Rumor Mill: Demolition Could Be in the Cards for Luxor

An iconic Las Vegas hotel, Luxor, could be facing demolition if industry chatter is to be believed.

While no official announcement has been made, a decision to bring down Luxor during a period of weak demand due to the COVID-19 crisis could make sense for the resort’s owner, MGM Resorts.

The company has long felt its hands are tied by the distinctive, but limiting, Egyptian theme.

Luxor Las Vegas

We’re inclined to think this rumor has legs.

De-theming casinos in Las Vegas has happened fairly frequently in recent years, as the perception of themes has evolved from cool to kitschy (or downright tacky) over time.

Many changes have already been made at Luxor to move away from its original theme, but it’s virtually impossible to re-imagine a massive pyramid.

The same dilemma is faced by Excalibur. Good luck tweaking a castle.

Our sources say company officials have discussed demolition of both Luxor and Excalibur for at least five years, but have been unable to proceed due to union contracts. It’s possible the COVID-19 shutdown has paved the way for what’s to come for Luxor.

Other hotels that have de-themed include Monte Carlo (now Park MGM), Treasure Island (now TI), Imperial Palace (now Linq) and MGM Grand (its “Wizard of Oz” roots are tough to spot now).

Luxor opened on October 15, 1993, 26 years ago, when Las Vegas was much more focused on attracting families.

Luxor demolition

Those who think Luxor’s time has come may have a point.

With age comes any number of challenges, and for years there have been rumors Luxor has had structural problems. Read more.

Were Luxor to be demolished, Las Vegas would lose not only one of its most distinctive hotels, but also its renowned Luxor Sky Beam, one of the strongest beams of light in the world.

It’s worth noting the beam has been dimmed in recent years to cut costs.

While Luxor may be a sentimental favorite of Las Vegas visitors, it’s probably time to call it a day, especially if it means a shiny new casino resort could take its place. Sentiment doesn’t pay the bills.

Luxor demolition

Luxor always seems happy to see us, if you get our drift.

In the meantime, it’s probably a good time to visit Luxor again. The casino reopened on June 25, 2020, after being shut down for three months.

If we hear any more Luxor demolition rumors, you’ll hear them here first.

112 thoughts on “Rumor Mill: Demolition Could Be in the Cards for Luxor


    Wow. Can’t deny Lux is showing it’s age, but it’s still one of the more popular “bargain” resorts on strip. Frankly I feel like the Ex is in worse shape and should be first on the chopping block. That place is just depressing. But if structural issues are lurking, guess it’s adios, Lux.

    Definitely an icon on strip, would miss it more for that than anything else.

    1. Mark A Erichson

      Yeah… Excalibur? Who the hell came up with that purple and red color scheme and the impossible way to find a way out? THAT one deserves to go.

      I’ve never been a big fan of gambling in Lux (zero luck), but I think the building should have a National Treasure status.

      1. fogrun5234

        The Hacienda was the ground that the Luxor was built upon. I know because I did the analysis of the property for Circus Circus, the original owner and builder of the Luxor. It was modeled at the time after the pyramid in Memphis , Tennessee, which is now nearly vacant. The Luxor started out with many problems during the build that were never corrected and the soft foot of the foundation has been a problem ever since. The Amagosa River meanders under the strip showing a problem with ground water that is constantly pumped by many hotels starting at Sahara Ave. Ever wonder why nobody ever built a high rise on the southwest corner of Sahara and the Strip? You cannot sink a foundation deep enough there to support a structure. Anyway, the Luxor has survived longer than expected and the engineering that has gone into keeping it stable needs to be applauded.

        1. Colt 45

          That’s the most interesting (and intelligent) comment so far this year. I’d give you even more credit if you made it all up.

        2. Adam

          The pyramid in Memphis is one of the biggest attractions to Memphis every since the Bass Pro Shop bought it and moved in with their hotel, store, restaurants, and bowling ally. They opened up in there more than 5 years ago.

        3. Cherie M Ganesh

          The pyr amid in Memphis was turned into the biggest Bass Pro Shop in the world. They built a huge store inside with a lake,multiple aquariums, a glass elevator to the top to experience the views from the viewing platforms, an upscale hotel, a bowling alley and several restaurants. I live in Memphis and the Bass Pro Shop company did a great job on this project. If you’re ever in Memphis, check out this unique development.

