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Downtown’s SlotZilla Las Vegas Zip Line Takes First Riders

The long-awaited, much-anticipated SlotZilla Las Vegas zip line at downtown’s Fremont Street Experience has launched its first riders!

SlotZilla zip line Las Vegas

We knew SlotZilla wouldn’t leave us hanging!

The new attraction, with an 11-story launch tower in the form of a giant slot machine, isn’t open to the public yet, but is expected to open within a few days.

Las Vegas zip line

Yes, we already said it’s a giant slot machine, but we never really grasped that whole “show, don’t tell” thing. So, now we’ve shown and told. Just pick one, and let’s move on.

A select group of riders are getting a sneak preview of SlotZilla to ensure ticketing and reservation procedures are up-to-snuff before the attraction officially opens to the public.

SlotZilla zip line

Fremont Street Experience President Jeff Victor waves to onlookers. Unlike this blog, who would be clutching to that strap thingy for dear life.

The aforementioned Fremont Street Experience President Jeff Victor was kind enough to don our GoPro video camera, resulting in a fairly stunning first-person view of the trip under the Viva Vision canopy.

The first group of riders, referred to as “flyers” by Fremont Street Experience (where this blog works, by the way), included Fremont Street Experience staffers, as well as VIPs from Fremont Street Experience partner casinos, including Derek Stevens, owner of The D Las Vegas.

Vegas zipline

Derek Stevens flew with one of The D’s flair bartenders, Ivan (calm), and casino host, Darren (collected).

The new attraction has two take-off levels, the lower (or “Zipline,” at 77 feet up) and upper (the “Zoomline,” at 114 feet), but the lower will open to the public first. The Zoomline is expected to open within a few weeks.

Zipline riders land on a platform about halfway down the Fremont Street Experience, between Four Queens and the Fremont casino. When it opens, Zoomline riders will travel the full length of the Fremont Street Experience, landing in front of the Golden Gate.

Riders on the upper lines will fly prone, or “superhero-style.”

Vegas zipline

Remember, this is the view from the lower level!

When SlotZilla opens to the public, tickets for the Zipline will be $20, available at the SlotZilla ticket office or online. The Zoomline will be $30.

SlotZilla riders must be between 60 and 300 pounds. The attraction is expected to open at noon each day, 365 days a year.

Downtown Las Vegas zipline

You’ll wish you had more eyes to take it all in.

There’s much more fun to come, so stay tuned. In the meantime, zip on over to our SlotZilla archive, or enjoy more pics in our exclusive SlotZilla zip line gallery thingy.


SlotZilla Has Already Rocked Our World With Its Massive, Slot Machine-Inspired Slushy Drink Vessel

We hear from an inside source (us, to be exact) that the opening date for SlotZilla, the new zip line attraction at downtown’s Fremont Street Experience, is quickly approaching.

Although no specific date has officially been announced, we’re willing to push through the suspense because we’ve been given an exclusive preview of the slushy drink awesomeness which will accompany the ride’s unveiling.

SlotZilla slushy drink

If your Las Vegas slushy drink doesn’t require a neck strap, you’re doing it wrong.

This prototype slushy drink cup experience is pretty much everything one could want from a slushy drink conveyance device, other than the fact it’s not yet filled with slushy goodness.

Once it is, however, we’re anxious to get a taste because you deserve a first person account of everything liquor-related in Las Vegas. The sacrifices we make for you.

From what we hear, the lower portion of the keepsake cup will contain the frosty drink while the upper portion can hold any number of other things, including T-shirts, Mardi Gras beads, personal items and Shetland ponies (not recommended).


Riders will depart SlotZilla from two levels. Upper level riders will fly Superman-style.

Once you return home, the SlotZilla cup can double as a piggy bank. The lid has a slit for coins.

No price point is available for this epic SlotZilla cup yet, but you can bet it’ll be less than similar collectible cups on The Strip. That’s just how downtown rolls.


The view from SlotZill’s upper launch level. Sweaty palm factor, maximum.

Learn more about the SlotZilla zip line attraction, coming soon to an “Aieee!” near you.

International Eatery Brings Cheap Food to Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas

There’s a new food court on Fremont Street, International Eatery, bringing some familiar favorites at reasonable prices to a spot that’s about to explode in popularity thanks to the opening of a new attraction, the SlotZilla zipline.

International Eatery

The SlotZilla zipline launch site is just a few feet away.

International Eatery, at Neonopolis, is three restaurants in one, featuring Asian (China Max), Mexican (DJ’s Taco Bar) and Italian (Dino’s Little Italy), all in one convenient venue.

