Some Las Vegas Casinos Could Temporarily Close (Again) Due to COVID-19 Concerns

The buzz is undeniable. We hear some Las Vegas casinos could close temporarily due to COVID-19 concerns.

A reliable source believes Venetian has plans to close, yet again, following the July 4 weekend. Unlike last time, however, the closure would presumably be for just 7-10 days.

Update (7/4/20): Venetian has publicly stated no shut-down is planned.

Update (7/11/20): Las Vegas Sands has confirmed Palazzo will close midweek.

Venetian Las Vegas gondola

Please don’t go away again, Venetian.

Many Las Vegas casino companies are increasingly concerned with rising COVID-19 cases, including among their employees.

We’ve also heard front line staffers at Caesars Palace have relayed to guests the resort will temporarily close following the long weekend. [Update (7/13/20): Caesars Palace did not close.]

These rumors are unconfirmed, but it’s unlikely any casino would telegraph such moves heading into what’s expected to be a busy July 4 weekend.

Every casino we’ve visited has upped its enforcement of mandatory mask and social distancing rules, mainly due to the threat of another mandated closure by Nevada Steve Sisolak.

That said, the Governor’s office released a statement that just half of businesses are complying with face covering requirements.

Sisolak statement

Casinos are doing their part, but bars and restaurants not so much.

Just 50 percent of bars and restaurants visited were found to be in compliance. The number was 61 percent at auto sales, gyms, hair and nail establishments.

Here’s page two of the Governor’s statement. The ominous part.


Trust us, nobody wants to be on the receiving end of “swift and decisive action” right now.

The strategy of voluntary, time-specific closures for casinos makes sense, despite it being painful to think about some of our favorite places on Earth closing their doors again, even if only for a week or two.

It’s unknown how many casinos may voluntarily close, but at the moment, it doesn’t appear there’s a threat of another full, mandated closure as happened from March 17 to June 4, 2020.

Voluntary closures mean casinos take their fate into their own hands, and at least they’ll have hard dates for reopening again. The uncertainty of rolling reopening dates the last time around was a logistical nightmare.

This saga is far from over, and as always, we’ll let you know what we hear.

Update (7/4/20): Venetian Tweeted the rumored shutdowns are false.


We’ll take all the good news we can get.

Update (7/12/20): Las Vegas Sands confirmed Palazzo will close weekdays.

67 thoughts on “Some Las Vegas Casinos Could Temporarily Close (Again) Due to COVID-19 Concerns

    1. Archie Wright

      If some of those casino’s can give there carpet a make over it might help also the air conditoner needs to be cleaned as well THE minute I saw the carpet was the same I exited stage left and when you see dirty clothes people filthy shoes and dirty hands escort them out… Just like the RTC people jump on the bus without a mask real dirty clothes dirty hands and mad at Gov. Sisolak. For it all We Value our safety everywhere I did all these things in my apartment myself it works throw everything old out

      1. Michael

        LMAO. Just stay home and put a bubble over your head. How the hell is replacing the carpet in a casino going to even slightly keep anyone safer. LOL

    2. april

      Covid-19 waits for Mister Doctor to leave town July 23rd, when he leaves town we will close all casinos.

      More news at 10pm

      lol sorry just had to.

  1. John Delibos

    The United States opened too soon, as our fearless leader from D.C. kept antagonizing governors with “LIBERATE…fill in the state”. Well we’ve “liberated” tens of thousands of souls from the bodies in which God had placed them. I hope he’s happy now.

    1. Gaz

      Hey Chief // the blue states were the ones taking in the shorts initially, but persevered and did what had to be done.

      It’s now the irresponsible red states who act like it’s just a typical Tuesday who are now ratcheting it up in cases, hospitalizations, etc. I’m looking at you Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

      Las Vegas can’t afford another shutdown so if people would just do what they’re supposed to do, that can be avoided. It’s not rocket science.