        4. XMan

          I recall the Mandalay Bay being built on the former Hacienda site. The Luxor site was previously vacant.

          It is also interesting that the Mandalay Bay also encountered foundation problems (which were corrected during construction).

        5. Bob

          I see you don’t know what your talking about. Bass Pro, occupies the pyramid in Memphis, & also has a hotel with views of the Mississippi, & downtown Memphis.

        6. David B. Cooper

          “The Amagosa River meanders under the strip …”
          The Amargosa River runs through the Amargosa Valley on the eastern slopes of the Funeral Mountains, 60 miles WEST of Vegas. Someone who “did the analysis” as stated would surely know that, or the analysis was a fraud. The headwaters of the Amargosa River are the lands north of Beatty, and the river flows south past Death Valley Junction and Tecopa, to then turn west then north and empty into the southern reaches of Death Valley.

          Thus says an environmental scientist living in Amargosa Valley.

      2. BST

        Yes isn’t it amazing they just got to get those politics in there – regardless how DUMB . they sound .

      3. Ashley Grant

        Luxor has one of the nicest vibes in the whole of Vegas. I would be gutted to see it go. If they want a new theme they could go new age. The hipsters love pyramids. Let’s start a ‘Save Luxor’ campaign!

    2. Kevin

      What’s the word on The Rio? I have heatd that it’s supposed to get demolished at some point. Any truth to that?

        1. Jake

          No truth to that rumor. New ownership plans to renovate it and re-energize it. Caesars operates it for the next two years while the new group is making plans.

    3. Damien

      The luxor is showing its age along with excalibur it would be sad to see them torn down . Iam sure they will be replaced with something bigger and better .

    4. William Jack

      In the current economic climate and limited tourism until a vaccine for Covid-19, which may never happen, demolishing the Luxor and Excalibur will result in the Fontainebleau South.

      1. LBD

        William Jack – BINGO!! Better to have what’s there right now than a dusty, empty patch of ground or a half completed construction zone. Things are way too weird to start construction on another concept. Freeze all plans until further notice.

    5. Laura Reeves

      I’m retired from Luxor I started was hired in 1993 and retired in 2012 from Wardrobe dept.When my husband died of Cancer then following soon after I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis leaving me with hard to bend and stoop issues. All in all the property was well kept up. Hoping the thought of a face lift is better as to a demo.

    6. Frankie

      Hold on everyone, it’s a rumor that the suits at the MGM started again to bring business back. People will here the rumor, then run over to play or stay thinking it’s the last time they’ll get the chance to see and play at the great Las Vegas pyramid.

  2. Mark A Erichson

    “Luxor always seems happy to see us, if you get our drift.”
    I literally laughed out loud, Scott! Thanks!

  3. William H Wingo

    I remember several times looking out from the McCarran departure lounge and seeing Luxor under construction. Later in the early 2000’s I went there two or three times to see “Fantasy,” but never stayed there or even put a chip on a table.
    Same with Excalibur: saw the Lippizaner Stallions equestrian show, and later a very effective black-light show in the arcade from “the Fantasy Factory.” Never played a hand there either.
    Just imagine if they imploded one or both of them and just left the land vacant. That wouldn’t exactly be a first, considering Bourbon Street; but it would be the first time on the Strip itself….

  4. Mister Doctor

    After a long, painful drive on the I-15, that beam of light from Luxor is like a beam of light telling me, “You’re almost here!” If the Luxor is demolished, that would be lost. Damn! At the same time, considering the town’s inability to finish projects it starts, it begs the question, “It building a new resort really a good idea?”

    1. Bob DeNaub

      Not at today’s costs.
      They need a new vibe – marketing is a lot cheaper than
      razing and rebuilding. Take down the hokey Egyptian worship shit. Keep the pyramid. As far as Excalibur goes? MGm needs a low cost venue for a “low roller” customer. And The Castle makes a profit.

      1. Mister Doctor

        Making money is key. Not every tourist is a whale. Perhaps that section of the Strip could fulfill that void. Lower limit table games anyone? Rebrand and reopen.

        1. Ingy

          Don’t Lower Prices And Rates On Everything Or Vegas Will Turn Into Third-Party Central With The Type Of Scum You Don’t Want Staying At A Hotel.

