Source: Laurel Lounges Won’t Return to Caesars Entertainment Casinos

It’s been a lingering question: When will Laurel Lounges reopen at Caesars Entertainment resorts in Las Vegas?

Thanks for asking. The answer is: Don’t be surprised if they don’t.

Our high-level source at Caesars Entertainment says Laurel Lounges in Las Vegas won’t be back. As in permanently closed.

Note: This hasn’t been officially announced or confirmed, so there’s always hope, but it’s fading fast. Casinos are returning to 100% capacity, mask requirements are done, but still no peep about Lauren Lounges. Now, you know why.

Change happens. Caesars Rewards were once Total Rewards.

Here’s the backstory.

Laurel Lounges used to be called Diamond Lounges.

Those who attained Diamond tier or above in the Caesars Entertainment loyalty club could hang out in these lounges, get free drinks and snacks.

Laurel Lounges closed during the pandemic, presumably because the snacks were served buffet-style, but many assumed they’d be back.

Caesars started giving guests drink coupons to tide them over, and it now seems these coupons are set to replace Laurel Lounges altogether.

Diamond Plus and Diamond Elite members get four coupons for free drinks a day (the value of each drink can’t exceed $20). In addition, Seven Stars tier members also receive a food coupon valued up to $10. See more.

Fun fact: To be a Seven Stars member, you have to earn 150,000 tier credits in a calendar year.  You earn one tier credit for every $5 played on a slot machine, for example. That’s $750,000 a year in slot play (not losses, necessarily, just play). Enjoy your $10 food coupon as a thank-you for your “optimal player participation”! We kid. They get other perks, too.

In regard to casinos feeding players for free, Caesars CEO Tom Reeg said, “God forbid they stop at McDonald’s on the way home.” We are not making this up.

While Caesars hasn’t confirmed the elimination of Laurel Lounges, or what might replace them, our source says the lounge at Paris will become a Vanderpump Lounge, an offshoot of the one at Caesars Palace.

Elimination of Laurel Lounges is part of an overall cost-saving effort following the merger of Caesars Entertainment and Eldorado Resorts.

The company is scrutinizing any element of the business that isn’t directly making money, and cutting, including on the live entertainment front.

Just days ago, it was announced several venues will close, leaving a number of long-running shows, including “Chippendales” and “Crazy Girls,” without a home.

It’s also believed a number of money-losing buffets will not reopen, although Bacchanal at Caesars Palace will.

Recent decisions by Caesars Entertainment fly in the face of Las Vegas trends over the last decade.

MGM Resorts even went so far as to create an entire campaign to shift its public image from that of a casino company to an entertainment company.

Player perks and live entertainment have been considered drivers of “non-gaming revenue,” a direction born of necessity as profits from gambling have declined every year.

The bottom line is Caesars Entertainment has a huge amount of debt, and prior to the merger said it was going to trim the fat. As a Bloomberg story said, ” the moves are part of a strategy to create a leaner casino operator that’s focused on the core gambling business rather than costly forays into other areas.

Whether nixing Laurel Lounges, a beloved perk of its best and most profitable players, helps or hurts the company’s “core gambling business” remains to be seen.

Update (7/17/21): Lisa Vanderpump’s designer Nick Alain shared a photo inside a stripped down former Laurel Lounge at Paris, confirming our scoop it won’t be back.

60 thoughts on “Source: Laurel Lounges Won’t Return to Caesars Entertainment Casinos

  1. Atlantuccityjim

    The calculation you quoted is for diamond status, not seven stars. It takes 150,000 points to earn seven stars status which equals $750,000 through the machines for a $10 good conp.

    1. Bill

      I was disappointed with 1 cet property..being a seven stars I ask for a Fiji Water and was told NO. The amount of money spent and can’t get Fiji was a disgrace. Then told the drink/food manager was gonna come talk to me and never showed Her Face. Very Disappointed!!

    2. Doug

      I am a seven stars player and have been for years. Ceasars is loosing a-lot of their big players. It is not easy to become a seven stars status players like the person above mentioned you have to run $750,000 a year through machines win or lose. One of the best benefits of being a Seven Stars Player or upper tier Diamond Card holder was the Diamond Lounges or Lauren Lounges They had an incredible staff and bartenders. We met many of our friends in the lounges that would bring you back even more often to the property. It was their Cheers and my opinion one of the best benefits. . What a joke to now offer your big players four free drinks a day and a $10.00 food credit. Many of these players gamble ten of thousands of dollars a night and you are going to insult them with four free drinks. I personally know of many bigger players then me that have already left Ceasars Rewards.. A lot of the other casinos are recrutting Ceasars players. Including Circa, Cosmopolitan etc. I am sure if El Dorado ran the numbers of how much the players gamble each day that visit the diamond lounge would have a few to many drink and then go out and gamble the lounges actually did pay for themselves.. What a shame all El Dorado cares about is money. If you have visited recently you will already notice a different class of people in Ceasars Palace.

