Station Casinos Drops Hawt New Durango Casino Renderings

Station Casinos has released renderings of its planned Durango casino (officially, “Durango, a Station Casinos Resort”), and the resort is a beauty.

Durango casino, the way humans will refer to it, will be built in southwest Las Vegas, off the 215 beltway and Durango Drive. (See map a few paragaphs from now.)

Durango casino Las Vegas

“Durango” comes from Basque word “urango” which means “water town,” a great fit for Las Vegas, except for the water part.

In other words, if you visit Las Vegas twice a year from Minnesota, you’ll never go there, but we’re sharing the renderings, anyway.

The new Durango casino will have all the amenities which have made Station Casinos so popular with Las Vegas locals, and none of the amenities that tanked Palms (like a $60 million contract with Marshmello).

Durango casino

Fun fact: The current site has approximately zero percent of the foliage pictured. Or anything pictured, really.

Durango casino will have an 83,000-square-foot casino, which provides us the opportunity to point out how difficult it must be to buy shoes if you have square feet.

The resort will have a hotel tower with 200 rooms and suites.

This might help you get your bearings. Google, define “closed.”

Durango will have four restaurants, a food court (sorry, “food hall”), a sportsbook, pool and event lawn and more.

This sounds the official death knell of perfunctory buffets at locals casinos, in case that weren’t obvious.

Come on, rendering artists. Do they carry Captain Morgan?

Durango casino has echoes of the company’s Red Rock Resort in Summerlin, and has design flourishes that remind us of the newly-renovated Virgin Las Vegas.

Station Casinos also owns other go-to spots for Las Vegas locals, including Palace Station, Green Valley Ranch, Boulder Station and the former gem, Wild Wild West. (It was a gem until they booted the table games.)

Several of the company’s casinos haven’t reopened since the March 2020 shutdown: Texas Station, Fiesta Henderson and Fiesta Rancho.

It’s great to see Station Casinos is putting the money from its $650 million sale of Palms to the San Manuel tribe to good use.

Durango Station casino is expected to cost $400-500 million.

Durango casino

The pointy part comes from Virgin, the rest comes from Red Rock.

These Durango casino renderings look great, and Station Casinos is sticking to what it does best, delivering a gambling-focused experience for Las Vegas locals seeking a decent value.

While we don’t venture into this part of Las Vegas too often, we’ll go anywhere for that new casino smell and a $1 chip from the craps table for our collection.

Construction of “Durango, a Station Casinos Resort” begins in early 2022.

Let’s go, Station! Give those construction workers more coffee and we’ll get this puppy live long before the anticipated opening in late 2023.

7 thoughts on “Station Casinos Drops Hawt New Durango Casino Renderings

  1. Bob Smith

    As a three or four times a year visitor from London, Ontario who always rents a car upon arrival, I’ll definitely be checking it out. We spend about 75% of each trip either downtown, at Red Rock or M, so many “locals” casinos do see their share of tourists.

  2. Michael Alexakis

    Only in Las Vegas you get developers saying a neighborhood casino is needed so residents do not have to drive 10 to 15 minutes to get to one… This looks very nice, the design will fit in, I am all for more casinos, since the pandemic ruined the relationship between avid gamblers and the casinos they frequent, perhaps over saturation will motivate them to adjust and offer better odds/games…

    1. Simba

      I like your wishful thinking.

      I, too, wonder when we’ll see the day when market forces start swinging back in favor of the customer. We know, low rates during the pandemic, yada yada yada, but very little about the pandemic has favored anyone, casinos, their employees or customers. And prior to the shut down, most news was not in favor of the customer. Ah, the circle of life.

      1. Michael Alexakis

        This is the time to stand up, the super powerful casino cartel is flexing it’s muscles, they are banking on players being sheep they can herd and bully… My comfort level gambling is below what Las Vegas is currently offering, and I refuse to adjust and imperil my retirement. This can not last forever, there is a ceiling, there is a finite number of people in play for the casinos to manipulate. Never forget what they are trying to do to us, and when exactly they deviously conjured this up, Darwinism works both ways if you have the patience and awareness to play the hand you were dealt. Station Casinos in historical context have offered good and fairly priced gaming, just not lately… I will wait till they decide they want me to come…

  3. Rich

    Hey Scott, do you have any thoughts as to why Texas Station, Fiesta Henderson and Fiesta Rancho haven’t reopened? Is it staffing issues? It sure does seem odd that these three haven’t reopened given the current market conditions.


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