Rumor: Peter Luger Steak House to Bump Rao’s Italian Restaurant at Caesars Palace

While Caesars Entertainment hasn’t confirmed it’s getting a Peter Luger Steak House, we’ve heard more details and it’s not pretty for Rao’s fans.

Our source says the new steakhouse will move into the space currently occupied by Rao’s Italian restaurant.

Everyone knows bad news can be softened by holiday decorations.

These restaurant line-up changes haven’t been officially announced and no timeline is available for when these changes might happen.

Rao’s opened at Caesars Palace in 2006.

The restaurant’s original New York City location opened in 1896.

The restaurant’s beloved Hollywood location is set to close as well, although the owner of Rao’s says that’s a relocation. That restaurant has been operation for about eight years.

Should Rao’s close at Caesars Palace as rumored, it’s unknown if the restaurant would seek to find another location.

Roa's Las Vegas meatballs

Take advantage of those Rao’s meatballs while you can.

These moves are part of a larger restaurant shake-up at Caesars Entertainment resorts in Las Vegas.

Martorano’s is leaving Paris (with a Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg concept replacing it), Buca di Beppo and Tequila Taqueria have closed at Bally’s, with no announced replacements.

The closed Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill is being replaced with a Walk-On’s sports bar and restaurant.

There’s also a rumor Gordon Ramsay will bring an Italian concept to the former Flavors buffet space.

As we’ve shared previously, there’s another rumor Bazaar Meat is coming to Caesars Palace, but again, there’s been no confirmation or official announcement.

If Peter Luger Steak and Bazaar Meat end up at Caesars Palace, that seems to put the fate of Old Homestead in question.

There’s more, but the space in our brain we devote to restaurant news is currently above allowable capacity.

When these restaurant moves become official-official, we’ll pass it along with a heaping helping of snark and a side of WTF.

Update (10/7/21): Rao’s has confirmed it will close November 28, 2021.

Today’s example of a scoop confirmation we take no joy in.

9 thoughts on “Rumor: Peter Luger Steak House to Bump Rao’s Italian Restaurant at Caesars Palace

  1. Tornadobaby

    Hate to be honest here, but no one who lives locally is going to pay the prices these places want for their food. High rollers, yes. Whales, yes. People who are high end chef groupies, yes. But not real people trying to recover from the pandemic. Another place you reviewed recently wanted over $100 for a steak. Seriously?

  2. John


    ElDiablo could give a rats ass about the local population. Hell, Tom Reeg and the Carano Family Circus did not like to feed the local population, even when the local population was the only group to play in One Trick Pony towns/casinos. This is about “The Over-priced Celebrity Restaurant Experience”, conventioneers and silly people who think Caesars is still a top tier resort group.

    1. Tornadobaby

      That’s evident. But locals do get visitors who like these places. However, I agree that as this city is all about rich people, the owners don’t care. My point was that locals won’t pay these prices, and as such won’t gamble there, either. After the shutdown, that’s unfortunate.

  3. LV Guy

    Rao’s tomato sauce tasted like from a jar delivered by Costco. I ate there a couple of times in the last 2 years, so u are not missing much.

  4. Pedro

    I never understood the hype after eating there several times years ago. They survive because their names and their costumers’ business accounts. With the drop in conventions, it is tougher. Yes, prices always matter.


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