Seth Rogen Slams Donald Trump on Twitter for Exaggerating the Size of His Erection in Las Vegas

Republican Presidential candidate and acknowledged asshat Donald Trump got into a Twitter spat with actor Seth Rogan during the candidate’s recent visit to Las Vegas.

The Donald Tweeted from his Trump International Hotel, calling it the “tallest, most beautiful building in town.”

Seth Rogen Tweeted in response, “It’s the fourth tallest building you lying shit pile.”

Trump Rogen Tweets

We tend to prefer civil discourse over name-calling, but if the shoe fits.

Oh, Twitter, you never fail to entertain!

According to the Internet, which as everyone knows is never wrong about anything, the Stratosphere is the tallest building in Las Vegas at 1,149 feet.

The Strat is also the tallest observation tower in the United States. Because the Stratosphere is “not fully habitable,” though, it’s not considered a building, per se. We have no idea why, but we are a Las Vegas blog, not an architectural engineer.

The next tallest building is the Fountainebleu hotel (at 735 feet). That project crapped out in 2009, but for Rogen’s assertion to be true, it has to count.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas

The Fontainebleau is an enduring monument to WTF.

Next up are The Palazzo (642 feet) and Encore (631 feet), followed by the fourth tallest building in Sin City, Trump International Hotel & Tower at 620 feet tall.

The Internet describes Trump International as the “tallest residential building” in Las Vegas, so perhaps that’s what Donald Trump meant.

While it may not be the tallest building in Las Vegas, few would dispute Trump’s hotel is beautiful. It’s dramatic and more than little phallic, with a gleaming, gold exterior.

Trump International Las Vegas

We’ve never been inside, because, well, no casino.

When (and if) the Resorts World resort is completed, it will trump all the other non-Stratosphere contenders for the title of tallest building in Las Vegas at 679 feet.

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  • Wally Marshall

    Seth Rogan is an idiot.

    • You’re spelling Donald Trump wrong.

      • Charles Auer

        No matter who is an idiot, Seth Rogan does appear to have anger issues. It’s never good to let idiots make you that angry.

        • Hard to tell from one Tweet, but you’re right.

  • Troy Swezey

    The gold tint on the windows makes the water coming out of the bathroom sink taps look green during daylight hours.

    • Not exactly a selling point, but great trivia to win bar bets. “)

    • Steven Brown

      It also screws with cell reception in the rooms.

  • Mike B

    The other thing he got wrong… “in town”! The Trump tower is SOUTH of Sahara, so it is NOT in the City of Las Vegas, it is in Winchester, Nevada (unincorporated Clark County).
    Just sayn’.

  • Jonesy55

    WRT Resorts World, when I was in town three weeks ago, there was NOTHING going on at that construction site.

    • Yeah, it’s a little slow. Looks like there’s been work on the parking garage, which needs to be big enough to accommodate all those construction workers (supposedly). “)

  • Walter

    Will they ever finish Fontainebleau? I hope they don’t tear it down.

    • It sounds unlikely it would be finished and expensive to take down. It’s a mess.

      • Rob Brown

        it will be purchased and completed for a huge profit to carl

  • Kenneth Sims

    Leave it to no talent Canadian to open his pinhole where it does not belong.