paddle boarding and parasailing. There will also be nightly fireworks.

Wynn Paradise Park is planned for the 130-acre Wynn Golf Club, to the east of Wynn and Encore.

We had a little trouble imagining where that is, so we took to the skies to see what the hell’s going on back there. Let’s just say it’s a jaw-dropper.

Wynn Golf Club is seriously one of the hidden treasures of the Las Vegas Strip. Many locals and visitors drive by often, but never realize it’s back there.

We knew it was back there, but had no idea it looked like this.

Wynn Golf Club

Ridiculously gorgeous.

The existing golf course generates about $5 million a year, but the new waterpark could bring upwards of $300 million a year according to analysts.

During his SlotZilla visit, Wynn said he expects Wynn Paradise Park could draw 15,000 people a day. No admission price has been announced yet, but it’s likely to be at least $20.

These numbers are all the more ambitious when you consider Wynn has said he plans to limit access to Wynn Paradise Park to those 18 or older.

Beyond the lake, Wynn Paradise Park will include a new, 1,000-room hotel tower, new restaurants, a small casino and 260,000 square feet of meeting space.

Wynn Paradise Park

This rendering of Wynn Paradise Park was outdated the minute it was rendered. Steve Wynn dreams big, so expect lots of tweaks as the project progresses.

Steve Wynn’s visit downtown must have brought back some bittersweet memories. His rise as one of the most influential personalities in Las Vegas began when he owned downtown’s Golden Nugget, after owning a small stake in the Frontier.

During his tenure at Golden Nugget, Wynn proposed several attractions for Fremont Street, including canals (like the ones at Venetian) and a parade of suspended floats (like the shuttered “Show in the Sky” at Rio). He was a driving force in the creation of the Fremont Street Experience canopy.

Later, he was responsible for the Mirage, Treasure Island, Bellagio and his current resorts, Wynn and Encore.

Wynn’s newest effort, Wynn Paradise Park, is expected to open in 2020, with construction beginning in late 2016.

Wynn Paradise Park

It’s claimed Wynn Paradise Park would use 30 times less water than the 18-hole golf course currently on the site.

We honestly didn’t know what to think when Wynn Paradise Park was announced, but seeing Steve Wynn flying on SlotZilla, we have no reason to doubt he’ll make his waterpark a reality.

While Steve Wynn’s vision may be failing, no one can deny he’s a Las Vegas visionary.

13 thoughts on “Steve Wynn’s So Serious About His Waterpark, He Rode SlotZilla (Twice)

  1. Bouldersteve

    Despite his bad eyesight Wynn is a visionary who is rarely wrong. All his projects have revolved around large amounts of water which is interesting considering Las Vegas is in the desert. It has worked before so it should be a success. The golf course is nice but more people will check this out. Golfing when its 110 degrees outside is a little tough.

  2. Wolfdog

    That high up, the water may feel like concrete.
    So is Steve involved in the possible NFL franchise and stadium?

    1. AccessVegas

      Wynn has expressed support for a stadium and a team for a number of years ago and continues to be involved in meetings. However, he has not put up any money towards the effort at this time.

    2. Scott Roeben

      He seems very invested in the stadium happening, but isn’t directly involved in assisting with the financing at this point. It’s even been suggested if a stadium happens (it seems unlikely), it may not be at the location being discussed, but maybe at the site Wynn’s slated for a waterpark. That one’s a longshot, but nothing’s impossible in Vegas!

  3. Strkr

    So…Vegas isn’t going through a water crisis anymore then? Because that looks like an insane amount of water, not only just to have out in the open but have to purify / recycle, especially if it’s for people to use directly. This isn’t watering lawns or for a free show (Bellagio), it’s gotta be safe for people to interact with. I don’t like it…

    1. Vegasallen

      Yep. Always expect that anytime a new project is announced the water police show up to rain on the parade.(pun intended)
      This is regardless of the economic benefit or the actual consumption of said water.

      1. Strkr

        Well I am not the water police and I don’t want to be. Doesn’t mean that I can’t comment or criticize an action that doesn’t make sense to me (just as you are free to do). And any “economic” benefit is relative. There might be an economic benefit to clubbing random kittens and puppies and skinning them for their fur that might make your stock price go up. I wouldn’t recommend doing it, however.

  4. Damian Nunimaker

    Relocating my business to LV in the summer…very much looking forward to Vegas’s future, which is why I am betting the farm on it.


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