      1. Bobby R

        So true. Visited Reno 2years ago. I remembered how nice the downtown area was near El Dorado. This visit I was so disappointed. Town is rundown, dead and just plain ugly. Sad.

      2. J Gardner

        Downtown Reno is a very sad looking today. I had lived in Reno and Tahoe for many years and the last time i was in downtown it was very sad to see what it has become.

  5. brt374

    I’ll never forget watching one of those ‘Modern Marvel’ shows (or another, similar History Channel show) about the construction of Luxor. The project manager was interviewed, and he nonchalantly said that the average lifespan of a Las Vegas casino was 30 years, and that they were building the Luxor to last only 30 years. If that was 26/27 years ago, the expiration date for the pyramid is rapidly approaching.

  6. Carbon Copy

    I have spent little time at Luxor during the past two decades, and there’s zero reason for me to visit it now. I’d go there if there was a show I wanted to see, but there’s not. I’d go there if I was comped a room there, but that’s not going to happen. So I’m not likely to go there again any time soon.

    If the building is in such sorry shape that it’s best to demolish it, so be it. But anything that would be built there would be some nice, but generic, destination. Castles and pyramids don’t put asses in the seats, but building boring and swanky doesn’t do it either. There’s plenty of better locations for those with money to burn.

    Who decided that the Vegas clientele no longer wants themed casinos? I missed that memo.

  7. Toad

    I don’t care what the suits say. I love the themes. It gives each hotel/casino it’s own vibe. Detheming is making Vegas boring.

    1. friendly visitor

      @Carbon Copy

      I know, right?

      Let’s see: New York New York, Paris, Caesars Palace, CIrcus Circus for sure, and maybe including Venetian/Palazzo. So at least 6 if not 8 major casinos are themed.

    2. Steve

      You said it! Been going to Las Vegas for years, and I’ve watched it’s glitz and glamor turn to ice cold structures that makes the Strip look like Wall Street. Stayed at the Luxor many times in some of the best suites in Vegas. If and when they tear it down, they’ll replace it with another boring monstrosity like the Cosmo, or Avia. Oh boy

      1. Lew

        Wait wait wait wait, it’s possible to appreciate a black glass pyramid as well as Aria or Cosmo. You may not like the style, but I can guarantee you that The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is anything but a boring monstrosity. That’s just crazy talk.

      2. friendly visitor

        Always loved the Luxor pyramid rooms. From the inclinator to the angled windows, it was something you couldn’t get in just any city. So many hotel rooms are just variations on a basic theme — boring!

    3. Johnny K

      Totally agree! Maybe the “high rollers” just want fancy, expensive places but I’ve always enjoyed the themed places. Just stayed at NYNY for the first time last summer. The themes make them distinctive and interesting. But, people vote with their dollars and I’m sure they wouldn’t tear down a good money maker.

  8. MattG

    I love the look of the Luxor, inside and out. A stay in the Towers is on my wish list. The lines I’ve seen for the inclinators have scared me off of a stay in the pyramid section. Just the same, I’d hate to see it go. The Excaliber, serves a purpose I guess. I don’t think it would be too hard to resurface the exterior. I must say I really miss the original frontage of the Monte Carlo. I’m not convinced the Park MGM model is going to be a success. Minor example: Rooms without closets?? Perhaps that’s part of the drive to scrape and rebuild Luxor and or Excaliber – some upgrades/features require new layout.

  9. Cpan

    No way this Icon this would be demolished. They may rebrand, but there is no way they destroy it. It will not happen, fake news!

    1. grandpa 1

      And you got this information from where? Las Vegas is always reinventing itself, so the destruction of the Luxor and Excalibur is very believable. Not wanting it to happen doesn’t mean anything to developers.

  10. JP

    I worked at Luxor for 4 years and can tell you the building is a PITA to maintain. From the windows on the pyramid, to the sinking foundation, to plumbing issues galore, and air conditioning that never really worked properly, it is a money pit. It’s a shame because it is unique and beautiful, but it’s time to bring down the pyramid. Now Excalibur, is actually in decent shape, just outdated and neglected. One of the two towers still has the original furniture in it from when it opened. Can you believe it? That’s what you get for $20 per night. That corner is prime real estate and so close to Raiders stadium, among other things. I have a feeling it will look very different in a few years.