      1. Lana Pettit

        i HAVE BEEN A TOP 100 FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS HAVE BEEN A SEVEN STAR FOR EVER. I RECENTLY WENT TO THE WINSTAR IN TACKERVILLE, OKLA. THEY SENT ME AN OFFER FOR FREE ROOMS, 2 BUFFETS AND $100.00 in free play. I was pleased how the rooms were so clean and how nice the people were. I live near Austin, thinking about changing. At the Horseshoe La. I was getting $300.00 to $500.00 free play. It is down to $150.00. The diamond lounge was a perk that I really enjoyed, like a meeting place and have a drink and talk to friends. My host isn’t happy either but very little she can do about it. The class of people have also changed at the Horseshoe also.

      2. Richard

        And because I play video poker, the number is double as VP only earns half. I have just missed 7star the last two years but I have grown weary of benefits being stripped and service going downhill quickly. There have to be better programs out there.

    3. Lynn Rhoads

      I am so disappointed to hear that the lounges probably will not reopen! So much in Vegas has changed, and not for the better. Very disappointed. I know times change, but don’t take it out on the patron! We spend ALOT of money out there, and a few comps would be appreciated! Don’t know if I will be back. I’m sure there are a lot of disappointed visitors!

  2. Atlanticcityjim

    That’s food comp, not good comp. By the way, all 3 laurel lounges in Atlantic City are open but weekends only.

    1. James K

      Thanks for the AC lounge update. The Vegas lounges pale in comparison to the Atlantic City ones.

  3. BP

    Seven Stars is also by invite only. You have to attain 150,000 Reward Credits to be eligible to be invited and otherwise be in good standing. (i.e., no outstanding markers or bad debts and no transgressions that may make you undesirable like marketing abuse or advantage play).

  4. LV Guy

    I am a diamond Elite member and is RFB in other top casinos, Caesar’s is not competitive in the VIP lounge area, may be their requirement for a basic diamond status is too low, way too many diamond members when i check in…..they are also tighter in giving out RFB comps than other top casinos. All casinos have to make money, but they have to compete for the most profitable customers too, which are probably the frequent gamblers like me…..

  5. JCX

    While Laurel Lounges elsewhere around the country may have been “beloved”, in Vegas itself they have all the ambiance of a business convention breakout room, but with couches and the occasional cocktail server. Rumors persist of actual food at Paris or Planet Hollywood but I’ve literally never seen anything more than chicken wings, cookies, chips, and veggie dip.

    At other properties where there’s actual dining that goes on I can see how this might be a thing, but in actual Vegas they’re very underwhelming as a benefit. Daily drink comps elsewhere would give a better experience, and I’m sure CET could focus on other value elsewhere.

  6. John

    Mr. Reeg’s (LV CEO ELDiablo) transparency in the opening/closing of the Laurel Lounges is that of a nine year student who got Fails in all of his classes and is afraid to show the report card to his parents.
    Also, what food can you really buy for $10 at CET LV property.

    1. Carol Mitchell

      As far as I’m concerned this is not a wise move to cancel the Laurel Lounges. Of course the casino profits were down last year. Wasn’t most of the businesses hurting last year due to COVID? We liked coming to Caesar’s, gambled to a status so we could enjoy the perks that came with it. However, there has been a surge in little amenities and perks that have been taken away over the past few years and this has been a great disappointment. There are MANY other casino to go to and I don’t think I’m alone in saying the we might start looking around for other casinos that value their customers, not just their pocketbooks.
      Very Disappointed in these decisions by Caesars

    2. HMR

      We use our $10 coupon at Starbucks to grab a couple of slices of lemon or banana bread for the next morning. We use the drink coupons to buy big bottles of water. Water is way harder to come by than my grey goose greyhounds.

    3. Marie

      Yes, $10 is nothing but since they gave it to me and it only could be used for food, I gave the coupon at three different Caesar owned restaurants.. they all accepted them and $10 was taken off the bill!

  7. Timothy L Becknell

    I have been A dedicated and loyal to Caesars years now but I think it may be time for A change as bad as I hate to say it.