The new food court is located in the former Luna Rossa restaurant space.

International Eatery

Nothing fancy, but fancy usually translates as expensive, so we’re OK with skipping the fancy.

The International Eatery’s restaurants-within-a-restaurant may be familiar to anyone who’s visited the Hawaiian Marketplace on The Strip, as the restaurants all exist in that shopping plaza as well.

International Eatery

Where pizza ovens go, we follow.

The International Eatery is still a work-in-progress, as new partnerships are expected to expand the offerings available soon. An Auntie Anne’s pretzel counter is coming, as well as a Sugar Factory outlet, although that hasn’t been officially announced yet.

International Eatery

Those with keen eyes will note the Sugar Factory duck on one of the International Eatery awnings.

Lots of businesses have opened at Neonopolis, and many have failed, for any number of reasons. However, foot traffic will be at an all-time high when the SlotZilla zipline opens soon, and International Eatery is poised to do a booming business with value-oriented visitors to the Fremont Street Experience.

Honestly, they might be able to thrive on slushy drink sales alone.

We grabbed photos of all the menus at the International Eatery, so check out the photo gallery, below.

International Eatery at Neonopolis

[img src=]73870
[img src=]7360
[img src=]5840
[img src=]6400
[img src=]5080
[img src=]4830
[img src=]4390
[img src=]4940
[img src=]5160
[img src=]4521
[img src=]4060
[img src=]4530


Stormtrooper Bravely Tests SlotZilla Zipline at Fremont Street Experience

The SlotZilla zipline at the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas has reached its latest milestone.

An intrepid Stormtrooper was the first to zipline from SlotZilla to the halfway point of the Fremont Street Experience canopy.

SlotZilla tests

Use The Force. Of gravity.

All right, so it wasn’t a Stormtrooper, per se. It was a human-sized dummy that looked strikingly similar to a Stormtrooper.

Here’s Fred (that’s the dummy’s nickname), right before takeoff.

SlotZilla zipline

Well, at least that isn’t awkward.

Anyway, we grabbed some video of the dummy making its descent after emerging from the 110-foot-tall SlotZilla, said to be the world’s tallest (simulated) slot machine.

As you can see, SlotZilla is still in test mode, so the dummy’s ride was much slower than a typical ride. Thrillseekers will experience a good deal more velocity during the ride and greater impact (the fun kind) upon arriving at the landing platform.

SlotZilla zipline

Don’t leave me hanging, bro.

The test run in our video starts at the lower of two SlotZilla levels (70 feet up), and runs to a platform about halfway down the Fremont Street Experience. Riders who depart from the higher level of SlotZilla will travel even farther, landing near the Golden Gate, 1,750 harrowing feet away.

Tickets for the SlotZilla zipline ride will be $20 for the lower zipline, $30 for the upper and $40 if you’re daring enough to try both.

Las Vegas zip line

Every spin’s a winner at SlotZilla. Just like slot machines in casinos! (Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.)

SlotZilla is set to undergo extensive safety testing, so no official opening date has been announced for the new Las Vegas thrill ride. We’re predicting January 18, 2014, just because if we end up being right, we’ll look incredibly intelligent, and Hail Mary guesses are about the only way that’s going to happen, ever.

Check out all our coverage of the new SlotZilla zipline ride at the Fremont Street Experience.

SlotZilla Zipline Las Vegas Gets Lit at the Fremont Street Experience

Downtown Las Vegas is on the verge of something big! The SlotZilla zipline ride is all lit up, and wired, ready for its hair-raising debut as the next big attraction in Las Vegas.

SlotZilla zipline

Oh, there will be hair raised, believe you us.

A concrete opening date for SlotZilla has been elusive, but from the giant slot machine’s exterior, we expect it won’t be long now.

Las Vegas zipline

SlotZilla is covered with Las Vegas icons. Sadly, our face wouldn’t fit.

The 120-foot-tall SlotZilla is an imposing presence at the Fremont Street Experience, and its decorative touches include showgirls, a flamingo, martini, palm tree and “Welcome to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas” sign.

Las Vegas zipline

This is an homage to a real sign greeting visitors to downtown. That sign is an homage to the sign that welcomes visitors to The Strip. Vegas is big on homages.

SlotZilla’s showgirls are based upon actual women, Jennifer and Porsha, the models who dressed as showgirls and accompanied former Mayor Oscar Goodman to his many public appearances.