    1. KevinA

      The pricing for Luxor and Excal is amazingly close, usually within $5-10 during slow/medium Vegas business. Since Excal has 1000 more rooms they probably figure customers would just slide right next door. The only options in the immediate area at similar prices are Oyo (dump) and the off-Strip Orleans. MGM, Park MGM and NYNY all run about twice the price of Luxor/Excal.

    2. Jason Ghiselin

      That furniture is so sturdy it doesn’t surprise me they’re still using it. And it wasn’t in style even then…so, I guess, why not?!?

    3. Scott Roeben Post author

      Agree. This has been discussed for at least five years, and now sounds like the crisis has added more fuel to the fire.

  11. KevinA

    The pricing for Luxor and Excal is amazingly close, usually within $5-10 during slow/medium Vegas business. Since Excal has 1000 more rooms they probably figure customers would just slide right next door. The only options in the immediate area at similar prices are Oyo (dump) and the off-Strip Orleans. MGM, Park MGM and NYNY all run about twice the price of Luxor/Excal.

  12. Thomas Spears

    I’m a frequent visitor to LV, and the issue isn’t that themes are too kitschy, it’s that they half de-themed them already! Luxor has great bones, and used to be one of the coolest spots, because of the unique design and architecture. Now it feels like a Hampton inn inside a pyramid. Vegas customers like the themes, we like seeing differences between hotels. There is a classy and luxurious way to keep the Egyptian theme without feeling like Disney World.

    Look at Venetian and Palazzo… They are themed and they’ve found a way to make it luxurious. Paris might be a little dated, but they kept the theme, and it works. I don’t know who told the marketing execs we didn’t like themes, but most people I’ve met love the themes and want them back.

  13. #1baseballfan

    Turn it into low cost affordable condos. Lots of people who make $10-$15 bucks an hour would love to live on the strip. Get a grant from the government turn the Excalibur into a 21st century project style housing developmentment.

  14. Allen

    After working on the strip for almost 10 years I can unequivocally tell you that the tourists least favorite resort to stay at is the Luxor. The Luxor towers do fare somewhat better in my informal poll but folks despise staying in the pyramid.
    Btw, this will surprise most but Luxor has more rooms than Caesars. Look it up…

  15. Fester

    Most people do not know the Luxor sits on a water shed and was sinking while they built it. There are water pumps working 24/7 and stilts that hold it up. Rebuilding there will not be that easy. On there other hand it is true, while it was cool at first the building is limited on what you can do. We are Vegas, out with the old and semi-old and up with something new…. Then again, will anyone ever finish the Drew/Fountainblu

    1. Fester

      I should edit the sinking was caused by the building of Mandalay Bay which is also sinking. To counter the problem they built the tower in the back

  16. Edward Cooper

    My favorite thing to do while in Vegas is to walk from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay in the wee hours of the night and just window shop and feel like I got the whole place to myself.

    1. Mike Alexakis

      Haha Me too, we often stay at Mandalay Bay, and over the years the tram service has been pinched, it used to be 24 hours… I love five dollar craps, I get up early in the morning and check Mandalay, almost never are they five dollar, stop at Luxor even though I honestly have never seen it at five dollars, and end up at Excalibur, where I have a good luck history on their crap tables… On my birthday in 2019 even Excalibur was ten dollars, but I sweet talked the pit boss into letting me play at five dollars, it was otherwise empty. If they implode the old guard, my strip gambling days are numbered, and my morning exercise hunting down reasonably priced craps will be done…

  17. George

    Luxor implosion? No chance. All hotels demolished in Vegas have been 50’s and 60’s relics that just couldn’t keep up with modern hotels, and the dirt was worth several times the building sitting on it. Everything built since 1980 or so – even the IP is still there, although renamed several times. It will be far cheaper to just refurbish and rebrand.

  18. Adam

    I always thought the Monte Carlo would be the first of the newer hotels to be torn down because it seemed like it was poorly laid out. Especially when City Center came online. I’ll take a partial win considering all the work they did to it.

    I’m surprised by the Luxor, though. Feels like an error to put in the second floor to take away the views. But it still serves a purpose. And I know they won’t save it for the eight Raiders games every year. But they’d better hustle to do something (if they do) before the Super Bowl comes to town.

