Shocker: Celine Dion Could Move to Park MGM

Did the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority just drop a huge entertainment bombshell?

If it’s not a monumental gaff, it seems Celine Dion isn’t done in Las Vegas when her show at Caesars Entertainment ends on June 8, 2019. She’ll jump ship to the competition, Park MGM.

Here’s the premature post to the LVCVA’s Instagram account.

Celine Dion Park MGM

Let’s hope whoever posted this gets a raise, not a pink slip.

Note: The post on Instagram has since been deleted.

A Celine residency at Park MGM hasn’t been officially announced by Celine’s people or Park MGM, but the LVCVA might know something the rest of us don’t.

You’ll recall Britney Spears couldn’t announce her plans for Park MGM until her contract ran out at Planet Hollywood (Caesars Entertainment).

The cancellation of Spears’ residency at Park MGM leaves a gaping hole in the Park Theater schedule, and Dion’s move would send shock waves through the world of Vegas entertainment.

We were the first to share Jennifer Lopez has also been poached by Park MGM.

The pattern has been Park MGM (MGM Resorts) making lavish offers these performers can’t refuse. Britney Spears was going to make $500,000 per show, and Lady Gaga is reportedly making $1 million per show.


Define “final.”

Celine’s run at Caesars Palace has resulted in the two highest-grossing residencies in Las Vegas history, but it’s entirely possible she’s not done yet.

It’s worth noting Celine attended Lady Gaga’s premiere at Park MGM. It was thought she was merely being supportive of her fellow diva, but if Dion is making the move to Park MGM, lots of pieces of the puzzle fall neatly into place.

It’s also rumored Celine Dion is building a new house in Las Vegas. That doesn’t sound like somebody who’s hanging it up.

At this point, Celine Dion’s move to Park MGM hasn’t been officially confirmed, but if it is, remember you heard it here first.

Thanks to @Celiniacs for pointing us to this scoop.

Update (1/15/19): The LVCVA says their post was a goof. They didn’t go so far as to say Celine won’t be doing another Vegas residency, however.

We’ll take them at their word, but trust and verify (in June 2019).

13 thoughts on “Shocker: Celine Dion Could Move to Park MGM

  1. Primm Steve

    MGM is going after everybody that CET has been (presumably) making money off of, it seems. But how much is too much? It there any way to recoup the cost of Gaga if you’re paying her $1 million per show?

      1. Housefunker

        It use to be.

        Plenty of people have no problem coming and going without dropping a dime in the casino. I have no statistic to say that people do or don’t spend cash in the casino after the show, but I’m not convinced asses in the theater seats translates to as many asses in the casino seats following the show.

    1. alex

      The theater has 5,200 seats. Just to hit $1 million, they need to sell them for just shy of $200 each.

      Pulling up a show in November 2019, the cheap seats are $255. Tickets located in the first 10 rows are between $790 and over $1,000. You can also purchase standing-room only tickets right in front of the stage. Those are $650 each.

      Based on those prices (for a show 10 months away), I don’t think MGM is having a problem making a profit.

      1. Skeptical Steve

        So they’re selling all those tickets at big buck prices, every night, and not comping them to high rollers?

        It’s that easy to make a profit, eh? Sounds like a license to print money.

  2. scott

    They couldnt photoshop out that “Caution, floor is slippery when wet” cone? C’mon now. this is vegas photography……where every marketing image is watched w a fine tooth cone….. except for slot ‘jackpots’

  3. Jeff in OKC

    So, I wonder how modern analytics help the casino companies relate profit margins on room, food, beverage, shopping and gaming gross revenues on today’s headliner versus the “old days” of simply “high roller gambler”?

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      I think it’s an integral part of their strategy. These deals don’t really pencil out unless those other sources of revenue are factored in.

  4. Hugh Balles

    A lot of people are trying to crunch the numbers here, but it’s more than just paying the headliner each night. There are musicians, power bills, backup dancers, costume cleanings, marketing campaigns and probably many other expenses we never notice.

    On the income side, each patron, after buying wildly overpriced tickets, is going to buy a wildly overpriced drink or two. They might pay for the VIP meet-and-greet session. And they’ll certainly want some merchandise after the show.

    The math’s too complicated for me, but I know the casinos wouldn’t book these stars without ensuring the numbers are lucrative for everyone involved (except for us fans, of course).

    What I DO find interesting is MGM’s repeated willingness to poach stars from rival Caesars … and also MGM’s certainty that the market will support another [XX] shows by Britney or Celine. To me, that level of gambling surpasses anything we’ll ever see at a blackjack table.

    And, with all the branding and promotion that has to occur, along with customizing an arena to the artist, it’s almost like building and marketing a new casino. When you think of Treasure Island, do you also immediately think of Mystere? Luxor / Chris Angel? Flamingo / Donny & Marie?

    Getting it right is SUCH a gamble.


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