Scaled Back Tropicana Reopens on The Strip

Tropicana was down, but it’s definitely not out. The classic casino reopened on Sep. 17, 2020.

Tropicana has been closed since the Las Vegas casino shutdown on March 17. Most casinos reopened June 4, 2020, but Trop choose to remain closed to gauge demand.

The old girl is back, although she’s been trimmed down a bit, so expectations should be adjusted accordingly.

Tropicana Las Vegas

Trop has some of the sexiest glass in town.

Tropicana’s showroom is dark, obviously, and dining options are few at the moment.

The resort’s best dining options are closed temporarily, including Robert Irvine’s Public House, Bacio, Lotus Asian Kitchen and one of our go-to steakhouses on The Strip, Oakville.

Trop reopening

Give it a minute.

The beverage situation is in flux as well, with Trago Lounge out of commission so far.

Guests can still get snacks and drinks at venues like Trop & Go, Starbucks and the Chill’m Bar just off the casino floor.


This is where they store the brain freezes.

The casino is taking things slowly as well, with fewer table games, but when it comes to gambling, something is always better than nothing.

There were rumors Tropicana might not open again under the current ownership as Penn National Gaming has said it’s up for sale, but we were happy to see Trop return while a sale is being sorted out.

Technically, Trop is owned by Gaming & Leisure Properties, Penn’s REIT (real estate investment trust). Long story.


Tropicana’s had its ups and downs, but it’s hard to imagine The Strip without her.

A temporarily streamlined Tropicana is still a great time, and there’s an ample selection of slot machines, or as we like to call them, “Retirement Windfall Delivery Devices.” (Actual results may vary.)

While Trop’s amenities may be limited for now (no valet), the resort’s pool and spa are open.

As is the case with lots of Strip hotels, Trop has some excellent deals at the moment, so you’ll want to take a look. Midweek rates are $39. That’s not great news for Tropicana, but it’s spectacular news for visitors.

We enjoyed our first visit to Trop since it reopened, although we did miss Trago and Oakville.


Same back at you, Tropicana.

Cautious optimism is probably wise at this juncture, but there are signs Las Vegas is ready to spring back to life, especially now that bars have reopened.

Tropicana has been a fixture on The Strip since 1957, and you’ll want to add it to your list of stops when you’re in town, even if you’re just checking out the casino’s glorious, 4,000-square-foot stained-glass ceiling.

12 thoughts on “Scaled Back Tropicana Reopens on The Strip

  1. Mike Alexakis

    I do like the casino interior remodel job they did several years back at the Tropicana, before that it was looking rather old and dingy…If they ever decide to bring back five dollar craps I will be there twice a day for my entire vacation, I hit my only lifetime royal flush there, and had my biggest monetary win playing craps there… When I was 16 I was sneaking around that casino playing ten cent slots, and I heard a surly voice say “excuse me sir”… I slowly turned around certain I was busted, it was a poker dealer who said “would you like to play some seven card stud?”… I said yeah I would, played till the next morning… Old Las Vegas was lax compared to today, when I took my younger son he had to show I.D. ten times per hour…


    Nope, sorry.

    Love the optimism in your post but the Trop was almost irrelevant even before COVID. Dead vibe, old rooms, old casino, nowhere near enough amenities, and now that even those few options are cut back 75% I see no reason to poke my head back in there. Literally any other option on the south strip outside of maybe OYO is going to be a better stay and play experience.

    Some icons in Vegas just need to be allowed to fade away.

  3. Sheila Armistead

    When you’re touting these great room deals, don’t forget that $39.00 plus tax is just the bait. The switch is the resort fees which is as much or in many cases more than the room itself. Promotions with locals in mind should help, but I doubt they will go in this direction.

    1. Jackson

      Amen, Sheila. It’s $39 plus $37 resort fee.

      You’d think that a blog that repeatedly complains about resort fees wouldn’t ignore them on stories like these. Pick a lane and stick to it. Resort fees don’t suddenly become palatable just because Las Vegas needs visitors to fill the casinos.

  4. Linda

    Caesars Windsor is getting ready to re-open (sorta). There will be a 50 person limit in the casino by invitation only, and you have to schedule your time. Slot machines only. No table games. No bars. No restaurants and no alcohol sales.
    And the hotel remains closed.
    Can you say “why f$&@ing bother?

  5. Mister Doctor

    Las Vegas will hit its groove eventually, but first it really needs to fix its public image. Reports of shootings on the Strip and sight of lazy people rolling around in motorized scooters is going to cost the town tourist dollars and we know this town needs those tourist dollars.

    1. BST

      Yes and Yes ! The virus is one thing- public image another .
      Don’t get me wrong ,I wish them well but aside from the pandemic they have so many negatives going on right now 🙁

  6. Robin L Hayes

    My husband and I was their last year we loved it didn’t pay for nothing ( gambling of course) coming back the end of October don’t know where we will stay. Maybe here if I could get a deal.

  7. Marilyn E Williams

    I’ve always loved staying at the Trop great times have been shared with friends there every casino has something that can be improved. You can’t fine those delicious cookies anywhere else!!!

  8. Paul M

    One of the best hotels on the strip for the $20 trick. Last time I stayed got a discount from hotels tonight for a regular room. Handed the desk clerk a $20 bill and got upgraded to one bedroom suite with a view. Works every time pretty much everywhere.


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