Station Casinos Rebrands Cafes at Five Resorts

Station Casinos is rebranding several of its casino cafes. Confirmed: It’s a slow news day!

Cafes are fixtures in Las Vegas casinos, much like blackjack, escorts and cries of anguish when you hit two out of three Megabucks symbols.

The cafes at Red Rock and Green Valley Ranch, currently Grand Cafes, will be called Lucky Penny as of Feb. 24, 2021.

Palms fans will recognize the brand, as Lucky Penny opened at the off-Strip resort in 2017.

Palms, also owned by Station Casinos, has been closed since March 2020 and isn’t expected to open until it’s under new ownership, according mainly to us.

Lucky Penny Palms

Lucky Penny is coming to another casino that isn’t the Palms near you.

Also being rebranded are the Grand Cafes at Boulder Station, Santa Fe Station and Sunset Station. They’ll be called Brass Fork starting in early April 2021.

Brass Fork is an existing brand at Palace Station.

It’s unclear why they aren’t giving each cafe its own name, but granted, naming things is hard.

All these cafes operate 24/7, seven days a week.

Here’s more P.R. jibberty-jabbery on the Station Casino blog.

We like the name Lucky Penny, as we have never walked by a face-up penny in a casino without picking it up, even in these “unprecedented times” when you’re not allowed to touch anything.

Because we can use all the help we can get.


Yes, they still make these.

“Lucky Penny” has an old-timey feel to it.

It makes sense at these locals casinos, as customers tend to skew older.

Ask older players about lucky pennies, and they’ll tell you, “Find a penny, pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck.”

Ask younger guests about lucky pennies, and they’ll reply, “Dafuq?”

Even though it’s Sin City, pennies are considered lucky for religious reasons. Back in the day, people thought metals were gifts from the gods that could protect them from evil forces.

Back when currency was mostly rocks, metal coins represented wealth, and some equate wealth with luck despite the fact a great philosopher once said, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.”

Fun fact: National Lucky Penny Day is May 23. It’s worth noting that National People Need to Get a Life Day is March 12.

Pappy pennies

The luckiest pennies are the ones smashed by Pappy.

We couldn’t find any luck-based inspiration for Brass Fork, so we’ll just share a fun fact and make it look like that’s the inspiration for these cafe rebrands.

In countries such as Russia and Ukraine, it’s considered bad form to give someone something sharp, like a fork, as a gift. It means the parties will quarrel in the future. That is, unless the receiver gives something in return that’s made of brass (or copper).

This was clearly the inspiration behind Brass Fork. Now, you know!

The food at the cafes will pretty much be the same despite what the news releases say. It’s solid, but nothing fancy.

At this point, we’re just happy to still have restaurants where you don’t have to try and guess the hours of operation.

A common urban myth in Las Vegas says casinos are required to have a 24-hour dining option. That’s not the case. For example, Golden Gate has no restaurants, mostly due to the asshattery of the ownership of Du-Par’s.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a short article about a couple of cafes getting new names, but then we realized we just like talking to you.

We may not say it often enough, but you’re our favorite part of Las Vegas. Right after Captain Morgan. But you’re definitely a close second.

11 thoughts on “Station Casinos Rebrands Cafes at Five Resorts

  1. William Wingo

    Totally off the original topic, but the U.S. “Cent” has a long and fascinating history. There’s one on Mars; and the current composition is mostly zinc with a thin copper cladding [1]. Don’t know how well those would work in Pappy’s crunch machine. There’s one of those at the Trading Post convenience store/restaurant in Wikieup, Arizona [2]; but “Pappy” is in a separate enclosure.
    As for the Stations, I stayed at Palace Station once long ago, in one of the older parts. Glad my wife wasn’t along that trip. Sunset Station a few years later was better.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      They ran into trouble with the IRS (basically tax evasion, from what I heard) and left Golden Gate holding the bag for a lot of money they’d invested in a renovation. They also duped Suncoast, ended up letting them use the name to keep the place going. It was a debacle and they burned a lot of bridges.

  2. JeffinOKC

    Both names strike me as a place where you can get meat loaf or chicken fried steak. AKA

    Good Grub.

    That suggests to me that they are planning to focus on older locals as the base-ier base of the customer bae for the next few years

  3. Flaxx

    You speak glibly, but on March 12th each year, we raise awareness in solidarity with those who have no life. National People Need to Get a Life Day is an important tool in the fight against pointless and petty pickiness.

  4. David Huntington

    Went to the cafe at Sunset today because it was half price points. What a joke. I walk in and asked if I wanted to sit at the counter or a booth. I asked for a booth for which the associate said the waiting list is 1 hour. I look in the restaurant and it is half empty. They only had the two middle aisles open with the rest closed. What a shock, understaffed and compromised service. I ordered the turkey. We are out of turkey, said the server. I heard the server tell another patron, they were out of baked potatoes. It’s 8:30 at night and they are out of turkey and baked potatoes. What else were they run out of? I opted for the fish and chips. 2 pieces of cod and fries for $12.00. If I wanted a soda, tack on another $3.79. $20.00 for a fish and chips meal, and it had no taste. Typical of Station Casinos. Overpriced crap. They can shove their lousy product up Frank Fertittas ass. ‘We fuck locals’ should be the new motto for that toilet. Stations is not the locals favorite, as they proclaim.

  5. BA Baracus

    We just finished breakfast at the Brass Fork in Sunset Station and were surprised by the poor experience. The rebrand is such a disappointment that I don’t see us returning. The menu was stripped of everything I previously enjoyed and they raised the prices to boot. We’ve been out of town for awhile and haven’t been following the local news. A quick google search resulted in the following quote, “ According to Joseph Kudrak, director of culinary operations for Station Casinos, modifications can be restricted to “the food, the quality and the creativity.” He says the swap is meant to “refresh and improve the quality of the products that we’re offering.” Mr. Kudrak totally missed the mark imo. While the rebrand may appeal to some, it’s definitely not a breakfast I’ll go out of my way for.


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