  8. PJ. Levy

    The Laurel lounges were much better a few years ago. Went to Vegas right before covid locked us down and the lounge’s food was not even so-so. Mind you, that was just a nice place to hang out for a while before the evening gambling.

  9. Will F

    I’m out if this persist save your money and go broke. I’m in business also and I’d rather have a
    1000 1000 dollar players that 1 100,000 dollar player u lose him and your done seen it many time the small players are loyal and are now pursued by the competition hope they f I give it out before it’s to late

  10. Billk

    I like the LV Diamond lounges…even the one that was at flamingo would do in a pinch. And the staffs at all were exceptional, even though many diamond players can be lousy tippers.

    The vouchers, while generous, miss the mark for simple drinkers. The cost of 6 beers at a casino bar can be less that three vouchers, but you only get 4 beers for 4 vouchers, plus no down time from the casino. Customers use the lounges for different things, from heavy drinking, to a cocktail + snack + tv, to turning four snacks into dinner. I think a significant number will just go back to the room and chill before dinner, then go to dinner and be much more open to the idea of going off property. And the timing couldn’t be worse—with the allure of new resorts giving another reason to leave a Caesars casino.

    Caesars will be the net loser. The lounges are a draw and something people shoot for. Without them, you’d feel less like a Caesar. They will lose players, and especially good regular tipsy players, who either bet big on a couple trips or are solid for many trips. I do think it will also make staying in California to gamble more attractive for those of us from here who otherwise would find it worth going to LV.

    I hope they keep them.

    1. Michael Roberts

      I love what you said but you can be GUARANTEED that if the expense report for food and beverage shows even a net gain of ONE DOLLAR, the suits will point to their decision to close the LL and say “SEE IM SMRT” – all the while ignoring the fact that gambling revenue was down 05% because people talk wit their wallet and went to another property that values their customer.

  11. Diamond4Life

    I agree that if the Laurel Lounges go away, I might have to jump ship as well. I will say that some of the Diamond and Seven Star guests are some of the lousiest tippers that I have ever seen. I mean, many times there would be little to no tip at all. I know if I stopped in, even for a to go drink or two, it would be at least 5-10 dollars, and I am only a diamond tier status. The Diamond lounges to me are priceless. I loved going in there to watch sporting events, talk with fellow gamblers, etc. It is nice to get off the gaming floor for awhile and just enjoy the little extras. I really hope these are not gone, but it’s not looking good. I do hope this is a false rumor. Fingers crossed.

  12. Richard & Janice Schukow

    Loved the Laurel Lounge. Just started 2 years ago going to the lounge and found it to be a nice break from the gambling floor and drinks were so much better than those on the floor. During covid the drink coupons were ok, but the drinks received at the bar with couple were as weak as the drinks received while gambling, unless you ordered bottle beer. You have to be a Diamond Plus or higher to receive a voucher. What about those that worked really hard to reach Diamond status and they don’t receive a drink voucher, not even one. Have been a devoted Caesars member from the 1st day we started coming to LV and other Caesar properties.
    MGM and other casino were left for CAESAR’S. We hope that Caesars will reconsider their decisions and bring back all the benefits for their members. Yes Covid has caused you to lose money from what you normally make, but do remember people have been locked away for a year and want to get back out there to have some fun. We want to see shows and gamble. You will recoup your losses faster then you think if you keep your members happy. If you cut everything that members enjoy while at your properties, you will lose members and profit. Please rethink your decisions and stop thinking about the top corporate members enlarging pockets and think about the best thing to keep members and not lose them. Keep CAESAR’S the places people want to go to.

  13. Loyal patrons

    We have been loyal diamond from the beginning of the program. Without the lounges we would never a met alot of our best friends! It has always been a place for us to socialize and relax!!! If you are doing more than snacking that’s pretty sad!! We have always thought that there should be machines in the lounges to help make them profitable or even a small charge for the drinks!! It is wa wonderful perk for those of us who don’t have the $150 thousand to throw away. We would certainly not come as often and we used too! We view it as a privilege not a right! I would think you would value your loyal customers more and want them to come back!!

    1. LV Guy

      I generally go to the lounge to lick my wounds after a tough day at the table, when u lose 10 hands in a row in BJ….

  14. Loyal patron

    We would pay a small admission fee $10 to $20 per person! It just a nice place to sit,talk and have fun!!

