Rumor Mill: Las Strip Casino Gets “Hamilton” as Resident Production

We love a good rumor, and this is a juicy one.

We’ve heard from well-placed sources “Hamilton”—the long-running, critically-acclaimed musical—is coming to a major casino resort on the long-running, critically-acclaimed Las Vegas Strip.

While it hasn’t been officially announced, chatter is the Broadway hit will land at a Caesars Entertainment resort.

Buzz has “Hamilton” coming to Paris Las Vegas. Unconfirmed and whatnot.

Hamilton Las Vegas

Remember, rumors are like politicians: Take them with a grain of salt.

Paris last had a successful Broadway-style show (or any successful show) with “Jersey Boys.”

“Jersey Boys” had an eight-year run, but closed on Sep. 18, 2016, after a respectable 3,300 performances.

Jersey Boys Paris Las Vegas

Vegas misses you guys.

Since then, the theater at Paris has hosted a number of sometimes good but ultimately doomed shows, including “Circus 1903” and “Inferno.”

Oh, and let’s not forget “Marilyn,” the show that sent us a cease-and-desist for saying the show was closing. Right before the show closed. Welcome to the world of Las Vegas entertainment.

Another theater that’s been generating buzz, we know because we started the buzz, is the “Le Reve” theater at Wynn.

We’ve heard there’s some big entertainment news brewing at Wynn, but we aren’t at liberty to share details just yet. Don’t make us ruin every surprise.

Wynn is apparently making a big investment in revamping the “Le Reve” theater following the show closing during the pandemic.

“Hamilton” would be a great fit for either theater, but our contacts are leaning toward Paris as the ultimate home for this cultural phenomenon.

Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower

Alexander Hamilton never went to Paris, but his musical might.

One source said the ink isn’t dry on the deal yet, which makes it all the more fun to be the first to share it.

Look forward to the Las Vegas Review-Journal confirming our scoop soon, replete with copious attribution, of course. (Just like they broke the news Celine would have a residency at Resorts World, a year after we first shared the story.)

We reached out to Caesars Entertainment for comment on the “Hamilton” rumor, but haven’t heard back yet.

While we aren’t really a Broadway show person, Las Vegas is ready to come roaring back when pandemic restrictions are lifted, and “Hamilton” has a ready-made audience that’s going to devour its unique blend of history, rap and woke.

Broadway musicals have a spotty history on the Las Vegas Strip, but this feels like a winner for the Las Vegas casino that’s rumored to have landed the deal.

21 thoughts on “Rumor Mill: Las Strip Casino Gets “Hamilton” as Resident Production

  1. Caesars_sux

    It would be nice if Caesars wasn’t a racist, bigoted, discriminatory company that regularly and routinely laughs of serious breakdowns of their management. Additionally, no company has never been so blatantly against aiding the mental health of e.ployeea and instead pushes them out the door and onto the street.

    The worst company in Vegas by far.

    1. Terrence Williams

      More seats? You clearly haven’t been in the Theatres des Arts at Paris. Most shows can’t come close to filling it.

      1. Jackson Montgomery

        You’re actually both correct. While the Paris theatre doesn’t typically fill up, that’s because of poor programming and not size.

        The theatre is 1,200 seats, which is on the small size for a Broadway theatre. In New York, the theatres with permanent productions range from 1,000 to 1,900. The theatre that Hamilton uses is 1,400 seats.

        Theatres outside of New York tend to be much larger because they aren’t used on a daily basis. (More capacity = more money since they get limited use.)

        The Smith Center’s theatre is 2,050. Other places are much larger: Ziff in Miami is 2,400, Orpheum in Minneapolis is 2,579, Au Rene in Fort Lauderdale is 2,658, and Pantages in Los Angeles is 2,703.

        1. Jackson Montgomery

          That’s doubtful, David. If a permanent production moves to Las Vegas, the likelihood that the touring company would visit is close to zero. They’d send the touring company to a different city and sub in a different show for the Smith Center season.

          1. David

            The two productions would not run concurrently. One would be marketed to locals through The Smith Center Broadway Series and the other to visitors at a different time.

          2. Jackson Montgomery

            I used to work at a performing arts center (basically what the Smith Center is in another city). I stand by what I wrote. It simply won’t happen.

            There’s no upside to sending the National tour to a city that already has a permanent production of the same show. They’ll make more money going to a city that doesn’t have the show. And, things are always about money.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      They are “margin-oriented.” The other big difference is they’re intent upon returning to a gambling focus. That could mean some deals with partners could go away because it doesn’t fit that focus.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Thanks for catching my typo! That was already showing up in Google as the official date of the closing. D’OH!

  2. Skip seller

    Seems like a bad fit. Vegas is not a high-brow place and Hamilton leans towards the Don Lemon crowd. The blue collar whites that flood Vegas are not interested in such woke productions and the POC that visit Vegas are not consumers of this type of entertainment. Inevitably, some people will meander into paying the 200 bucks for a ticket but I think its just a bad fit all around.

    1. Michael

      Cirque is hardly a “blue collar whites” production, and they made billions in Las Vegas over years and years… Before Cirque the predominant resident shows were musical variety productions, another type that are not exactly bent towards what you describe. Just what is a “blue collar whites” show? Home Improvement? All In The Family? Casino executives use data to determine what to invest in the entertainment options they offer, Hamilton made bank on Broadway, I doubt it will flop in Las Vegas. I just root for everything to open up safely as soon as it is safe to open up…


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