Sin City’s Ultimate Lounge Lizard, Cook E. Jarr, Is Back at Paris Las Vegas

In some cities, being described as a “lounge lizard” isn’t exactly flattering, but screw that, in Vegas it’s a badge of honor!

The ultimate Las Vegas lounge lizard, Cook E. Jarr, has announced his return from a brief hiatus and he’ll take the stage at Paris Las Vegas beginning June 15, 2015. The show is expected to be free.

Cook E. Jarr

If you don’t get Cook E. Jarr, it’s possible you don’t get Las Vegas.

Cook E. Jarr has a rabid following, and fans were disappointed when he ended his run at Harrah’s Las Vegas on August 27, 2014. Before that, he was a fixture at Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall, now The Cromwell.

Jarr will perform in Napoleon’s Lounge at Paris every Monday, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Unlike lots of Vegas performers, Cook E. Jarr is in on the joke. He mocks his own helmet-like hairstyle, for example.

Cook E. Jarr

Cook E. Jarr has performed at the Sands, Dunes and El Rancho, among others.

The good news is that, also unlike may Vegas performers, Cook E. Jarr actually sings during his show, as opposed to using vocal backing tracks. He typically sings to pre-recorded music, but the karaoke is of top-notch quality, and Jarr never fails to entertain.

During one show, we saw Jarr pull an audience member onstage to chat with the guest’s family member on the phone. During the show. It was awesome.

Cook E. Jarr

Cook E. Jarr works a crowd like Gordon Ramsay works an expletive.

Jarr’s show is overflowing with cheese, just the way we like our lounge acts in Vegas. He’s pretty much guaranteed to do a patriotic number draped in an American flag. Audiences don’t cringe, they roar their approval, proof of Jarr’s timeless charm.

Cook E. Jarr

“God Bless the U.S.A.” is Jarr’s go-to anthem.

Cook E. Jarr’s unique form of schmaltz is a throwback to a quirkier time on the Las Vegas Strip and we wish him all the best with his new gig.

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  • boulder steve

    Glad Cook E. Jarr is returning. Did know about him until reading a article about his show closing and then it was too late. Sounds like a fun seeing the ultimate lounge lizard Tony Clifton aka Andy Kaufman on the Tonight Show.

    • He’s as classic a lounge act as there is in Vegas now.

  • My eye on Vegas

    CJ is great! Whooo WoooF!! thats his calling…. I hope he does more dates then just Mondays. Let us know where else he is at. thanks

  • Brian Sharpe

    Saw him back when he was playing the (now long closed) Continental….cheesiest show in town, had a great time!

    • Yeah, it’s old-school fun, and he has quite the following.

  • Mark Block

    UPDATE to this old info: The amazing Cook E. Jarr (singing in Vegas continually since 1982) is now singing at the Napolean Lounge inside the Paris hotel from 6pm to 8pm on Mondays! come on out !! also check out We, his fans are trying to raise the funds for a Star on the Las Vegas walk of stars for him!

  • Mark Block
  • Mark Block

    702-737-7762 is the Cook E. Jarr hotline. Call it any time for updates. and leave him a message. he loves hearing from fans.