  15. Anita

    I was in Vegas last week and it wasn’t the same without the Paris Diamond Lounge open. Missed Norma and the other people. Was so looking forward to giving people a huge hug. No longer. We used to go to Vegas 5 times a year and after this trip it will be zero. We live driving distance to Tahoe and caught the idea in March they were likely not bringing them back there too. It is heartbreaking.

    We will be dropping our Diamond Elite down to Diamond just for free parking, rooms and resort fees. They won’t get one dime past the 15,000 TC mark.

    1. Marilee Greene

      And we looked forward to seeing and hugging Joaquin at Paris lounge…he was the best waiter ever! So sad so many people who worked these Laurel Lounges for so many years will lose their jobs for good!
      Mona , at Harrah’s Lounge, was excellent, too!
      Our family of 6 (3 sisters & hubbies) had 1 seven star and all others were (are) Diamond Plus and will be looking elsewhere! We stayed at Paris in April-May 2021 and it isn’t the same!

    1. JP

      If you gamble enough then Mlife waives resort fees. I moved from Caesars to MGM this year, staying at an MGM property for the first time in March. I had to pay resort fees that first stay, but my current offer that I received after staying with them once has no resort fees. I would recommend if you are making the switch then stay at Caesars for the free room and then gamble exclusively at MGM properties that trip to build your status and you will get great offers.

  16. John

    Greg M

    Mr. Reeg is good for the investors, but not for the customer. But, is that good for the investors?

  17. LV Guy

    Well, i was at Caesars over the weekend, May 14-15, i was not offered any coupons as mentioned in this post as well as Caesars website, i am a diamond elite member, so all my expenses are comped within reason….the coupons are really of no value to me because all my expenses are generally comped……

  18. Michael Alexakis

    I have truly enjoyed reading this post’s comment section, it’s a window into a world I will never be in, you folks absolutely deserve every single perk you get plus many more… $750,000 into a machine? Caesars wants to scalp people who put that much cash into a slot machine? I am no marketing or management genius, but it sure seems short sighted and ignorant to allow this to become both a narrative and a reality. I would hire people to detail your Tesla while you threw that many coins into any machines under my charge, and I would hire Willy Wonka to leave chocolates on your pillows. At the other end of that spectrum is a memory I have from years back at Silverton on a weekday, it was a slot club promotion, a certain very low amount on coin-in and they gave you a “Snuggie”, it was a stampede of old ladies with eyes riveted on the prize, and a long line of satisfied elderly women with smiles getting the booty they achieved… Don’t mess with people’s things Caesars, make people think you care about them…

  19. Dick Buffman

    Caesars sucks but most of the players hanging in the Laurel Lounges are low end diamonds who eat and drink everything they can from 4p-9p before leaving a dollar or two tip for the employees. Rare to find high valued guests in the lounges in Vegas.

  20. Lana Pettit

    I have been a Top 100 (Horseshoe, La.) for the last 2 years and a seven star for as long as I can remember. Every year it appeared to me that things we taken away little by little. Does anyone remember the free bottle of wine every night? Now the merger appears to have changed everything. My comps are less than half than before and if you have reward credits, you get punished. Not treated the same, only by just a few. The Diamond Lounge to me was a meeting place to sit and rest and talk to friends, it got out of hand because they were letting people in that should not be there, it was a special place. The Spa isn’t open but that million dollar pool is. What were they thinking. I never saw a lot of Top 100 or seven stars ever go to the pool. Not a perk for them. A lot of great employees were let go, great workers. Still a few left that care, I drive over 6 hours to get to the Horseshoe and have never been given anything special for that. However, I can go to Biloxi Harrah’s or Laughlin and get paid for travel, free slot play and free rooms. Treated like I might be somebody. It is not a smart business move when you give perks then take them back. If you have a Host, you need to really appreciate them because they don’t like it either but there hands are tied.

  21. birdmom

    We were in Vegas over the weekend. My first experience with cutbacks was while at the Paris Diamond check in. They apologized that they couldn’t accommodate my request for a certain type of view room (not a suite by the way). They said that they weren’t allowed to pre-assign rooms until the time of check in.

    I then asked for some of those little water bottles. I was told that they no longer had them in the check in area but to go to a bartender with my rewards card and they should be able to give them to me. Well I got my 4 drink coupons and went to a bar asking for a drink and a water. I was given the same size / quality of drink you would get while sitting at a table or machine and a glass of water. When I asked if I could have a bottle of water I was told by the bartender that he was told that they could no longer comp those. (Note: regarding the drink coupons, I did find other places that gave you a premium drink on a par with what I got in the Laurel Lounges in the past).

