SLS Las Vegas Tweaks Loyalty Club Program, Unveils Club 52

SLS Las Vegas has rebranded its player loyalty program following news the resort is being sold to Alex Meruelo and his Meruelo Group.

The casino’s new loyalty club was unveiled June 1, 2017, and is called Club 52.

While the casino hasn’t officially said what Club 52 refers to, we’ve heard the name reflects the fact the Sahara opened in 1952. SLS Las Vegas, of course, was the result of a massive renovation of that classic Las Vegas hotel-casino.

SLS Club 52

The number 52 not only represents the year Sahara opened, it’s also the number of cards in a deck. It can also represent analysis, introspection and adventure. We are not making this up.

Renaming the player’s club could very well be a hint the resort will undergo its own rebrand, potentially back to Sahara.

Which would quite possibly be the coolest thing, ever.

SLS chandelier

Vestiges of Sahara can be found throughout SLS, including this sweet chandelier made of Sahara door handles.

Fun fact: Keen-eyed reader Mike P. shared that the design flourish inside the Club 52 logo was often used in Sahara artwork and around the Sahara itself during its heyday.

Sahara Buddy Hackett

That’s some serious Vegas throwback action right there.

With the launch of Club 52 at SLS, the tiers and their associated benefits have been rejiggered.

The previous loyalty club, The Code, had tiers named Select, Premium, Elite and Legend.

Club 52 has Preferred, VIP, Elite and Legend.

The SLS Las Vegas Web site lays out the perks of the various Club 52 tiers.

Here’s a look at what play will get you what slot points and tier credits.

Code 52 tiers points

Thank you, screen grab technology, for helping us avoid having to type all this information.

There’s been quite a bit of speculation about what changes are coming to SLS Las Vegas following its sale later this year, including spectacularly insightful ideas like, “SLS needs more casino and convention customers.”

The hope is new ownership at SLS Las Vegas can help a great resort find its footing in a challenging location and keep the legacy of Sahara alive.

10 thoughts on “SLS Las Vegas Tweaks Loyalty Club Program, Unveils Club 52

  1. RustyHammer

    You missed the scoop on this one? Unusual…. you must be slowing down in your old age. Your listicle of 2017 scoops would be rather impressive, nonetheless.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Ha. Actually, I did have the scoop first about the loyalty club changing. Thank you, though. It’s been a pretty good average in 2017. Taking the rest of the year off. “)

  2. Bouldersteve

    Bringing back the Sahara name would be a great idea. Too bad we cannot bring back Buddy Hackett…he was one funny dude

  3. Lee

    It only makes sense to rename Sahara. Why would the new owners keep a name that’s associated with a “franchise” they have nothing to do with? The building never came down, so it’s still the Sahara to me. I bet most locals still call it the Sahara.

  4. Photoncounter

    The only other vowel free casino on the strip is MGM – Metro Goldwyn Mayer. WTF does SLS mean? Difficult to send in Morse Code and to pronounce after a few wobbly pops. Sahara has both good and bad connotations. I remember it as a smoke filled dump. What’s there now is an improvement but a place looking for both an identity and customers.

    Rename it something meaningful, change the VP schedules to attract locals, get a better coffee vendor (not crappy Starbucks) and they have a chance.

  5. AccessVegas

    I’m excited to see a Reno operator coming to town. Reno (as far as loose gaming and value) is what Las Vegas was 20 years ago. Combine that with a property that appeals to people over 30 who don’t drink artisinal cocktails, and you may have a winner.

  6. Wally Marshall

    My friend used to work security at the Sahara and said that they had a car a day. A car stolen from the garage every day. Tough property. Muerello spends a fortune on marketing in Reno and the GSR seems busy all the time. He will for sure do better than existing operator. I dont even know what the current SLS offers locals. Its not value, its not good odds, its not inexpensive beer. What do they offer a local?

  7. William Wingo

    “SLS needs more casino and convention customers.” Boy, that’s profound. But don’t worry–6-5 Blackjack and a resort fee will really pull them in….

  8. Mike L

    Bringing back the Sahara name would be a great idea for the new owners. Even though their location isn’t ideal, they really should play on the fact that they are on the monorail. Including monorail access for 2 guests per room in the resort fee would be a great idea (or just eliminating the fee altogether, but that might be TOO MUCH wishful thinking). Scott, are you calling dibs on the Michelin Man’s cousin out front?

  9. John D

    But will they serve flatbread casserole? Okay, I’m reaching. But a return to the Sahara and a removal of that silly sculpture would be great. It’s been long enough since it’s been Sahara that I’ll forgive them for the rooms at the end of their run. It was a dump at the end.


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