Rumors Heat Up About Planet Hollywood Sale

Caesars Entertainment, on the heels of its recent merger with Eldorado Resorts, has not been shy about saying it’s looking to sell one or more of its Las Vegas resorts.

We’re putting our money on Planet Hollywood, and we predict a sale could be announced sooner rather than later.

Rumors about a potential sale of Planet Hollywood have circulated for some time now, but a source who asked to stay anonymous says he was recently laid off and an impending sale was given as the reason.

This rumor has not been officially confirmed.

Planet Hollywood

The Planet Hollywood name had some cache at one time. Now, not so much.

As is the case with many industry rumors, this one’s hearsay, and Planet Hollywood’s owners haven’t tipped their hand about when the resort might be sold or when.

Also, no information is available about who the potential buyer might be. Previously, an Eldorado/Caesars official said “operators not on the Las Vegas Strip that want to be on the Las Vegas Strip” have expressed interest.

Planet Hollywood

One of the best party pits in Las Vegas. Allegedly.

Speculation has included Hard Rock International, the Seminole tribe, as a potential buyer of Planet Hollywood. Hard Rock has also reportedly been in discussions with Las Vegas Sands about Venetian and Palazzo.

Hard Rock International has publicly expressed a strong interest in a return to Las Vegas.

We reached out to Caesars Entertainment and Hard Rock International for comment on this rumor, but no official response was received at the time of this story going live.

We’ll share more details as they become available.

If you have any information related to the rumored sale of Planet Hollywood, we’d love to hear from you.

11 thoughts on “Rumors Heat Up About Planet Hollywood Sale

  1. Alex

    Carl Icahn is a big stock holder and is known for breaking up assets. 3 Ceasers Horseshoe properties in Indiana are sold off . this company is in a lot of financial trouble. Earnings come out this week. 500 to 900 million in losses this quarter.

    1. Brandon

      It was the state of Indiana that required that Eldorado sell 3 properties once the merger was completed and they became Caesars. They probably would have sold Tropicana Evansville anyway but they’re selling Horseshoe Hammond because of the casinos coming to Chicago eventually and Caesars Southern because the Indiana Horse Racing Commission required that Harrah’s Hoosier Park and Indiana Grand can’t be split up.

  2. Michael Alexakis

    The Aladdin is going to change hands, again… I consider it a nice property, with a decent shopping mall that regular people can go to. It has a great location, and the rooms are nice. A kid I grew up with acquired the property out of a bankruptcy and changed it to Planet Hollywood, we all thought he was crazy, that the new “theme” was not so great. For a few years my family enjoyed getting comped hotel rooms there, they once gave my father an incredible suite overlooking the Bellagio fountains. I think the timeshare idea was what sunk them, and they sold out to Caesars. Whomever buys it is getting something exponentially nicer than the Rio, the Miracle Mile Shopping Mall attached generates foot traffic, as does the Bellagio right across the street…

  3. Andrew

    From day one this property has had a non stopping streak of bad luck.

    – first the casino above street level,totally wrong concept somewhere fixed with escalators,but walkers would find themselves going more often inside Miracle Mile rather than the casino. Some friends of mine Vegas first timers even called the place the “Miracle Mile hotel”.

    – The London Club, the casino within the casino. That project costed London Club PLC a 500M dollars investement and was a total disaster,LC Ceo even ended up to resign his position due to a stress related heart attack.

    – then, the ” in your face” arabic theme,something that came along in phase of market saturation right after the Bellagio opened and generally speaking was not well accepted by americans.

    – and then, 9/11 hit, read above the arabic theme.

    There where a couple of good things tho, like the Spice Market Buffet,hands down back then the best buffet in town along the Bellagio’s one. And the mega Sharper Image store inside the Miracle Mile Mall. Ok nothing great about that store but a cute lady used to work there and I’ve tried to ask her out many times without success…lol.

    1. Michael Alexakis

      The Aladdin opened in 1966, when The Bellagio was the golf course of The Dunes Hotel, I played that golf course as a kid, when I tell people there used to be a championship golf course on Las Vegas Blvd where The Bellagio sits they laugh. You are 100% correct about 9/11 being a big reason to change the “theme”, and the fact that the casino being not on street level. City Center and Aria did not learn that lesson, they put that lousy freaky empty big dollar designer mall Crystals on the street level, and tucked Aria away…

  4. David

    Re: the ill-chosen Arabian theme; original partners London Clubs (who took a backbreaking bath on the Aladdin) were keen on that because they thought they could import high rollers from the Middle East to Las Vegas. It was a stretch and 9/11 made the idea toxic, as others have noted.

    1. William Wingo

      I’ve heard the Arabian Nights theme was done on the cheap in the first place, and the couple of times I saw it didn’t contradict that impression. It wasn’t likely to draw lots of middle-Eastern high rollers who could just as easily go to many other places. Years later, Lucky Dragon made a similar miscalculation with a different target group.
      But I did get to see Ann-Margret in “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” at the theater for the performing arts, renamed several times since.

  5. Michael Alexakis

    Luxor tried to “de-theme” after 9/11, hilariously… An employee with a straight face told us “that is not an Egyptian Pyramid, it’s an atrium”… For years and years my wife and I make up jokes about that, that the Sphinx our front is actually a puppy dog…

  6. Chuck

    Even as a Vegas nube who was ready for anything, the giant “jewels” stuck in the Alladin’s decorations were just something to laugh at.
    And The Planet Hollywood logo being on the outside of the Bellagio, while the actual casino was across the strip, was… weird.


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