      1. Tim

        No it’s still the blue states with the most cases and deaths as a % of population. None of those mitigation measures did anything but add economic disaster to the number of people who would have died anyway.

      2. Shelly

        Hey Gaz, your right, Vegas can’t afford another shut down. But where do you think our 4th traffic came from? Did Cali become a red state??

    2. Mike Alexakis

      I suggest you do a little research, Arizona and Texas are the two states closest to their hospital capacities, and they are hardly blue states… The federal government should be using their clout to rid the country of the virus, countries that had strong centralized leadership did the best against this novel virus, countries with leaders who knew before asking that injected disinfectants are not an option with human beings… New York, a blue state, is the best success story we have, their curve looks like the European countries do. The POTUS has treated this like its all about him and his re-election, and many tens of thousands have died because of that… Having rallies and events with packed crowds is just depressing to have to see happen, it effects all of us…

    3. P Collins

      How long are we supposed to keep the economy shut down. More would have become sick if Trump had not stopped travel from China but then was called racist by Dems.

    4. Michael

      It opened too late. Stay at home and lived your life with a bubble over your head. I hope your not to afraid to at least open your window and get a breath of fresh air (with your mask on I’m sure lol). I personally will not live my life in fear of a virus that if I HAPPEN to be one of the 1 in a 100 or so people that end up contracting the virus (going by the C DC numbers) my chance of survival is better that 99.6%. Did you know that last year 5x as many people died from heart disease alone. Should be a choice to stay home or not. If your afraid stay home. Its that simple. We are 100% being controlled by our state governors.

  2. steven fish

    Our current president putin is getting much help from the comunist republican party. Have fun on our last free forth of july


    I wonder how much of this has to do with COVID, and how much it has to do with low demand for the weeks after the 4th. I don’t see how closing for a couple weeks does any good aside from being able to do a deep clean and maybe implement some more tech to screen guests. Venetian, when I was there a couple weeks ago, seemed to be doing a great job on both respects.

    Hoping it remains elective and brief.

    1. Mike

      I think you just said it best. Me thinks this has more to do with a loss by many casinos, ie, paying personnel costs but not seeing enough revenue to justify the costs. So they’ll just close and see what happens. Ugh.

    2. Mike Alexakis

      It would likely save lives, both guests and employees go home to families, this virus kills people… With the two week gestation period, screening guests is near impossible, there is way more virus in Nevada right now then there was when the casinos re-opened, it sucks but its a fact…


      Yeah, I can see companies with multiple properties taking some off line to match supply with demand. Is anyone getting sick at the casinos?

      1. Sam

        19 Culinary Union workers and/or their family members have died from COVID-19 since March. You can look that up. Maybe these companies are realizing the risks they’re asking their workers to take. Or maybe their legal departments are giving them advice. The best liability waiver in the world won’t be enforceable against gross recklessness.

        1. P Collins

          But all the supermarkets stayed open for the whole time and by taking proper safeguards I have not heard of their people getting sick. And since the casinos were closed since March it seems that they were infected at home or going out somewhere.

          1. Mike Alexakis

            Read the Culinary’s lawsuit, it outlines some disgusting behavior at restaurants located inside major casino resorts. The Culinary simply wants basic safety measures and honest accountability, not money. This is not political or a plot against your favorite cult leader, the Culinary is not against re-opening, just against cover ups and shortcuts… And its not even about where the employees contracted the virus, just what management did when they found out people were infected…

          2. Ben

            Grocery stores were not full of people drinking, smoking and hanging out for hours, When the casinos reopened, almost no one wore masks at many places except workers. How this wasn’t an obvious problem is crazy. We just have to face reality and take reasonable precautions and we’ll really get through this. Wearing a mask in the middle of a historic health crisis is not any more difficult than being forced to wear pants or a shirt in a casino. Making everything a fight about “freedom” is childish and will mean this never ends.