    Other cutbacks I experienced were combined Platinum / Diamond lines at some cashiers and Rewards desks. More and more restaurants are charging 2 reward credits for every dollar spent, more outlets than are shown on the the list on the Caesar’s website. One change to double RC happened the day before our arrival so things are changing quickly. Part of it might be Covid revenue related but it seems to me that previously earned reward credits are just plain being devalued.

    Also restaurant prices have increased significantly since our last visit. Many still have limited occupancy so that may be part of the reason. But coupling higher prices with a higher reward credit spend was just a bit much.

    There’s no free show list even though one of the Caesar’s Rewards reps acknowledged that guests can enjoy shows by paying for them. You will get two free coupons for a high roller ride and entry to the Bodies exhibit at Bally’s during your stay.

    And despite the cutbacks, the crowds were the biggest I have seen there in years. We avoided the long waits at restaurants by getting reservations. The seating is still limited so with heavy crowds the lines were insane everywhere. I did ask at a couple of restaurants if they had any sort of priority seating and some didn’t citing Covid and wanting to treat everyone equally. One said it was temporary but who knows.

    We managed to enjoy ourselves despite being faced with cutbacks at every turn. But I think we will wait until things are a bit more normal Covid-wise and also until we figure out what the future perks with Caesars will be until we go back.

    1. HMR

      We get around the $1/200 RC by charging everything to the room and then using RCs at check out. I’m farting around over $2k in RCs so they won’t comp anything in Vegas as all. I barely got them to comp half my Ruth Chris’ meals in Reno because of my RC balance. It’s getting tougher and tougher to keep RCs.

      1. birdmom

        We did that as well. I also have a lot of RCs but not nearly as much as you. And multiple hosts have told me that I will need to use them up before they will consider comping the bill.

  22. A T

    Saw all this coming a few years ago when the bean counters started lurking around the casinos and the buffets. We’ve been loyal to Caesar’s since the days of Frank Sinatra when you could befriend the pit boss at the craps tables and get comped all kinds of stuff. They often knew you by name and made you feel important. If you lost that weekend you still went home and told everyone you had a good time and started gearing up for the next trip. When was the last time you talked to a pit boss that way?
    We left Southern Cal and moved to the Southeast. Started going to Tunica, Mississippi and at first, it wasn’t bad. Then the bean counters showed up and it all went downhill. You could literally see one guy watching and taking notes. Staff cuts were noticeable. I’ll only go to an MGM casino now unless it starts to take a dump.
    Recently gave Total Rewards another shot in Vegas. Stayed in Paris and gambled to within a whisper of the Diamond. Alas, although the room was comped and it was nice, the American restaurant served up the worst steak I have ever had in Vegas (must have been a free-range cow). The waiter was obviously preoccupied with something other than waitering and the whole thing was so overpriced…
    I think my plan now is to finish off the few hundred points I need for Diamond status, then go over to the MLife program, show them my Diamond card, and get their equivalent card. Then I’ll use the Caesar’s Valet, no resort fees, and free room and play at the Mlife resorts. Oh, I guess I’ll take advantage of the $100 dinner….but it won’t be in Paris.

  23. Vicki

    Well that certainly encourages players to go elsewhere…they had already limited access to higher Diamond levels and above so I’m pretty sure they were more than getting back the cost to run the Lounges. Once again corporate deciders fail to include the overall benefits they receive by throwing their customers a bone.

  24. Vic

    I just found this blog and I agree with EVERYONE. The passing of the Diamond Lounges is just a wrinkle compared to the current (and probably upcoming) downfall of perks. Having been a Seven Star for the past 10 years (mainly thru play at The Horseshoe in Bossier City, LA) it truly felt like “family” when playing 12 hours a day and seeing the same people over and over…..everyone knew everyone’s name. NOW those people have gone and the “swagger” has left. The new bean counters motto is “GIVE LESS….GET MORE”. I’ve been to Vegas twice this year and my routine is the same – stay at Caesars, get up in the morning, shower, get my wife coffee and a danish, then go to Bellagio or the Venetian to play that morning. I try to give to Caesars properties as little as possible. Screw me – I screw YOU. In 5 days I never saw anyone get a W2G at any Caesars properties. At The Venetian we got two in one day. Like someone earlier said the places are packed….but are they gambling? I saw packs of Millenials carrying bags of liquor to the room and very few actually gambling, TR comps are great (airfare, hotel, etc.) but knowing they’re screwing you and there’s NO “fun factor” then it’s time for a change. I’ve reached Venetian’s top level fairly easily and never tried their extensive array of great restaurants so what better time then now. NOBU was the main reason we liked Caesars properties but we can go there from anywhere. I would like to know of any properties that will put you in the equivilant level as that attained in Total Rewards.