  19. gdgfhd

    Looks like the momentum is swinging towards downtown. Not sure what they could build there with the unstable ground, but maybe a simple, elegant and budget friendly hotel casino? Make all the stores, restaurants, bars, and shows carry their own weight. Worst thing to see is something start strong and then watch the accounting brigade scrimp and cut back. Rio was fun back in the day. Now it’s the new Riviera.

  20. Oscar

    How come? Luxor always is busy, big line at registration, tour bus lobby all the time with groups coming and going

  21. Bee

    If they gonna demolish Luxur do Excalibur’ too there two old hotels that are very old. And while we are on those two try Mandalay Bay too. A lot of people are still grieving about the shooting that happened right across the street. It will just make since.!!!!!

  22. Bee

    If they gonna demolish Luxur do Excalibur’ too there two old hotels that are very old. And while we are on those two try Mandalay Bay too. A lot of people are still grieving about the shooting that happened right across the street. It will just make since.!!!!!

  23. S and P 500

    I don’t see why the Excalibur can’t be rethemed–the castle part is just a fake building and could be demolished, leaving the hotel towers intact. I suppose that newer hotel towers have been whacked, such as the Stardust and Dunes auxiliary hotel buildings. I once saw an Egyptian themed Medieval times type show in the basement and I wondered how can the ceiling hold up the casino floor. Apparently it can’t. There’s some great you-tube vids about the demolitions of the Riviera and Frontier hotels.

  24. Lisa Tarr Cohn

    They had better not destroy one of the most beautiful and absolutely striking casinos on the Strip—or else the ancient legion of Egyptian rulers of the Universe will rain down curses and death and destruction upon the vast desert landscape known as Las Vegas and make it totally uninhabitable for future generations to come!!!

  25. Fabian

    I think this de-theming will hurt Las Vegas in the long run. Almost every European tourist who visits the West Coast takes the trip to Vegas mainly because it’s so special and spectacular. Most of them don’t gamble. I hope the big casino owning companies will realise the value of themed hotels for the city as a whole and will keep some of them even if they are slightly less profitable as a marketing tool the whole city and all the hotels benefit from.

  26. Michael Ilnicki

    30 years from now, when they’re tearing down the Wynn and T-Mobile Arena to make way for a new mega-resort and new 30,000 seat arena, we’ll all be lamenting the good old days of 202000’s Vegas.

    1. Fabian

      You’re certainly right about that. But I still think de-theming has a way bigger impact than just tearing down and rebuilding a well known non-themed building. Vegas is a global trademark and that’s to a big part thanks to the themed hotels. that’s what makes vegas unique. you find mega hotels in Dubai, tons of gambling in Macau and you can smoke and drink in public in almost all of Europe, but you only find this kind of adult wonderland in Vegas. Vegas will lose it’s global status without themed hotels.

    2. Johnny Madrid

      Yeah and when they tear down the Wynn it will be a tragedy because it’s beautiful, by then the city will be full of blank anonymous tower blocks if these people get their way

  27. grandpa 1

    I first visited Luxor when you still had to walk on a dirt trail behind a cyclone fence to get there. I thought it was “different” and “interesting”. Then I started hearing talk about troubles with various entertainment. They had boats going around the river but they disappeared. It eventually became boring so we quit going. Outside looks cool but the inside is worn and needs to either be redone or torn down. I assume Las Vegas being Las Vegas; torn down it is.

    1. BST

      I have heard about the boat ride going around the “Nile” .
      And a time when they thought the water was causing Legionaries disease .
      i love how the Luxor looks from the outside and would definitely miss it .
      I have only been inside the actual casino a couple of times though because for me it has a creepy feel . i don’t know why .

      Keep updated on this please 🙂

  28. Bee Rich

    Well a themed resort with a distinct personality hasn’t affected Caesars Palace, New York\|/New York, Paris, Venetian or the Mirage’/!!! Hard Rock hotel has one of the greatest themes ever until it was sold’/!!! I doubt this new Virgin hotel will ever be as popular because it just seems bland and frumpy/!!! I look forward to the soon to be new owners of Luxor and Excalibur keeping the decades old tradition going strong’/!!! I didn’t hear rumors about the highly themed Circus Circus being imploded’/!!! Makes a helluva lot more sense to sell rather than dump properties because there’s always buyers out there who’ll overpay’/!!! ???

    1. Blondmyk

      I guess the answer to the question of tearing it down or not depends on whether or not they can build something there that is more stable. Honestly, why would anyone want to build something else there that is going to have the same problems? It makes no sense to me?