  4. Patrick Henry

    “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin

    I was scoffed at in the comments on this site a while back when I suggested the authorities would not give up their “emergency” powers easily, and that calling the lock down rules temporary was wishful thinking. Unfortunately, I was prescient. How go you like being subjects of the government rather than citizens of your state?

    1. Mike Alexakis

      The situation has obviously changed Patrick Henry, and if you read what Scott posted its the casinos themselves who are right now chewing on this possibility, they are corporations, they have accountability to the stock holders and the public. If Las Vegas gets the reputation as the place you go to get your family sick, they will suffer through this nightmare for generations. People dont have to sign liability waivers to go to casino hotel resorts, these corporations are liable for your safety, if the workers who are wearing masks 100% of the time are getting infected, personal injury lawyers are going to use that against the corporations…

    2. Anthony

      Money is the root of all evil and having these casinos open proves that. No way these casinos should have been opened. Now, who knows who’s been infected with the virus and they are taking it home. Or they have it and are infecting us Nevada residents and we are spreading it amongst ourselves. I mean, all the states around us, we see their own numbers skyrocketing and we invite them in. Sisolack is In a horrible spot and I feel for him. With that said, it doesn’t take away the hard decions he has to make, which is obvious, close the casinos! I bet you he wishes he was still a county commisssioner. That’s my two cents, stay safe everyone.

    3. Gaz

      Unless you consider yourself a sovereign state (which you aren’t), you are subject to the same laws and rules as the rest of us. Just because you think you picked out a kick ass name from history to attempt to make some weird kind of pseudo libertarian point doesn’t make you right.

  5. Mike Alexakis

    The Culinary Union is currently suing restaurants and hotels in Las Vegas for the safety conditions the employee’s have to endure, they are asking for no money, only competent management. The crazy conditions they outline read like a horror movie, look it up, its just astounding. Middle managers seem to be flouting common sense and decency, there is no way upper management has such low regard for the workers and guests…

    1. Diane

      Oh please, be realistic. The top level through upper mid-level have their own jobs to worry about, they don’t a flying one for anything but the almighty dollar because the stockholder is King and the King has got to have his gold. Bottom line.

      1. Mike Alexakis

        The more “upper” you get in management, the more long term your thinking goes, those managers who allowed positive tested employees to continue working were looking at covering the shifts with bodies… Of course money is king, but the stock market is about how much future money is king. Read the Culinary Unions lawsuit, if you think MGM CEO Bill Hornbuckle wants his managers to have positive tested employees working you certainly are not being “realistic”…

        1. chimera

          Long term planning? Maybe in your mind. The multi-billion-dollar, publicly-traded outfit that has employed me for two and a half decades has changed ownership three times, including one bankruptcy. (I thank no one but the labor union for my longevity there.) I’ve lost track of how many different CEOs there have been in that time, but I’ll make a conservative guess and say seven. SEVEN in the time that I’ve been there! Lower-level managers serve as fall guys to insulate those at the top from any direct blame or personal liability. When you say future money is king, you’re delusional if you think upper managers serve any greater God than immediacy and their own pocketbooks. Upper managers paint a mirage. It’s your job to fall for it. Keep up the good work!

          1. Mike Alexakis

            The number of CEO’s at your company is hardly an indicator of how the stock market works, and I am no defender of Wall Street, only an observer… I wish you well, I hope you climb that corporate ladder to the perch you desire… I dont make my observations from perspectives you seem to, I will refrain from calling you “delusional” because I have no reference and I believe in politeness…

          2. chimera

            Mike – The balance between positive and negative space is one of the most crucial elements used in the painting of mirages. The only purpose of my negative comment was to balance the scales of reality against your happy talk, which is a mirage in itself. Sorry for my “delusional” suggestion. My bad.