  25. Anita

    Vic – I don’t know when you were at Caesar’s, but I was there the week of May 7 and saw the same thing. On a Wednesday night a pack of 20 somethings dragging coolers of alcohol to the room. I just couldn’t believe it. I feel so bad for all the long term employees who you know are used to a better class of people.

    I read MLife will do some type of level matching. Certain they would be more than happy to start stealing away CET people. My problem is we are only 90 minutes from Tahoe with two CET properties and another Indian one (Harrahs NorCal) about 45 minutes away. We are heading to Tahoe tomorrow. I know it will be packed and we will see a lot of our same cocktail waitresses and bartenders that treat us great. But if those Laurel Lounges do not open I will be spreading my gambling dollars out among other places.

  26. David Gadomski

    I never expected a fancy, high priced meal in the Diamond Lounge ( and I never got one), but I did want and got great service from the workers in the lounge. It was a nice retreat from the anxiety and pressure in the casino and made my night go by so much nicer. I’ve been Diamond Plus for the last 2 years and have enjoyed the perks of achieving that status. The Diamond/ Laurel lounge is an important part of the Total Rewards experience and losing it will wipe out a big part of the Total Rewards experience. Please, think seriously of the consequences that will bring to Caesars Properties.

  27. Karl DAmico

    I’ve been Diamond / Diamond Plus for over 10 years. If CET kills the Diamond Lounges, then my business is going with it. Period.

  28. Dena Byers

    As a 7 Star member, I’m so disappointed in Caesars Entertainment. I Just got back from Vegas and was so disappointed. The Diamond Lounges were closed and getting 4 drink tickets and 10.00 food credit is a joke. So I went to check on a list a shows and was told we have 2 tickets to the high roller or we can go see the Bodies Exhibit. They are cutting so many perks since the sale of CET. Well we started looking for new casino’s to start gambling with. I went to the WYNN and they matched my 7 star status with their top tier. Love the rooms and get great comps already so I’m excited to start taking my business to another casino. I also gambled at Venetian and going to check out Mlife as well. Caesars is trying to go cheap on everything and I feel they will lose a lot of players. I for one will be looking else where.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I used to love CET and spent most of my money gambling there, well if they don’t bring back the diamond lounges, I for sure will gamble at other Casinos.
    Start listening to your customers Caesars Entertainment and take care of your loyal customers.

  29. B. Hyatt

    I have been Diamond Plus for years and made Diamond Elite in 2020 even with the casinos closed for a brief time. Caesars advertized on their website one of the perks for being a Diamond Elite was Diamond/Laurel lounges. After spending all that money investing to become Diamond Elite, no lounge.
    Seems a bit dishonest. Mlife matched my Diamond Elite status and even issued same status to my husband based solely on my status.
    We like the employees at Caesars properties and are on my way to attaining same status this year but
    we are enjoying Caesars less and less each day. We live here in Las Vegas and are starting to play more often at other casinos. I think most of us will agree we gamble more when we have had a few martinis. Try getting a nice martini at a slot machine. After visiting a Laurel lounge I know I gambled more than when I play a slot machine and have a bottle of water. I never order a drink or a wine at a slot machine. The quality of the wine is equal to the cost of a $3 bottle of wine in a supermarket. Bring back the Laurel lounges and maybe you will bring back the heavy players.

  30. Gary Cunningham

    I have been a Diamond player for 10 years but was disappointed in April . If the Diamond lounges don’t return I will not be going back 6-8 times a year as in the past even though I’m retired now and would like to go more often. PLEASE bring back the lounges so I don’t have to go to MGM.

  31. Michael Dixon

    I’ve been a Diamond player for many years, making several cross-country trips to Caesars proerties, always enjoying the experience–especially the Diamond Lounges. There are 4 of us in the family that have Caesars Diamond, and my daughter got married at Caesars during the pandemic. I never thought I’d say this, but I get more perks (comped rooms, etc.) at MGM now than at any Caesars property. Although I’ll likely maintain my Diamond status, I’ll be focusing all my family’s attention on MGM from now on. You’re REALLY blowing it, Caesars! Really short-sighted to cut back on so much just when the town is getting back into the swing…


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