  29. Rick

    Refacing is ok (if it’s even possible) but not to demolish and get rid of that light beam. It’s not just part of the Vegas skyline that can’t be forgotten but it’s also known as the strongest in the world that you can see from space. It would be stupid to get rid of that!

  30. William R Leffler

    Show a picture of the Luxor to anyone on the planet, and they know what it is, and where it’s at. Easily was, and still may be, the most recognizable hotel in the world. In believe, in 2005, the COO & President of Luxor, the late Felix Rappaport, donated the King Tut Museum to Las Vegas, and renovated the casino, lounges, bars, and many other things to start getting away from the Egyptian theme. The Obelisk & Sphinx out front, & the two-story parking should go away. Build a big garage, with walkway, or tram, to the new stadium. Leave the pyramid! It’s as much of Las Vegas as the _______?!? Well, that’s a stumper. Everything iconic as been imploded or has passed away. Leave the pyramid!!!

  31. J Gardner

    I can completely understand the possible “outdatedness”, yes a word I made up, but I sure hate seeing these iconic places being torn down. We, as Americans, lack respect for iconic buildings and history. I can understand a pyramid is hard to change so then think outside the box and come up with something to facilitate keeping the Egyptian theme.

    They have already ruined Treasure Island, ruined Imperial Palace, ruined Monte Carlo and ruined the Aladdin.

  32. Pat

    I liked the Themed Casinos, as long as it wasn’t tacky. It gives one a reason to go checkout the different themed casinos. Without the themes, they are all just going to be a Casino! What happened to flashing lights, themed casinos, Excitement, adventure and let it fly?! Now Vegas wants to be Boring?!

  33. Matt Blankenship

    That sucks….pyramids are supposed to be lucky….I wanted to go a couple of weeks ago but they were closed. I will be back in a month. I will definitely go there and spend some money…I’m sure it wont be enough to keep the doors open…but I will be there next time…I think its cool

  34. Dan

    Sure, could happen, sometime in the future and most likely will.

    Yet demolishing a property would take a pile of cash. To build a new place would take an even bigger pile of cash. Sure MGM has some cash from selling off assets, but they still have an even bigger mountain of debt. Thus, MGM would have to find someone to loan them another billion plus for new resort. Close a property generating revue for about 2 years. Closing Luxor would probably also greatly diminish traffic to Mandalay Bay. To sum it up, probably not happening in the near future. Then again, as much as it makes little or no sense to close Luxor, the way MGM thinks this could happen.

    Luxor should get a bump in room rates with the opening of the football stadium.

    Also, quit detheming casinos.

  35. B & S

    The Luxor will indeed live in the best of our memories forever. But instead of succumbing to the slums of depression, let’s celebrate the pyramid’s unbuilding as the passage from one world without end to the eternal kingdom of Raider Nation, as the world hereafter will bathe in glory, gloating, and hopefully, an abundance of payouts at the ticket window.

  36. Jayson AluMoe

    Wow. I’m going to be in Las Vegas in a few weeks here in July I’ll be sure to stop by and check it out one more time before who knows when it’ll be demolished.. Hella sad.. I lived in Henderson while attending UNLV in 2007 and the Luxor Pyramid light beem was the signal if you were ever lost along the out skirts of the Strip..

  37. Jayson AluMoe

    Wow. I’m going to be in Las Vegas in a few weeks here in July I’ll be sure to stop by and check it out one more time before who knows when it’ll be demolished.. Hella sad.. I lived in Henderson while attending UNLV in 2007 and the Luxor Pyramid light beem was the signal if you were ever lost along the out skirts of the Strip..

  38. alex

    To all the “never going to happen” people: Scott (the author) has serious connections in Las Vegas. He knows far more than you do.

    1. Mary Jane

      So you have to ride an escalator for 15 seconds. How does that ruin your day? I can’t think of any casinos with a street view from the casino floor, so what difference does it make? Or do you mean it’s a structural design blunder? In what way?

  39. Rory

    It could be re-branded with a Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” theme! Instead of a bright light pointing up, it could shoot the rainbow of lights down the boulevard!

  40. Kyle

    I mean, the Louvre in Paris has that pyramid at its entrance. Maybe a French Palace theme hidden inside with fine art would be good. Surround it with gardens and topiaries ??‍♂️

  41. Sean

    It sounds like the structural problems are from when they expanded the casino over the old boat ride.

