Sneak Preview: A.Y.C.E. Buffet at Palms

The new A.Y.C.E. (“All You Can Eat”) buffet at Palms doesn’t officially open until Dec. 22, 2017, but who the hell can wait? Did we mention it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet?

We popped in for a security breach on an employee “play DAY,” and A.Y.C.E. looks great.

AYCE buffet Palms

Gluttony has a new home, A.Y.C.E. buffet at Palms.

Palms, part of Red Rock Casinos (a/k/a Station Casinos) has undertaken a massive $485 million renovation, including new restaurant offerings, and A.Y.C.E. is part of that plan.

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As is the law in Las Vegas, Palms says of the new buffet: “Worldly cuisine presented in an innovative, technique-focused fashion will be the signature of A.Y.C.E., which will host guests in an open food hall setting.”

AYCE buffet Palms Vegas

During NFR, “A.Y.C.E.” stands for “All y’all, come eat!

Seriously, Vegas can’t help itself. Here’s more: “A.Y.C.E. will define the Vegas buffet not only with elevated and eclectic food displays but also in its modernized presentation, where we focus on the method of preparation.”

So, yeah, it’s a Las Vegas buffet.

Thankfully, Las Vegas tends to get buffets right. Judging by the interior design, A.Y.C.E. is hitting a lot of the right notes.

AYCE Palms Vegas

Decor touches include old-timey portraits with playful graffiti.

A.Y.C.E. features seven food stations, all of which sound like varieties of weed.

1. The Greenery features seasonal salads and fruits. This station is right up front, but don’t fall for that old trick! Buffet pros skip salads and head for all things meat.

2. The Hearth features a brick oven for casseroles, pizzas, whole fish and English pasties. English pasties, of course, are very popular with pole dancers in London.

AYCE buffet Palms Las Vegas

We love pizza, so at A.Y.C.E., home is where The Hearth is.

3. The Roastery has a rotisserie and wood-burning grill to make a variety of international fare like braised oxtail poutine, French onion beef sliders, calamari steaks, chicken teriyaki and quesadillas.

4. World Pan has more international fare like vegetable paella, Moroccan lamb, dim sum and other Asian favorites.

AYCE buffet

The World Pan station may be familiar because of its famous father, Peter.

5. Smoke & Fire is for meat-lovers, with glazed ham, ribs, hot links, smoked brisket and others.

6. Revival will focus on healthy dishes, with vegan, vegetarian and anti-inflammatory cuisine. Personally, we prefer our buffets inflammatory, but we’re open to trying it!

7. Sweet & Light is the dessert station, also known as “Where this blog begins and ends every all-you-can-eat buffet.”

AYCE buffet

Biggest. Earrings made of plates. Ever.

A.Y.C.E. will be open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

We can’t wait to put on our expandable-waistband pants and try the new A.Y.C.E. buffet at Palms. The resort’s former Bistro Buffet was in need of a serious do-over, and this appears to be one of those.

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A.Y.C.E Buffet at Palms

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10 thoughts on “Sneak Preview: A.Y.C.E. Buffet at Palms

  1. Photoncounter

    Sounds interesting. Red Rock sure seems to be spending dough at the Palms but will anybody other than locals show up? The true money is in conventions and I don’t think there is much of a space over there for meetings – I’ve not seen people with badges hung around their necks walking around.

    The last buffet was pretty bad, not as bad as the Orleans which has to be the worst in the city, but when I ate there a couple years ago before a concert there was little variety and it was tasteless.

    I didn’t see “massive piles of (farm raised) shrimp and (years old) crab legs” on your list of food. Are they setting themselves apart from the other buffets and serving fresh food?

    1. Bouldersteve

      Speaking of the Orleans buffet have not been since the remodel. Maybe its just a nicer room with the same crappy food. I guess it would be worth checking out. Comps are easy to get.Have disagree with it being the worst. Gold Coast get that honor.

      1. Photoncounter

        Haven’t been to Gold Coast in a while. Last time I tried to enter there was a wall of smoke across the casino, I don’t need COPD nor lung cancer. I turned around, walked out. Too bad, I liked Ping Pang Pong and the Noodle place but it’s not worth smelling like a Marlboro Man Convention attendee afterwards.

      2. William Wingo

        I’m not an expert on AYCE buffets, but have visited both Gold Coast and Orleans–before the remodel–and didn’t think they were that bad. But then, as Chuck Barris always said, “I like jock itch.” Ping Pang Pong at GC is great if you don’t mind waiting half an hour to get in.

    2. Alex

      I tried staying at Green Valley Ranch but it was not pleasant as an out-of-towner. The room was decent quality, but that’s where the positives ended.

      The pool was closed 2 out of 4 days for private events. Not a section of the pool…the entire pool deck. To add insult to injury, the area wasn’t being used on most of those days. They easily could have opened it for guests in the morning/early afternoon.

      The most annoying thing was seeing “We Love Locals” signs everywhere in the casino. Apparently Local Love equated to big discounts at their outlets. I have no issue with that, except that hotel guests were forced to pay full price for everything. That fact and the resort fee left a bad taste in my mouth. I haven’t returned to any of their properties since.

  2. Mike L

    Ah yes, one of those all-you-can-eat buffets. They are far superior to those NON all-you-can-eat buffets. That Station Casinos marketing exec deserves a huge raise for that creative masterpiece…

  3. Vegasallen

    If anyone is expecting a $16 dinner buffet, get ready to be disappointed. I hear it’s going to be on the pricey side.


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