Slick Video Marquee Unveiled Outside Forum Shops

An impressive new vertical video marquee has been unveiled outside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.

We wouldn’t typically share such news, except for the fact it’s a stunner.

Forum Shops marquee

If you’re looking for a free “show” on The Strip, you might try this new eye candy at the Forum Shops.

While we can’t be sure of the technical specs of the new marquee, we can share some video. We think you’ll agree the graphics are eye-popping.

The new, 80-foot-tall video marquee has a healthy selection of animated segments, and surprisingly few are marketing messages.

The sequences feature creative uses of the Ultra High-Definition (4K) screen with custom 3-D effects.

The company behind the screen is called Acquire Digital. Check out their blog post about this and other screens at Forum Shops.

Come to find out, one of the reasons the video is so distinctive is it was created by Moment Factory, a major player in multi-media and video entertainment. Moment Factory did the video elements for Celine’s production at Caesars, as well as two of the light shows at Fremont Street Experience (Imagine Dragons and Tiesto). Take a look.

You can find the new marquee near the replica of the Trevi fountain at the Forum Shops, between Caesars Palace and Mirage.

Why, here’s the Trevi fountain now.

Trevi fountain Las Vegas

Fun fact: Trevi restaurant inside the Forum Shops is nowhere near the Trevi fountain.

We love shiny new things, and the video display outside the Forum Shops certainly qualifies.

10 thoughts on “Slick Video Marquee Unveiled Outside Forum Shops

  1. Funkhouser

    Holy Roman Empire! That’s impressive looking, easily a 4K or higher stunner. It makes the loss of the previous fountain in that spot tolerable. Unlike the turd they stuck on the front of Paris LV when CET demolished the replica of La Fontaine des Mers in 2011.

  2. EnuffBull

    Gorgeous! But what a waste of prime space when a CVS or Walgreens could be selling aspirin there! (That’s sarcasm, I says)

  3. Photoncounter

    In a month or so I’m sure CZR will increase the resort fee to pay for this “free” entertainment.

  4. Bouldersteve

    Don’t care much for shopping malls but the Forum Shops is a exception. The best in Vegas by far

  5. red318is

    I think it a little too ostentatious. One important thing for the other commenters to remember, the Forum Shops are owned by Simon Property Group and not Caesars Entertainment.

    1. Fenix Alexander

      Labeling anything on the strip as too ostentatious is silly — that’s the idea! This isn’t Poughkeepsie.

  6. ZzjitterzZ

    I walked under it last week. To say it’s stunning is and understatement. Hi-def screens cover every vertical inch of it. Very impressive!


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