  42. Steve

    they remodeled the towers and they are very nice, especially for the price. las vegas dosnt need another hotel that only the whales can afford to stay at

  43. Matt Belger

    It could be a ploy to lower the overall room count. I’m not sure MGM is that clever though. They haven’t made many good decision for the city the last decade or so. The new genenic corparate theme will destroy vegas in the long run. There is no reason to think MGM cares about the long term viability of the city.

  44. Mike Chastain

    The Luxor is a dump no one stays there unless they dont really have money to go anywhere else. The rooms are nasty the lobby is a dump and the casino floor one of the worst I ever seen. The only casino I would keep on the south end of the strip is Mandalay Bay

  45. Hornbet

    Rumor has it that the Luxor was jinxed from the start. Apparently, some prominent US-based Egyptologists got hold of the architect’s designs plans as it was being built and let them know that they were making a big mistake. Turns out that the design was lacking the Eye of Horus at the top, and without it, the owners were certain to meet with misfortune. Others claimed that a 2nd Sphinx was needed, one that faced west. Without it, a terrible fate would befall them.
    Some others believed that the land itself was cursed, as its swamp-like properties had been useful for disposing of bodies back in the 40s and 50s. There are those who claim that the spirits of those unfortunate souls still roam the corridors and hallways of the property.
    And lastly, there are those who say that property is simply underperforming.


    Luxor, once one of the most themed hotel/casinos in LV epitomizes Las Vegas as does Excalibur and Circus Circus and to think de-theme-ing resorts is good is completely wrong. You’re gonna end up with soulless monstrosities which only say “we’re here to guzzle your money and give nothing back” . LV needs the extravagant themed resorts and more heavily themed resorts or it will just slide slowly into a “and lastly Las Vegas” conversation piece in future. At best it may need a polish or interior renovation as does Excalibur or even reduce it’s room-resort fee rate to fill it 100% all year round and folk will love it again

  47. Jason

    IF there was every something to theme all cyber punk / tron / terminator and Matrix.
    THIS would be the place to do it.

  48. Markus

    If you take down the Luxor than Mandalay Bay/The Hotel (or whatever they call it this week) becomes very isolated. I’d keep the pyramid and go all in as an eSports casino. Excalibur is pretty terrible but maybe it could be reworked with a Game of Thrones/Harry Potter theme. Probably too late

  49. Brett

    It’s long overdue for the Excaliber to be taken down, and despite it’s still popular appeal, The Luxor needs to be demolished as well. Even just remove the pyramid structure and rebuild a newer tower type hotel in it’s place.
    Whatever they do I really hope they keep the light beam and affix it atop whatever replaces the Lux

  50. Hornbet

    Uh, not exactly.
    Our constitution is a secular document and contains no mention of the word “God”.
    The words “under God,” did not appear in the Pledge of Allegiance until 1954, when Congress, under McCarthyism, inserted them. Likewise, Congress mandated that “In God We Trust” appear on all currency only in 1955, and it was absent from paper currency prior to 1957.
    “In God We Trust” was belatedly adopted as our national motto in 1956. The official U.S. motto, chosen by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson, is E Pluribus Unum (“Of Many, One”), celebrating plurality, not theocracy.

  51. Ann Moody

    I’ve been giving this some thought and I have concluded that demolishing Luxor and/or Excalibur is a terrible idea and plan. It’s just going to lead to yet another empty hole on the strip like the Fontainebleu / Drew and the will-it-ever-finish Resorts World. It makes no financial sense to trash viable properties like this.

    Worst case you could tear down the pyramid if you had to and just use the towers, which still have 2,000 rooms and could be a very nice resort. Excalibur could be renovated to remove the theming at a lower cost than a tear down and rebuild. Renovation is almost always cheaper than the massive expense of removing the old structure and the construction costs of starting over from scratch. Also it’s just silly. They aren’t even that old. What is our deal in this country with throwing away entire buildings after 30 years?

    Lastly where is this goofy notion coming from that Luxor is dated? It’s based on pyramids that are 4500 years old. Why and how is such a theme more dated now than it was 30 years ago? I don’t get it. I can hardly imagine a more iconic and timeless type of structure than a pyramid. They are about the coolest things humans have ever built.


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