Rumor: Resorts World Las Vegas To Abandon Asian Theme

Ever since Resorts World resort was announced, way back in March 2013, the intention was for the new hotel-casino to have an Asian theme, including pandas, a Chinese garden and a replica of the Great Wall of China.

Now, we’ve heard Resorts World Las Vegas will change course and abandon its Asian theme.

“Change course” doesn’t quite do it justice, actually, because absolutely nobody saw that coming.

Hey, Resorts World, if you’re losing the theme, might be a good time to rethink that name, too. Just saying.

Resorts World has been a source of fascination for Vegas watchers. The Resorts World saga has included not only construction delays, but also a lawsuit claiming Resorts World looks too much like Wynn and Encore.

Originally, the $4 billion Resorts World was to break ground in 2014, with the first phase to open in 2016.

The ground breaking happened in 2015, now the opening is slated for late 2020. Ish.

Our most recent photo of Resorts World. Since then, the hotel tower has been topped out (Aug. 15, 2019).

While some consider the sloth-like pace of construction at Resorts World a source of concern, we say it’s a cunning business move.

Las Vegas visitation and room demand isn’t exactly booming at the moment, so if Resorts World brought its 3,000-plus rooms online now, it could be disastrous.

Also wise is the decision to move away from an Asian theme, should that come to pass. Such a theme could limit the appeal of Resorts World, and de-theming of casinos in Las Vegas has been a trend in recent years. (Treasure Island is now TI, for example.)

Challenges related to international travel could very well be a factor in Resorts World reconsidering its theme. (And don’t get us started on the dumpling fire that was Lucky Dragon.)

The official statement in response to our story about Resorts World dropping its Forbidden City theme is a tad on the vague side.

Resorts World statement

Translation: Confirmed.

Doubt our sources at your peril!

Which leads us to wonder if the new vision for Resorts World includes a theme at all.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Resorts World, but rest assured pandas won’t be part of the equation.

35 thoughts on “Rumor: Resorts World Las Vegas To Abandon Asian Theme

    1. bring back GREAT WALL

      yeah , baby , it’s gone, and they’ll going pay BIG TIME on their first gamble. a big MISTAKE. let it all go down , implode, implode

    1. no pandas at RW

      yeah, you know, they’ll play too cautious , not gamble on taking on new visions, new heights, new drama- see what happens without Steve jOBS AND APPLE. NOW they will go down like the old vegas.

  1. PS

    Let’s hope there is some draw to go there. When it’s like all the rest, what’s in it for me. I can live with local casinos having no theme because the gambling is better, but on the Strip, I expect that something extra. Where’s the fluff, where’s the attraction with no theme. It doesn’t have to be exploding dolphins, but create at least one unique attraction, one that no place in the world has. Don’t copy, be different.

    1. Forbidden City observer

      your RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTT, its too bad they don’t know how to be unique like Apple , Amazon. be the leader, be different, don’t be ordinary, BE EXTRAORDINARY, ONE OF A KIND. why not have donguan caves art exhibit, or the THREE GORGES DAM hotel . now that’s Amore

    1. BORING RW

      the theme is GET BORING, GET MONOTONOUS, GET ordinary , be a carbon copy, , the theme is NADA, NADA, BADABING, BADABOOKEE

  2. Andrew

    They could have built a replica section of the Great Wall… put it in a huge Chinese garden with animatronic Pandas (ala Bellagio Conservatory), imagine the foot traffic and photo op’s in that!


    Zero, and I mean zero chance this thing opens in 2020. And I don’t need any of Scott’s sources to verify that. The place is just a shell now, no way you can build out 3000 rooms in a year and a half. At least not at the pace this place has been moving.

  4. Al

    Once the convention center expansion is completed, that area will boom.

    As for the theme being abandoned, that’s a bad move. A theme bring foot traffic for pictures, thus foot traffic inside the casino to spend on food, souvenirs, etc.

    1. Les Thurston

      NOT TRUE.
      I and many many others miss the themed hotels wish they would return.
      It was a draw to bring people back to see what the new theme offers.

    2. ROUNDER1951

      I have to disagree 100% with you. Who wants new themes?
      Even you want new themes, you just don’t know it yet.

    3. Anthony Curley

      yes we do want themes. Themed hotels made Vegas what is is a unique place to visit however the theme of greed will kill it stone dead. This fee that fee goodbye for me

      1. FEE for All

        you mean, parking fees, Resort Fees, credit cancellation fee, cleaning fee, smoking fee and other fees , feel fee to discuss to RW

  5. Coop

    I called it then and I still believe today that this is Wynn West. Great attempted cover-up. Asian company where Wynn is strong comes in to build a Wynn themed resort? LOL. Fake complaint over windows sure “Drew” our attention. Remember that lagoon project? uh whatever that was. More cover-up. Corporate greed kept the Steve Wynn news away from this project. Cant wait to see the press release. Surely Scott will have it first.

    1. Noonz91

      by golly, thats brilliant!!! That would explain why it looks IDENTICAL on the outside to Wynncore. I hope youre correct. One last Wynn property would be amazing.


    The last two times I was in Las Vegas, I stayed off-strip and had a view of Resorts World off in the distance. Progress was slow but steady. Every now and then a crane would move, and there was discernible progress between the two trips. Glad to hear it’s finally topped out.
    But I agree with FYMYAWF that a 2020 opening is highly unlikely. There’s still a lot of work to be done, and everybody says there’s a recession coming. It could still go the way of FontaineDrew, Lucky Dragon, or the Binion’s/Mint tower downtown.
    When it does open, I’ll be glad to go by and have a look–unless they charge for parking. Wonder what the odds are on that….

  7. Chad

    I have a friend who is starting the construction on The Drew Hotel/Casino. The company which I cannot give out is starting construction in November 2019 to finish the Resort. A crane is set to raise once again on the top of the hotel tower on October 22nd. The hotel & casino is scheduled to open on New Years Eve 2022


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