          3. Mike Alexakis

            No worries, I have thick skin, being married for 29 years will do that to you… My points in this thread are based on the Culinary Union’s lawsuit, if they prove to be true its a huge stain on MGM and Caesars, they have managers trying to cover up positive tested employees, instead of contact tracing them and getting to the root of them. Now you have people like me, retired Las Vegas lovers who visit fairly often, worried even more about safety. Ole Bill Hornbuckle at MGM, a very nice man, now has his dirty laundry in the newspapers, he is way more concerned about the future when everything will be open than he is about this limited opening, people at different corporate levels have different concerns, but the same ultimate goal, huge profits…

  6. Susan Foy

    I live with 2 casino employees and I have copd. I know the issue of opening businesses and casinos is all about money. If I get the virus I will probably die so casinos can make money. The corporations have enough money to protect their relatives. It is all about the money folks. That is all this city cares about. Ask the Goldman’s.

  7. Terry

    I do believe we will close, and I also think we should, but it won’t happen en mass until hospital capacity levels are near full, and we aren’t there yet. We may have a few stragglers beforehand. If so, I hope the hotel I work out is the first.
    I could be wrong; it’s been known to happen.

    1. Common_Sense

      Banning non-smokers in casinos would go a long way to solving smokers problems.

      Did you know that total deaths in Nevada from year to year vary? Between 2016 and 2017 there was an increase of 1100 deaths that year. We are at 530 deaths for the first half of the year. Double that and you get 1060 for the year. So about the same as the normal variation of deaths between 2016 and 2017.

      Wait why didn’t we shut down the economy and destroy small business and remake society then?

      1. Mike Alexakis

        In the United States we generally try to avoid having people die of contagious viral disease, its not a numbers game based on prior years. This year because of a novel virus, we have a tragic and almost unimaginable 150,000 dead. Yes there is a small segment of people who hold your stated view that business trumps people, and you are entitled to that view. But at least you should count the dead people from this year when you try and make your “point” on this forum in my opinion… In prior years we did not have a novel virus that nobody has immunity from…

        1. Common_Sense

          Please have a look at this graph. It’s not Nevada but a neighboring state that had no mask mandate till yesterday.

          Notice how the infection rate climbs to the moon but the death rate stays at the bottom? If we use some common sense what does that graph tell us about this “deadly” disease?

          1. Mike Alexakis

            Deaths are a lagging indicator in most cases, and Idaho is a very tiny state. And many who contract COVID-19 end up with badly damaged lungs and other organs, what we dont know about this insidious deadly virus outweighs what we know by a lot. Just this morning the head of the FDA admitted the deaths are going to skyrocket because of the sheer volume of new reported cases and the crazy high rate of people being tested that test positive. What we need is a safe effective vaccine, then I can re-schedule my two canceled trips to Las Vegas. I applaud Idaho for the mask mandate, scientists say if everyone wore masks the transmissions would drop by 80%…

    2. Sharon

      Temporary smoking bans have been put into place in other casinos in different parts of the country. It’s one less reason to remove a mask, one less way to belch and cough out infected droplets, many less opps for repeated hand to face contact. Sure, sell them to get the tax money but able bodied people can go outside or into a designated smoking area. They will come back to their machines. But as many of you say, if money is all that matters, people will stop going. Staff won’t come back. Great way to get business back. And please don’t get all bu** hurt and tell me to stay home or other unhelpful crap. This is a contagious respiratory disease not a Halloween party. Masks are there for a reason and removing them to smoke is the most obvious oxymoron.

  8. Paris Logan

    I lived in las Vegas for 30 years , and this city has so much money they dont care about their employees, everyone to them is a number. I seen many die and they easy replace , it’s so sad that people keep coming to visit knowing that their is a virus with no cure and yet they are having the time of their lives spreading the disease or getting it, I agree 100% they open the United States up too early and now the numbers are raising. Nobody cares to wear a mask, and how can you in a bar, pool , eating I feel stay home stay safe and not travel close everything. If we could all do this , than maybe we could reopen healthy and safe with no mask , it’s a thought, thank you !

