Sammy Hagar to Announce Residency at The Strat

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Sammy Hagar is set to announce a residency at The Strat.

Hagar is best known for his hit, “I Can’t Drive 55,” as well as having been the lead singer of Van Halen after David Lee Roth lost his mind.

The Strat sent out a teaser news release about the announcement, which will happen June 28, 2021. The release didn’t mention Sammy Hagar, which is why you have us.

Sammy Hagar

The world wants to party with Sammy Hagar, now they can at The Strat.

Rumors of a Sammy Hagar residency at The Strat surfaced in 2020, but the pandemic pushed back those plans.

At the time, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported Hagar would perform in the “Celestia” tent, but as we reported exclusively, that show permanently closed during the pandemic and the tent, from what we hear, has been sold off and is currently being dismantled.

Hagar’s show schedule is unknown at this point, but you’ll know when we know, so check back for an update after the official announcement.

Sammy Hagar’s show will most certainly include his songs, “Your Love is Driving Me Crazy,” “Eagles Fly,” “Mas Tequila,” “Little White Lie,” “Red,” “Bad Motor Scooter,” “Three Lock Box” and other songs we copied and pasted from Web sites listing his greatest hits.

We are not a loud music person.

That said, we also cannot drive 55, so there’s that.

While 55 may be the posted speed limit, that doesn’t give you an excuse to drive that speed in the left, or passing, lane. Get out of the damn way. People don’t just spontaneously have road rage. If you drive the speed limit in the passing lane, it’s you. Move over!

Yes, we pretty much wrote this entire story so we’d be able to tell you to move the hell over.

While we may not have an expansive knowledge of Sammy Hagar’s catalog, we can attest to his being a cool guy. At a media event we attended a few years ago, Hagar took the time to introduce himself to every photographer on the red carpet. We’ve never seen that before or since.

Sammy Hagar is also a big rum guy, so he can pretty much do no wrong with us.

“The Red Rocker” is about to take his rightful place among those with Vegas residencies, and the after parties promise to be epic.

Update (6/28/21): Strat has confirmed its Sammy Hagar residency. “Sammy Hagar & Friends” starts Oct. 29-30, 2021. Bassist Michael Anthony, who’s played with Hagar for the past 30 years, and Vic Johnson, Hagar’s longtime guitarist, are confirmed for the first four shows. Drummer Jason Bonham is confirmed for the first two shows. Tickets start at $100.

Here’s Sammy Hagar at the announcement event.

22 thoughts on “Sammy Hagar to Announce Residency at The Strat

  1. project design

    Yes, Sammy is cool….he’s a Vegas guy and has been good to locals. Beside being fabulously rich, we would catch (for free) him stepping on stage predictably with a local bad in the early 2000’s (Yellow Brick Road, most excellent). This was at the Boulder Station….Toby Keith showed up one night<~~~there is a reason why both these guys are very successful!

  2. Boulder Steve

    Not a big fan but I’d check out a show. Some of his early music was pretty good. Scott you say your not a loud music person than why do you hang out at Circa

  3. Doug Diehm

    I’ve never seen anybody have more fun onstage than Sammy. Great showman and can still rock at 70.


    Let’s not forget one of the more recent catchy jams “Marching to Mars”.Without the collaboration of Van Hagar we would have missed out on so many kickass songs including some of the most iconic lyrics and crank it loud rock sound that has defined Sam the Man and of course the Van Halen band .Chicken foot was ok.

  5. Buck

    Sammy is a Tequila guy, not a Rum guy. He sold his Tequila brand l, Cabo Wabo, to Seagrams for over $80 Million. And hes working on a new Tequila now.

  6. Michael Alexakis

    Obviously there are myriad opinions on Sammy Hagar and Van Halen, I think their guitarist was gifted with quick fingers and that they sold a lot of records after starting as a garage/party band… What I am decidedly not a fan of is a rock star peddling booze, or an actor like Clooney. The Grim Reaper would be more appropriate, sure, most people drink responsibly, but a large segment of people end up in a ditch. Hagar obviously cares a lot about his own bottom line, which is not uncommon, but in his case he could easily refrain from alcohol brand hawking and belt out tunes while he owns restaurants… Roger Waters of Pink Floyd sets the bar, he won’t let his music be used to sell anything, it’s stand alone… If you have to sell Sammy, sell T shirts, your 55mph song is a classic…

    1. Jojo

      Dude i get your point but you know what’s worse? every commercial during a sporting event there’s adds to gamble on the next quarter, next period. Over under. Who will score next. Much worse out there than sammy!
      at least his bar business profits go to charities and to help people in that particularcity. .. he’s an entrepreneur. He’s a sharp business guy. He’s a guy who can give back and does give back.
      Listen to chickenfoot song…lighten up!
      We both could only wish to be as smart a businessman as sammy.
      . Sammy is cool 😎

  7. Dianne Curtis

    I tried to get tix at the pre-sale and they are saying every single date is sold out !!! Will there be more dates available ???

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Yep, it will be ongoing. I think he’ll do weekends for a month, then off for a month, and alternate.


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