Small, Tall, Nothing at All: New-To-Us Craps Side Bets

Craps has been around a long time, but casinos are still coming up with new ways to keep things interesting. (Translation: To get our clams. Cheddar. Cabbage. You know what we mean.)

In craps, those new things come in the form of side, or “proposition,” bets. The popular “Fire Bet” is a good example. During a recent craps session at Excalibur, we encountered three new bets to spice up the game.

From what we hear, these bets have only been in Vegas for about six months.

These side bets are new to us!

These side bets are new to us!

These craps side bets can be found in the middle of the table, in front of the pit boss. The pit boss is the floor manager in a suit who oversees the table and dealers, and who resolves disputes and tells the security guys when it’s time to whack a cheater. Just kidding. Player are rarely whacked. Putting heads in vices is more of a thing these days.

Anyway, the pit boss is the person who places and monitors these side bets. They’re called “All Small,” “All Tall” and “All or Nothing at All.”

These side bets can be made for as little as a dollar. The pit boss also keeps track of the numbers as they hit, placing little “buttons” on the relevant numbers.

First, “All Small.” To win this bet, the shooter must hit five small numbers (2,3,4,5,6) before a seven. The bet pays 35-for-1, so the house has an edge of 7.76%.

See, because it rhymes.

See, because it rhymes.

The house edge is the same for “All Tall.” Again, five numbers have to be hit before a seven (8,9,10,11,12). The order in which they’re rolled doesn’t matter, of course.

Spread the love around: A buck for the dealers, a dollar for the cocktail waitress, and a dollar for this sucker bet.

Spread the love around: A buck for the dealers, a buck for the cocktail waitress and a buck for this sucker bet.

“All or Nothing at All” pays 176-for-1, mainly because mathematicians are the real bosses of casinos, and they always know what to pay to ensure the house gets its cut. In this case, the house edge is 7.99%. A shooter has to hit a mere 10 numbers before a seven (2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12).

The Excalibur pit boss said a customer bet $50 here on Oct. 22, 2013, walking away with $8,800.

The Excalibur pit boss said a customer bet $50 here on Oct. 22, 2013, walking away with $8,800.

In the grand scheme of casinos, these craps side bets aren’t great for the player, but they aren’t horrible, either. By comparison, one of our favorite side bets, the hard six and eight, pay 9-1, with a house edge of 9.09%. The house edge for a hard four and 10 is 11.11%. They’re called “hard ways” because, hey, cocktail waitresses.

Betting the Big Red Seven has a hefty 16.67% house edge.

We’re all for trying a “sucker” side bet every once in awhile to change things up at the craps table. Because, ultimately, it’s only a sucker bet if it doesn’t pay off!

4 thoughts on “Small, Tall, Nothing at All: New-To-Us Craps Side Bets

  1. Chigu

    I wish they had the small/all/tall bet in my casino. On back to back throws I had a roll of 19 and then 29. I hit all small with the 19 rolls, and hit the ALL with the 29 rolls. Would have been an even better night!!

  2. Tom

    I just hit the all small-all tall- all bet on Monday night at Caesar’s Atlantic City, and almost hit it a second time. I bet $10 on each bet the first time and won a bit over $2300. The second time I had bet $15 each on the small & tall, and $25 on the all. I won the all small and was only missing the 10 for the all tall & all bets. A guy next to me suggested laying $500 on the 10, and therefore hedging my other bets in case the 7 came out before the 10, in which case I would lose that money, plus bets that I had on the 10 & hard 10. I did just as he had suggested , and 5 rolls later the 7 did indeed come out, so being that had the lay bet in, I won $250 on my $500 bet, as the lay bet on the 10 is 1-2 payout odds.

  3. Tom

    No. Anybody can place this bet if it’s available on the table wherever you are playing. There are typically two different types of bonus tables. The other is the Fire Bet table. I am not fond of the fire bet, as I have yet to see anyone win that, whereas the small – tall – all bet I have hit approximately 6 time in the last nine weeks. You must place your bet prior to the come out roll. If a 7 seven comes up at any point, even on the come out roll, all bets are lost, unless of course if you hedge your bets by making some sort of bet on a 7. For example: if I were to bet say $10 on each component of the A-T-S, I could lose $30 on the come out roll if I did not hedge my bets. I would then place a whirl bet of $25, as well as place a $15 hops the 7’s bet, therefore hedging my bets. Hope that helps. Sorry for being long winded.


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