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Not this time. Venetian has said publicly they plan to stay open, which was great to hear.

  9. Lisa Kennedy

    If they want to keep the casinos open and keep implementing wear the mask or face face shield then they need to VOID SMOKING. After visiting a casino in Laughlin, NV They were really pushing wear your mask but they didn’t do it to those who smoked. SMOKE travels from the body, spreads germs just like a cough, spit, saliva etc. It sticks to anything, everything. Supposedly like coughs, colds, germs. If your going to take measures to eliminate the COVID19….TAKE ALL!

  10. Mike Alexakis

    There is some relevant history to ponder, on November 21, 1980 there was a horrible fire at the original MGM Grand hotel, 85 died and nearly 700 were injured… Then 90 days later there was another tragic fire, at the Las Vegas Hilton, eight people died and 200 were injured… The casino resorts then had to convince the travelling public that Las Vegas was not the place you visited to die in a fire, it was a big challenge that they eventually overcame. My great father stopped our family vacations to Las Vegas for several years, then when we went he insisted on staying on the first floor every time. Now the big Vegas resorts have to convince not only tourists that visiting is safe, but conventions as well. The videos that emerged from the recent casino re-openings that showed crowds of people without masks so close together they could be kissing cousins did them no favors. The new masks required edict is a big positive step. Lets see how they navigate this new spike in virus activity, if they are savvy they will project that they care about us people more than they care about a few dollars in the short term…

  11. Katherine

    The people who paid exorbitant prices for houses in the last few years are going to lose big time. The housing pricing are so inflated. It ‘s going to be 2007 all over again. People don’t realize Vegas is a blue collar town. The wages are Not good. Professionals can do well but the casino workers live paycheck to paycheck. The Californians who thought they got a great deal will be stuck with a home worth 1/3 of what they paid for it. The casino jobs are Not coming back and no entertainment mean so visitors. No conventions means total collapse.

  12. andybflo

    You guys realize this is a website about gambling and casinos, right, not *another* website dedicated to political slugfests…

    I come to places like this (and Vegas, in general) to escape that mentality. Please don’t ruin that. There are plenty of websites dedicated to politics. Go there.

    That said, I feel for casino workers choosing between income and illness. Vegas needs tourism. Tourists can usually choose to not go to Vegas (though I try to contribute to Clark County at least once a year.)

    I hope they can strike a balance between safety and visitation, and I’ll see ya in early November (fingers crossed.)

    1. Tim

      You do realize that politics is deeply affecting our casinos and gambling right? And our jobs and all that stuff.

      I know our ability to pay our bills and feed our kids is much less important than you being able to have a little Vegas fantasy but right now some of us just really don’t give a flying crap what 1 possible tourist thinks. We’re concerned with our state being destroyed for years to come and hundreds of thousands of people being pushed into poverty.

      1. andybflo

        Tim, I know I’m not important. I’ve donated my fair share for a decade to CET and MGM, plus all my buddies downtown. I still haven’t moved a decimal place in their income.

        Beyond that, I have a half dozen friends that call or have called Vegas home. Some tied to the casino industry directly or indirectly. It’s a great town, though too hot, and too far from places where I can practice a few hobbies.

        I do feel for you, but it’s not just Vegas. And it’s not just hospitality and tourism. It’s everywhere, and in every industry. I’m in telecom, with a side business restoring old cars. Both affected. Wife is a Doc working in health insurance. Same.

        Here’s the issue… Nobody that makes these decisions cares if you argue about politics on Scott’s website. (Sorry Scott, I still love your site for the entertainment, but its true) You want to make a difference, then put the keyboard down, go out and work a campaign for what you believe in, or run yourself.

        It’s about learning where you’re effective. Arguing on a message board about light hearted Vegas happenings isn’t gonna get you there.

    2. Scott Roeben Post author

      I’m with you, thanks. I don’t talk about politics here, and would love it if people could talk about the things actually being talked about. Oh, well.


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