Screw Pretense, Binion’s Has the Best Burger in Las Vegas

We’ve tried what must be dozens of burgers in restaurants up and down the Las Vegas Strip. The best burger in Las Vegas, however, can be found in Binion’s Cafe, downtown.

Best burger in Las Vegas at Binion's

Binion’s scoffs at other restaurants’ Photoshopped burgers. This burger is the real deal.

The burger at Binion’s Cafe, in all its greasy glory, runs a reasonable $6.50 and includes a hearty portion of fries.

Forget flame-kissed, overpriced burgers from celebrity chefs. The Binion’s burger is made on an amply-seasoned, old-school flat grill which probably hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned since 1970. Hey, in Las Vegas, everything’s a gamble. Like Binion’s itself, these are burgers with character.

Binion's Cafe Las Vegas

The accent in “Café” makes it sound fancy, doesn’t it?

The Binion’s Cafe is open 24 hours a day, so you can satisfy your burger cravings day or night. Downtown is a non-stop party, and Binion’s burgers are the best kind of party fuel (or hangover remedy, for that matter).

Whether you grab a table or sit at the counter at this always-bustling restaurant, you’re going to get a burger you won’t soon forget. Just ask its die-hard fans, for they are legion.

6 thoughts on “Screw Pretense, Binion’s Has the Best Burger in Las Vegas

  1. Steven Brown

    You used to be able to get it at the snack bar next to the Poker Room, but when they made the other snack bar their 24 hour cafe, they quit serving them there.


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