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SlotZilla Zipline Nears Completion in Downtown Las Vegas

SlotZilla, the new Las Vegas zipline downtown, is just about ready for its grand debut, and we’ve got a ton of photos to prove it.

You so pretty.

Beyond its most excellent zipline qualities, SlotZilla will also be the world’s largest slot machine. Because that’s how Vegas rolls, thanks.

SlotZilla’s backside, facing east.

Since our last visit, the SlotZilla zipline has acquired a lot of new bling, including a flamingo and martini glass.

SlotZilla’s martini glass was inspired by an iconic neon sign on Fremont Street East. Either that, or former Mayor Oscar Goodman had a hand in designing SlotZilla, which is entirely possible.

Also newly-installed are some larger-than-life dice (see below).

The only we’d have liked better than a giant slot machine would’ve been a giant craps table, but “CrapsZilla” would not only have been awkward, but also more difficult to market, especially in places like Flushing, New York. (We’ll be here all week.)

Dice trivia: Craps players call 11 “yo,” because 11 sounds too much like that other number we can’t say because as a Las Vegas blog, we are required to be very superstitious.

SlotZilla is getting hundreds of bulbs, many of which can be seen at the construction site, located near Neonopolis.

Building a new Las Vegas attraction takes a lot of balls.

Here’s where the bulbs end up.

Once this baby goes live, it’s going to be an eye-popper.

A giant video screen has already been installed, and we can only imagine the size of its remote control.

This video screen will no doubt be visible along the length of the Fremont Street Experience.

Three smaller video screens, up above, will be SlotZilla’s “reels.”

This slot machine is the only one in Vegas that will be rigged.

SlotZilla is also getting a giant palm tree, and its various parts are strewn about the construction staging area awaiting installation.

A palm branch is a symbol of victory, triumph and peace. Although in this case, it’s a symbol of flying through the air, 100 feet up.

Now that SlotZilla is taking shape, including its striking red color, we can get a much better sense of how the two zipline levels will work. Riders will emerge from SlotZilla at 70 feet or 100 feet up. The upper level is being called a “Zoomline,” and riders will be laying flat. Those riders will travel 1,700 feet under the Fremont Street Experience canopy.

The lower level, 70 feet up, is pictured below. Those riders will land on a platform about halfway down the Fremont Street Experience. Check out the two landing platforms here.

The lower of the two launch levels, complete with showgirls.

We’re so happy to see SlotZilla has both its showgirls, and also to see they have their hands! Go here to see what we mean.

SlotZilla’s showgirls were inspired by two real-life models, specifically the models dressed as showgirls who accompanied former Mayor Oscar Goodman on his many public appearances.

This figure is based upon showgirl Jennifer Johnson. Her counterpart is Porsha Revesz.

Here are the real-life versions of SlotZilla’s 35-foot showgirls. Technically, 35-feet, 2 11/16-inch showgirls.

Jennifer on the left, Porsha on the right.

SlotZilla is expected to open in early November, 2013. See all out posts about the SlotZilla zipline.

So, get out your camera and a little cash (rides will cost $20 for the lower zipline, $30 for the “Zoomline”) and get ready for the newest spectacle in Las Vegas, SlotZilla.

SlotZilla Construction

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