SlotZilla’s showgirls are exactly 35 feet, 2 11/16 inches tall. That’ll win you a bar bet someday. (Most sources inaccurately report the showgirls are 37 feet tall. Amateurs.)

SlotZilla showgirl

Porsha, everyone. Everyone, Porsha.

Among the sparkly new flourishes adorning SlotZilla are three video screens which simulate slot machine reels. Unlike a real shot machine, however, this one seems to hit on every spin.

Las Vegas SlotZilla zipline

Win percentages in actual Las Vegas casinos may vary.

Here’s some wonderfully shaky video of the reels in action. We are a Las Vegas blog, not a professional videographer.

The lighting of SlotZilla’s bling marks yet another step closer to the opening of this new thrill ride in downtown Las Vegas. Even the lines have been strung.

Riders will have the option of departing SlotZilla on one of two zipline levels, 70 feet or 100 feet up. Riders who take the high line will ride Superman-style and fly 1,700 feet, the entire length of the Fremont Street Experience, landing by Golden Gate casino.

Ticket prices for SlotZilla will be $20 for the lower zipline and $30 for the higher.

Here are a few more photos of the SlotZilla zipline getting lit on Fremont Street. Just like the rest of us, come to think of it.

SlotZilla Zipline Lights

[img src=]48850
[img src=]1540
[img src=]1240
[img src=]1240
[img src=]1020
[img src=]990
[img src=]890
[img src=]870
[img src=]940
[img src=]750
[img src=]650
[img src=]780


SlotZilla Zipline Gets Wired in Downtown Las Vegas, Set to Launch in December

The long-awaited SlotZilla zipline in downtown Las Vegas has moved into the final stages of preparation for its opening in December, 2013. You can’t have a zipline without lines, and SlotZilla’s are being strung nightly.

It's not just a nearly-empty giant spool, it's also a metaphor.

It’s not just a nearly-empty giant spool, it’s also a convenient visual metaphor.

As the hour grows late on the Fremont Street Experience, visitors are gently nudged into the casinos so the line-stringing can be done safely.

Until this sign on the Fremont Street canopy we'd never heard it called a "mall."

Until this sign on the Fremont Street canopy we’d never heard it called a “mall.” When line-stringing is going on, it’s closed from about midnight until 8:00 a.m. to avoid annoying all the drunk people. (Note: They’re all drunk.)

Update: Our friends at the Fremont Street Experience have informed us all eight SlotZilla lines are up, so closures of the mall have come to an end.

Once SlotZilla opens, it will be a unique zipline experience, as riders are ejected from two levels of a massive slot machine.

No ticket-in, ticket-out for SlotZilla, baby!

No ticket-in, ticket-out for SlotZilla, baby!

Construction of SlotZilla has caused a few minor inconveniences along the Fremont Street Experience over the last few months, but our love of something new to do in Las Vegas outweighs such trivial matters.

Outside the Golden Gate and Las Vegas Club.

Outside the Golden Gate and Las Vegas Club.

SlotZilla is being strung with blah-blah feet of wire with a tensile strength of blah-blah. Who cares? Just open the thing, already!

The lines being put up now are those coming from the top of two launch levels on SlotZilla. They run from one end of the Fremont Street Experience, near Neonopolis, to the other, near the Plaza hotel, a ride of 1,700 feet, 100 feet high.

The lines run from one end of the Fremont Street Experience canopy to the other, a ride of ___ feet.

This is where you’ll land if you choose the “Zoomline.”

Another set of ziplines will end up halfway down the Fremont Street Experience. Take those if you’re a big baby, and you might also want to bring your mommy with you.

The process of stringing the lines for SlotZilla is fascinating, and as such will not be included in this Las Vegas blog.

The process of stringing the lines for SlotZilla is fascinating, and as such will not be included in this Las Vegas blog.

SlotZilla, at a cost of about $11 million, replaces the wildly-popular FlightLinez at Fremont zipline attraction. And thank goodness, because how annoying is it when people use “z” instead of “s” in words? We hate that. They don’t call it “SlotSilla,” do they?

Soon to be the source of your new-found acrophobia.

Soon to be the source of your new-found acrophobia.

Thing are looking good for a December launch, and SlotZilla zipline Las Vegas ticket prices are expected to be $20 for the lower zipline level and $30 for the upper, “Zoomline,” level (the price of a ride on the High Roller Ferris wheel on The Strip. Riders can also grab a combo deal, $40 for rides on both the upper and lower SlotZilla levels.

Know all there is to know about SlotZilla by checking out our SlotZilla zipline archive.